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   Not only is the African Spurred Tortoise the largest tortoise on the African mainland, it is the third largest tortoise on the planet!
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Beth H. - 2017-02-17
I'm interested in buying a Sulcata tortoise over 6 months old.

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  • Gail M Wagner - 2017-11-07
    Are you still looking for an African spurred? I work at a wildlife park in Homosassa Florida and I work with turtles and tortoises. I recently came in contact with someone trying to find a home for their African spurred, I know it is over 6 months and I do not believe it is a large yet.. I am waiting for more information on it but want to make sure it goes to a home where they are aware of the species and they will keep good care. I would keep it but I don't have that kind of room and already have a house full of tortoises! Lol
RoseMary - 2015-08-07
We have an African Spur Turtle. Rocky is now 16 years old, and that is how long we have had him. He has always been very passive and non-behavioral, however, this past year he has been a pest, he paces around our back door, and will scratch up against it repeatedly, literally for hours, he rams my large flower pots and will push them , and has broken a few forcing himself behind these very heavy large pots that are against a wall. He rams our AC Unit and trys pushing it, we had to have it repaired due to this. WHY????? Is he possibly hungry?? Is he in heat??? He weighs 100 lbs. He is not aggressive with people, never has been, just these behaviors that surfaced this year. Can anyone offer me some advice??? We have had him so long, and wish to keep him, but need this to stop it is disruptive and destructive. Has anyone else experienced this??? He is only going to get bigger and stronger. We have a very large yard, space is definitely not an issue

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-08
    Sulcatas are very strong. They like to move around, they like to burrow, and they are also climbers. It sounds like your tortoise is simply acting like it should. I suggest you look at the enviroment and try to come up with ways you can make it more condusive to its natural inclinations. You want to keep it secure, but also provide it with some interesting things in its habitat. Some suggestions are to provide some areas with sturdy, low-growing plants that it can crowd into, as well as some other edible plants for it to forage on. Also vary the area by adding some large pieces of wood and some large smooth rocks for it too move around, and 'ram' when it feels the need.
  • beth daniel - 2016-09-16
    i have the same situation going on especially in the warmer months. I have a 10 or 11 year old African I sulcata. Your name is spike. She knocks on the door to try to break in cuz she just wants to have attention. She also wants to eat more cuz they're bottomless pits, lol.
    There such social animals and yours is this doing with the all do when he wants some attention or food. If you're tortoise does not have a yard with that least 2000 square feet of grass to mow down all day, this house is a problem with her environment. They must have a ton of yard to Motown grass and between the other supplements or food you give them. I feed mine about to head of color greens or red leaf lettuce a day sometimes I also give her a big of frozen cauliflower or broccoli a long with the lettuce and the yard to eat. Reflect from my pen or 11 year olds diet and you can go from there. I've had her for 7 years so I got this down. I hope that helps.
  • Dave - 2016-12-13
    Get him girlfriend
Nicole Aquaire Rigaud - 2016-11-04
Hello.. I have 2 large male Salcata African Tortoises. I have to separate them because they are 2 males and they fight. They are very healthy, beautiful and eat well. I would like to exchange one of the male for a female same size.  954 394 4121, Nicole.

Wendy - 2016-10-10
I have a 6 yr old African spurred tortoise. He eats alfalfa hay, spring greens, green bell peppers, endive, and a mixture of other things like green apples, romaine, green leaf lettuce, watercress, etc. I noticed today his skin appeared yellowish green. I have not noticed this before and his diet is pretty cinsistent. He is active, has a deep underground burrow that he surfaces from 2-3 times a day now that it is cooling off here in Phoenix. What is causing the skin color? Too much hay?

Marybeth - 2016-03-01
Do not listen to the 'dry environment' advice. Sulcata are hatched near mi soon season-- a base temp of 80F with 90% humidity for the first 8 mi THs or so of their lives is needed to prevent the metabolic bone disease known as pyramiding-- the spiky backs they should not have but so get if raised in a dry enorpent! These spikes are malformed spongy bone that predispose the sulcata to other problems. Many sulcata, raised according to this out of date uneducated advice suffer deformations for close to 100 years. Anyone wanting a heritage pet should give it the optimum care, including temps, humidity, diet, daily soaks the first year and every other day as long as you can lift it (or access to a shallow pool when big enough to be in an outside habitat).

