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   They have such a cute little face and you'll love their darling waddle!
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Anonymous - 2006-05-27
My hedgehog, named Basil, is salt and pepper and only one year old. He loves to snuggle and explore, and doesnt bite. They are really easy to take care of and the most different animals I have ever seen.

adeline - 2006-05-27
i used to have a hedgehog, named "mr.tiggywinkle" from the hedgehog mrs. tiggywinkle from beatrix potter. i remember, one day, i must have been 4 years old, i was playing in my bedroom, bored because i had no pet to play with (i had recently lost my hamster and was quite down about that). i remember my dad came home from work, with a 20 gallon tank and a few toys in it, inquisitive, i looked in thinking it was a hamster. after a little while, my dad lifted a piece of bark and there was a little hedgehog! i instantly remembered the beatrix potter story and named him mr. tiggywinkle. for years, he was my best buddy and i always played with him (my parents told me that the second night i had him, i was up all night watching him play in the dark ) after a few years, my parents decided to "lend" my hedgehog to my cousin. i hardly saw him since and missed him a lot i got him back a few years ago, because my cousin could no longer take care of him. after a year or so, he died peacefully in his sleep. RIP mr. tiggywinkle

Courtney - 2006-02-24
I got my hedgehog a year ago May. She is a salt&pepper hedgehog and her name is Tortilla (named after the salty, bumpy chip). I LOVE my hedgehog alot and I love to watch her explore.(They also like to explore outside). Anyway before you buy a hedgehog you should know that they really do not like to be cuddled, most do not mind being picked up though. They need to stay warm so I highly suggest using pieces of Flease blankets in their sleeping area, never use towels. They are more of a watching pet and they no not mind crawling over you, but they are not like a cat or hamster that you can just hold and pet. I think it is importent to know that and I would not recommend kids under 12 get a hedgehog. Trust me I know because I was 14 when I got mine, and they are not 'cuddley' pets. So if you are thinking about getting a hedgehog know that you must except them for what they are, not what you want them to be or a hedgehog is the wrong pet for you.

Angele L'Heureux - 2006-02-19
I got my hedgehog like two weeks ago. He's an Albino and his name is Parker. He's grown very attached to me, we even take naps together and I love the way he walks. I think that he thinks he's a cat because sometimes he hisses and eats cat food but he loves it when I show him off to other people.

Amanda - 2006-02-14
I just got my fiance a hedgehog for Valentine's Day, and even though he's a bit huffy right now, it doesn't take him long to get out of his ball and explore :D

Blake - 2005-11-23
We had a hedgehog named Salty Ambrose. We picked him out from his litter because he was the most curious and least huffy. He was the most lovable, cute and curious pet. When we took him to the vet, they said he was the most sociable hedgehog ever. We miss him and can't wait to get another hedgehog.

Justine - 2005-08-12
I just got my male hedgehog about 5 days ago and i love him alot already. His name is Disel. He is still very timid and hasnt came
out of his ball willingly in about 3 days. the first day i brought him home he was very frendly and loved my dogs.

Lori - 2005-07-04
Hi, I have 3 hedgehogs(2female,1male) The male is salt and pepper. The older female is white and the younger one is albino. i breed them and sell the babys. i got them about a year ago and they all are so loving. i love my beautiful pets!!

Therese Gosselin - 2005-06-12
I got Pokey 5 months ago. He was 3 months old. I managed to litter train him. He comes to see me when I call his name. If I say go use your litter, he does. It was an intensive training of 2 months and I never expected that much from my new little creature. He asks to go to the kitchen by pushing my hand with his nose and he doesn't have a cage, but a little house. He and I are close and every day he finds a new way to please me and make me understand what he wants. I love you Pokey.

MACKENZIE - 2005-04-11
I love hedgehogs.