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   There is no mistaking a Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle, is often described as being 'pancake like' and having a 'pig snout'!
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Emily - 2017-12-04
I am trying to find out the best feed for softshell turtles and what that feed consists of. Or even info on some softshell turle farms in US and Mexico. Any info will help...

joshua - 2012-12-17
I have a turtle. shes 2 years old. I found her in a canal in Carlsbad, New Mexico. I don't know what to feed her. I've had her for 3 years. I feed her pallets. shes growing so big. I've tried to put all kinds of different fish's with her in a tank. But she eats them all!. I don't know what to do. or what to feed her. or how many times do i feed her. If someone can help me that would be great.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-12-17
    Live fish are great for them and it gives her some exercise.  The turtle sticks are good because they give the turtle the vitamins they are missing in captivities.  Adding some vegetables is a great idea too.  I would cut a few feeders in the tank a week and use the turtle sticks once or twice a day.  The turtle will give you the signs when hungry.
  • Linda - 2015-08-06
    I have had a male turtle for 20 years. Eats floating food sticks once a day from any pet store, and the occasional dead bug. They are very territorial and will kill anything in their area. The only thing that may survive are snails which are helpful for keeping the tank clean. He will hibernate in the winter, and become very active in the spring. Make sure they cannot get out of the tank. True escape artists.
  • bow - 2015-08-15
    I have a soft shell and I found out that mud bugs or crawdads are good as well as 5 freeze dried mealworms twice a week
Randy - 2015-06-18
I run a Shop in Oklahoma and my Business partner over seas is looking to get a shipment of Spiny Soft-shell Turtles and has asked me to help locate them. I am looking to spend no more that $4.00 a pound for a bulk amount of them but can not find them anywhere. If anyone knows any helpful information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Randy

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  • doug - 2015-06-25
    i think whole sale for softshells is about $5.95 per baby were red ears is $.75 i uses to buy 400-1000 at time if you bough over 10,000 $.52 never seen buy #
  • doug - 2015-06-25
    forgot to tell you best place is probley stricleyreptiles my spelling is not good there in fl if you type reptile wholesaler there the largest in fl they only sell to delers they had fl softshells for $1.95 other year fl dose not let them get wild eggs any more uses to be 80 eggs a day per person so a lot went up in price.they have big turtle farms in la.sell for educational,reserch if under 4 inches
  • Clay - 2015-07-30
    I commercial fish in Arkansas and can catch you all the live softshell you want. You can call me @8705890424
Justin - 2015-05-13
I found a spiny soft-shell turtle in Norman,AR near Hot Springs,AR and I was wondering if they were accually suppose to be in my area. If you have any info about this type of turtle please email me

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-14
    As you can see from the distribution (above on this Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle page) they range from Canada to Mexico. Also you can look closer at the distribution map.
daniel - 2010-04-28
My fiance and I took my niece and nephew to a small pond near our home in Indiana and my niece saw the turtle on the edge of the pond.. this is some of the nastiest water I've ever seen I wouldn't recommend eating any fish you catch out of I caught the little sucker.. my nephew had one of these spiny soft-shelled turtles before and the dang thing lived forever and his sister broke the aquarium with a belt and they had to turn the turtle loose.. they say about how you are suppose to keep the water really clean.. why when they live in nasty mossy water..maynard (the spiny soft-shelled turtle we caught today) is beside my bed happy in the mossy water he was living in before I caught him.. are they suppose to be aggressive? Mine hasn't tried to bite me yet.. well I will let ya know how everything goes.. :)

Bryson - 2012-09-01
Where can u get a spiny soft-shelled turtle near Norman, OK or Van Buren, AR?

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  • gloria - 2014-11-19
Chris - 2014-06-02
I was fishing the Fox River in Illinois by one of the dams. I had my 2 daughters with me and I cast my pole in the water with a worm and bobber, set the pole up to rest on a rock, ran over to my kids that were in this gazebo by the river, looked at them then looked out at some other fishermen, then look down and just like that I caught a MALE spiny (found out after much research) but he was a good ways out of the water. My Girls loved him right away so I brought him home and added him to our 55 gallon corner tank that I have with a Large mouth Bass and a Green Sun fish that's the size of an adult had and they get along great, only thing I need to do is switch out the gravel bedding and put sand. My kids and the spiny are very happy. Very cool animal to watch swimming around.

Israel sapp - 2014-05-25
I was fishing last night in the river and I caught 4 of these turtles from 6 to 9 inches! I still have them, was going to put them in my pond as pets but I wanted to see if they were rare and if so does anyone know who I can send them to? I also caught a baby alligator turtle, just checking what to do with them if they are on the endangered species list?

paul d - 2014-05-07
My soft shell turtle (squrtel) is a female, I found it in garden lakes rome, ga. Although small, she has a big appetite. I caught 1 before. I kept the water cold and clean and he was well fed and 5 days later he was in turtle heaven. Now we have a club called club wild, it is only 1 dollar to join if you want to learn more about animals. Thanks for listening.

Tony D - 2010-01-16
Yes, you are right. Softshells are a difficult species and fare poor in captivity. I want to get a smooth softshell for my birthday, and right now I'm doing plenty of research. I bet the smooth and spiny softshells both have relatively similar care requirements. Great website you guys have. Keep up the good work. It will really help me.

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  • Justin Thorpe - 2013-08-25
    How often should they be fed pellets? And how many pellets?
  • john - 2013-09-19
    I caught one while fishing a few days ago it was about ten inches around a friend told me they were an endangered species and illegal to have in captivity, don't know if it is true. I caught it in a pond and released it in a strip pit after me and the little ones played with it. I would have given it to you. Happy Birthday check legality, hope you get one, it was pretty cool.