Tammy Fleming - 2015-12-30
I have a Sulcuta 'African spurred tortoise' ((A friend gave it to me at 6 weeks )) I have had him her?   for  6 mnths the sibling my friend had  passed away. I have it in a very large tank, im soaking every 3 days, so far it will only it romaine, i was told to keep the heat light on at all times.  i have one for the sun, i can tell the shell is trying to start pyramiding, ive noticed that around her or his, mouth is green, is that just from  the romaine? Or should i brush it. thank you

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  • Anonymous - 2016-01-02
    African tortoise can grow to 200 pounds and one of the biggest types of tortoise so make sure that tank s big. The tortoise only needs soaking once a week. A little pyramiding is fine i have never seen a African tortoise with out a little pyramiding, but I would feed her other things that is not romaine, hay is their mane part of their diet.
Christiana Moore - 2014-09-30
Hi my name is Christiana I found a baby tortoise in the backyard of my job it's probably no bigger than 3inches. I've kept it for 2 days now but I'm scared that I may kill it not having the proper care. I want to keep it so bad. I have it in one of those big plastic rectangle bowl tops with a medium rock and a few patches of lettuce on the side. I let it swim and soak in my bathtub (of course deeply sanitizing afterwards) but I really want to keep it please help.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-02
    Wow that's exciting Christiana, what a wonderful pet. Besides all the care information on this page up above, you can also check out the article on Selecting & Caring for Your Turtle or Tortoise. Wishing you both the best!
  • Steph - 2015-11-23
    Sulcatas are veeery crafty escape experts. That's probably someones very loved pet. It would be selfish to keep it instead of looking for the owner.
Tanks Mom - 2015-09-05
I made the plunge and purchased a Sulcata Hatchling one year ago. 'Tank' is now my 'kid', but let's hope he doesn't ask for the car keys one day. I'm very frustrated because there is so much conflicting information out there about how to successfully raise a healthy Sulcata. Where one site says to keep water available 24/7, another says not to. Substrate? Same situation. And food? Well, same thing. Where one site says it's okay to feed spring mix, another says no lettuce except for an occasional treat. I think I'm driving the poor little guy to become afraid of what change is coming next. I noticed he's even becoming timid when he sees me coming by ducking into his shell. I have kept him indoors with a uvb/uva light and a heat source in a homemade wooden open top enclosure. I soak him once a week and keep water available 24/7. I feed him a handful of spring mix everyday and either carrots, tiny portions of banana or other high fiber/low protein 'treat' every third day (small amounts) and have introduced 'tortoise diet' pellets for extra vitamins but he won't eat them. I also sprinkle calcium on his food regularly (every other feeding). I have tried many substrates and am STILL trying to find one he will not eat. I live in the desert and growing grasses outside while he is still indoors is not currently feasible, but when he moves outside, I will create a paradise for him (grass and all) in advance. My question for the readers here is what can I be doing wrong? He doesn't look good, and he's rarely active. His eyes seem sunken in and I noticed his shell looks to be pyramiding even at his young age. I'm not even sure how big he should be now. Am I overfeeding? Underfeeding? Does he need vitamins? HELP???!!! I have not taken him to a vet yet, but am looking for one now who is knowledgable about the Sulcata, within my area (which is difficult because of where I live). My final question is about heat. When I first got him, I diligently went to a pet store and purchased the heat lamp which was suggested to me along with 2 thermometers. Reading the directions, I placed the lamp at the proper height and turned it on checked it several times. I watched until the heat was at the proper temp....I went and got Tank, soaked him, dried him and fed him, then before placing him in, I looked in the enclosure and to my horror, it melted the thermometer, which means it had to have reached temps of well over 150 (I believe) at that height. I no longer trust ANY heat lamps. I use the uva/uvb bulb and lots of hiding places and substrate for warmth and an under box heating pad (I know, I shouldn't), but it's better than cooking my little guy. Any advice or places to go for good info would be so much appreciated! Thanks in advance....and Tank thanks you too.....oh, and he wants to know if he can borrow YOUR car.....

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-09-06
    You may want to take your little fellow to a herp vet for a check up. Also, there are several websites devoted to this species, for example that offer a lot of info specifically for these guys. Perhaps they can help give you some more specific information.
  • Tanks Mom - 2015-09-07
    Thank You Clarice!
Anonymous - 2011-09-16
We have an African Spurred Tortoise that is living in our back yard in Danbury CT. We just moved in and so did it (literally 2 days after we did). I am trying unsuccessfully to find this tortoise a home. We can't keep it as it is rather large and it can't stay outside because it is too cold. Is there anyone on here that would want to come get it? I have contacted numerous organizations but none will take it.

