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   The Yellow-foot Tortoise is a very attractive and sought after tortoise!
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Kenny Leitch - 2019-03-11
We've had our Yellow Foot since 1985. He was given to us as a wild caught . An a reptile vet in 1985 est his age at 25 - 35 . So he could be around 60 to 70 yrs old . He was full grown when we got him in 1985. His name is Henry . He's still going strong and a part of our family....

NANCY COFFELT - 2017-07-02
I am looking to buy a Yellow Foot Adult Tortoise.

Jackie - 2011-01-30
I've had a YF for about 2 years now. She was smaller than the palm of my hand, still very young - I got her from a very reputable pet store though. My concern is that she has not seemed to have grown all that much since I got her. She has probably only grown about an inch. She seems very happy, she has lots of UV as well as dark hiding spots, eats lots of veg & fruits and likes her water to bathe and drink...I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, I've done a lot of reading. But I'm still concerned that she's not growing like she should be. Any suggestions?

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  • kalyn - 2013-02-21
    no, i think you are doing just fine. turtles/tortoise just grow v..e..r..y s..l..o..w..l..y
  • Pamela Sierchio Inelli - 2013-06-23

    i have a yellowfoot that has only gained 1/2 ounce in a year and a half.  we got him along with a red foot, marginated and a hermaines. . . . The other three have grown and gained a lot of weight. . . . They were all the same size. . . . Yellowfoot is about 2/12 inches while the others have grown to 6 inches. . . . . Our vet said he may be a midget. . .
Debby Swiechowicz - 2010-01-20
As the co-owner of Jungle Jewels Reptiles, we attend most reptile shows in the NE United States, and wild caught yellow-foots are now fairly common to see at shows as of 2009. We even rescued one,that had been left out back, that only had 3 legs. It was a very large old male and the leg injurywasobviously very old and well-healed, but it seems that he didn't mean too much to someone, he will no longer breed. He stayed with us for almost 2 years and then we finally adopted him out to someone who fell in love with him and didn't care if he banged his shell everytime he walked. You could tell that he was a w/c as well,but was extremely sweet. They do tend to start off a little shy, but if treatly and cared for properly, the yellowfoots are awesome. I suggest whether it is c/b or w/c, that you always bring a new reptile to the vets. At least for a check up and fecal. Tortoises Rule!!!

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  • Dorothy Stratton - 2012-04-05
    I just encountered 2 beautiful y/f tortoies male 5 inches has yellow spots on the legs and entire head and neck and female 4 inches yellow spots only on legs the head is shaped like a snake head. One was in front of my door step and the other was found 2 miles away. Should I take them ASAP to the vet. Are these the Y/F that grow to be larger than normal. Is the vet bill expensive? Help need feedback
nathan spayer - 2007-04-21
got one a few months ago! quite shy! loves his frits! its been a treat thus far and little bit of work at the same time getting it (gilbert) adjusted to a new habitat! lives in a terrarim and is about 1 year old. have a heat omitter, not a basking lamp, and a uvb light. keep his habitat moist at about 70% humidity and about 80 degrees and a few hiding spots.

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  • Katina Resetar - 2011-11-17
    Many thanks for sharing your opinion here. I really respect it.
  • Marcelo Odon - 2011-11-24
    Hello man! I've just stopped by to say thanks for this great site! Keep going that way.
Dorothy Howell - 2010-05-29
We have a female yellowfoot who was a local rescue. We got her at about 12 years old. She lays 3 clutches of 8 eggs almost every spring but has never been bred. She's now about 23 years old and is very tame. Loves attention, dances when you scratch her shell and does push-ups too. She has jewel yellow markings on her face, very pretty. She topped off at 20 LBS.

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  • Ken - 2011-10-19
    Its been a week since I found a y/f, its a girl, best I can figure she about 3-4.
    Still try to get a place for her to go when its gets cold. But wanted to know if your turtle eggs ever hatch and what does your turtle like to eat. And do you know how old a y/f has to be to lay eggs ?
sjkfgl - 2009-07-26
I have a tortoise about 8 inches long with those yellowish redish scales on his legs and face. But the bcak looks nothing like that in the picture. The shell looks like M's or W's in orange across the cack. what is it?

Debby Swiechowicz - 2007-09-01
We now have a male and female adult yellowfoot. They are among the friendliest tortoises that we have ever had. They will continually come when called and stay for petting as long as you will pet. Your hand will tire before your yellowfoot does of the attention. We currently have redfoots, leopards, greeks, russians, sulcatas, and burmese mountain tortoises. Of all of them, the yellowfoot is by far the friendliest of them all. If you want a lap tortoise, the yellowfoot is for you.

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  • Kirk - 2010-07-22
    Do you have any recommendations or examples of indoor terrariums...I have built one, with a lot of money for a nearly 14" yellow foot male and am doing my best to accommodate him, humidity seems to be the hardest thing to control so I'm looking for nice ideas...

  • Esther - 2011-05-18
    You have a lot of different turtles. You're a good owner! (P.S.Yay! "Thumbs up")
frankie - 2009-03-09
Got my yellowfoot, Sage, last April. Since then she has quadrupled in size. Love her to death! She is still a little shy at first, but warms up to you pretty quick. I bought her online, and she has been doing great. She is definitely a gorgeous tortoise.

Taylor - 2008-04-24
We just found a yellow footed tortoise and all this information has helped us so much!