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   With a naturally upturned "smile" and a pug nose, the African Side-necked Turtle has a great face!
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Leonardo Luna - 2015-08-23
I just got my African Sideneck a few days ago and when I got him I saw some odd looking spots, like its peeling. I thought it was probably nothing since they were okay selling him to me at the pet store. Now the spots are whitish and his shell is getting black around the spots. Im worried and not sure what it is.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-24
    Thoes white spotes could be a mild case of shell rot, which can often clear up with good basking. If you think that is what it is, an antiseptic  called Nolvasan (chlorhexidine) can help the spots heal more quickly. Nolvasan can be gotten from vets (non-prescription), and some pet stores and herptile stores will also carry it.
  • Toni - 2018-02-19
    I have had my sideneck for about 2 month now , just caught him basking for the first time this morning. I also got 2 baby sidenecks about a month in a half after getting my first. The babies are doing great but my big one , idk what is wrong with him he keeps making this weird whinning , squeezing noise like a cry for attention , what is going on?! please help! Btw how many times or when is good to feed them on a good balance?
  • Alia noyes - 2018-02-22
    You need calcium blocks to help turtles grow they're shells grow and keep soft spots and/or shell rot, i prefer to use zoomed calcium blocks for my baby's. I also prefer to get them
Eddie - 2017-11-12
I have an African sideneck and I changed the water last night.everything was good I feed him but left the light on late this morning when I woke up,I woke up to find him dead.

lani - 2017-10-20
I just got a african long neck yesterday. I am worried cause he/she keeps discharging this slimmy white stuff it looks like string. I had an african long neck for 27 years before I dont remember him ever having anything like this..any one know what this could it normal

Javier - 2016-07-29
I just got my turtle like 3 days ago and it hasnt eaten much. Only ate 1 turtle pill and 2 pieces of lettuce. Should i be worried?

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  • Juliet - 2017-03-01
    Don't be worried. Mine hasn't eaten anything in over 2 months.
  • leo - 2017-08-12
    I would not worry, when I first got my ASN he would not eat for a while, then after putting about 10 or 15 sun dried shimps in there he went cray eating all of it. the thing is would hide around the couch so he would not see me. after about 2months heats regularly with me watching..
Rachel Eaton - 2017-05-12
I love my AST!!! Its social and very active! They're very easy to take care of, if you're responsible. I recommend them highly!

Jalaal - 2017-03-30
What do i do when my ASN Puffs up and she also starts to jump every time there is a human in sight and she climbs her bow and starts opening her mouth and banging her head on the glass what do i do and also please send a photo of a perfect habitat for her

brandon - 2011-03-11
Hey I have a asn turtle and he will not bask it's like he is scared to go up toward the light can anybody give me some advice I don't want to see anything happen to him I had him a little over a week and how can I tell the sex of the turtle email if you got some advice for me thanks.

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  • Lyndee Holyoak - 2011-05-27
    Hey! I haven't gotten my turtle yet, but I've been doing some research and I'm pretty sure I know what's wrong. He's probably just getting used to the new enviornment. Try putting 1-2 teaspoons of dark leafy green vegetables like kale or collard greens in a separate dish on the basking area. This should lure him up there. Also, if the basking light is pointing directly at the slope were the turtle comes up, you may want to consider moving it so that it does not hurt the turtles eyes as it is coming up. To tell what sex the turtle is, check the tail. If a turtle has a longer tail, it is a boy. If it has a shorter tail, it is a girl. Hope this helps!
  • Gator - 2017-02-18
    Some species of asn are nocturnal. I have a pelusio and I have a 250 watt infrared. He urges himself most of the day, then eats once the sun goes down, and swims and basks most of the night. Maybe switch up his schedule for nocturnal and see if he basks and becomes more active
Katrine Smith - 2016-07-02
We just got an ASN last Saturday and I'm trying to figure out what sex it is. I got an look at its tail last night and it looked like a female. Can anyone help me figure this out? I'm trying to figure it out in case I get it a tank mate and I don't want 2 males fighting or babies. Also I never see it bask which I've read it pretty normal. Is that true? It still seems a little shy right now, though it does come right up to us and loves to be talked to. Though I'm not sure how to upload my pic yet.

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  • Anonymous - 2016-11-03
    A males Plastron id concave where as a females is flat
  • Jordan - 2016-11-18
    When I first got mine she didn't start basking for like a month after I got her i think it just takes them time to get used to for them to come out of there shell;)
  • Alicia Claar - 2017-01-20
    The famels are bigger than the males there feet a fatter
M - 2016-09-08
My turtle just laid 4 eggs but their probably infertile since there's no 'father' I think she has more what should I do?

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  • Anonymous - 2016-10-22
    Just throw away the eggs or get a male
Shawanda - 2016-06-12
I got an ASN turtle yesterday, it stayed my the tubes in the aquarium and then it just started floating for a few hours. I went to bed and I saw it basking, I woke up and it's still basking. It hasn't eaten and the temp is around 75. Help!!!