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  • Matt - 2011-09-21
    I would be more than happy to take it. How much would it cost to ship to Florida?
  • Euni - 2011-09-25
    I'll take him off your hands. I have a few tortoises myself. Love reptiles. Where are you located?
  • Joe - 2011-10-02
    Not sure if you found anyone to take your tortoise
    if not I would like to come and get him. Please let me know via email
  • Susan zdilla - 2011-10-04
    Hello I was just wondering if you found the tortoise a home. I currently have a baby and am looking for an adult sulcata tortoise. Please email me anytime.
    susan zdilla
  • Brian - 2011-10-12
    The Pratt NatureCenter in new Milford, CT has an African Spurred Tortise and I'm sure they would be willing to take another. Their number is 860-355-3137
  • Hamilton Brower - 2011-10-12
    Wow. I am writing as of Oct 12, 2011...if you still are in possession of this tortoise, could you please contact me at 917-756-5185 in New Milford or contact Jess, Diane or Pat at the Pratt Nature Center in New Milford, CT at 860-355-3137. THANK YOU!
  • Marilyn - 2011-10-17
    I'm sure my Sulcata would love a friend. I have a huge yard and 3 tortoises. Weather is perfect down here in Miami too for them. If you still have not found it a home I'd be more than happy adopt :) Please contact me at 305-305-8388. Thanks
  • Gabriel Esparza - 2011-10-29
    I have a large backyard and have a 5 yr old spurred tortoise roaming in my yard. If you still looking for a good home, West Covina, California. Great weather all year around. Please contact me. Gabe 626-826-9299.
  • Kim V Smith - 2011-11-06
    I would like to have it I already have one and know how to take care of it.
  • vincent - 2011-11-10
    please contact me i am vincent
  • juan - 2012-02-09
    Do you still have that tortoise ???
  • Heather Horning - 2012-07-26
    I was given a large(nine year old African tortoise and was told it was a female. As a result I bought a male almost as big as 'she' was. It turns out that she attempts to mount the male tortoise, and today I saw clear signs in the genitalia that 'she' is a male. I need a large female tortoise, this time with expert testimony that it is in fact a female. it seems you have had many responses, so you may no longer have the tortoise. Please let me know.
  • Rob Altonea - 2012-08-14
    Hi, I'm very interested in picking up the Sulcatta Tortoise if you still have it , I have a large Sulcatta for 17 years and know how to care for them , I'm on Long Island and will make the Drive ... Please call Rob or Sharon @ 631 664-8496
  • Johnny - 2015-07-29
    I would love to come and take this lovely creature from your home to my home where I have another spur thigh
  • ana\'ly - 2015-08-04
    I live in Riverside and will take it! my names annie and I live on an acre of land in the Jurupa Valley/ Indian Hills part of riverside! I love tortoises and we live on a big beautiful property I will GLADLY take it!
Wendy - 2007-11-12
we live in Arizona which is a great climate for Sulcatas. Currently we house two very large Sulcatas outside in a specially built enclosure. We used railroad ties stacked 4 high and they make a very sturdy and inexpensive wall. We paid about $8.00 each for the railroad ties and we found that they really didn't need to be secured in any way. The size and weight alone make them stack nicely. Our torts are about 50 lbs each so we really needed the enclosure to be strong. We use a double dog house with heat lamps for night time. Its easy to clean out and we replace the dirt inside when it gets soiled or wet. We made an eating platform out of 6-12" flat concrete pavers. It keeps the food off the dirt and we are able to hose it off when it gets dirty. I bought the biggest clay drainage dish I could find at a plant nursery. It's about 24" across. It makes a great water dish. It's shallow but heavy and they love to sit in it. I dug a shallow hole about 3 feet across that on occasion I fill with water and they love to wallow in it and flip mud on their backs. hope this is helpful information!

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  • Anonymous - 2014-03-04
    Can you send me a picture please? Thanks
  • Rosalia Solis - 2014-08-27
    would you please send me a picture?
  • Nicolle - 2014-10-01
    I just gained a Sulcata and he is about 12 lbs. I would also love to see some pics or ask mkore questions. I live in Mesa and we are trying to figure out how to build him (Mikey) something for the upcoming winter months. Nicolle
  • Sean - 2014-10-11
    I have a 150 lb male and he free roams on an acre of walled property with all of the proper food and shelter. I am looking for someone to take him. I would like what I paid for him only as I rescued him from a breeder who was ill and could no longer. Please contact me if you are interested or know of anyone who might be. He is in perfect health and very friendly.
  • Cowboy_Ken - 2014-11-17
    For current, proper, up to date information on all your tortoise husbandry needs, for all specie of turtles and tortoises, I highly recommend the group the this is an international forum of experts and hobbiests getting together to all openly share their experiences with this wonderful animal. You will find very helpful regular folks wanting simply to help you help your tortoise to have a long healthy, happy life. Join the conversation, share your exsperiances, and see that you are not alone. My user name is Cowboy_Ken. Stop in and say hi.
  • Clarice Brough - 2014-11-17
    This is great resource and that's another great resource too. Never hurts to have lots of help:)