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What's big, fast, hairy and has an attitude? The Goliath Bird-eating Spider!
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Anonymous - 2022-03-29
I have a fish but is it normal fr him to sleep on the bottom of his tank.

Robbie freeze - 2017-01-12
I have a goliath biRd eater. When I got her several months ago she was eating great. She hasnt ate for about a month now. Temperature in tank is 74 degrees and humidity is around 70 to 80 percent. Any ideas. Is she preparing to molt. She is in a 20 gallon aquarium with lots of peat Moss to burrow in. Thanks in advance!

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  • JOJO - 2019-04-29
    Well, given that she hasn't been eating for a while, I think it's commonplace that she would be molting. You should probably leave her alone and remove the molted exoskeleton asap.
simeon bains - 2017-09-26
Hello, I need a matuĊ•e female T.Blondi. It has to be a female as i have a mature male.

Yvonne Woolley - 2008-10-07
Hello, I have started keeping T's now for a couple of years. I am lucky enough to have 2 large Blondi girls, one about 6-7 inches and the other around 11 inches. The lady is called Seven and she has just produced an egg sac as big as a tennis ball, and now we wait! I have 26 other T's and a small Flat Rock Scorpion. Now as we are retired I have lots of time to look after them. Happy Spider Keeping to all of you!

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  • Ashfaq Hussain - 2016-04-10
    Hi u said u have 2 spider 1 is utopian 7inch and other 1 is 11 inches i wants 2 but them plz send me ur number or my number is 07466042434 ok thanks
Duffy - 2008-09-13
I've been keeping spiders for about 13 years now, and I've had my goliath for just over a year. She about 3 years old with a leg span of about 8 inches, so another few years and she would have reached full sized. I strongly agree with gary, beginners should not start with a goliath. As impressive as they may be they can be a handful, as they are very sensitive to cage conditions, ie humidity and temperature, and they one of the most active spiders I've come across.
Although they can be agressive they're not the most agressive I've kept. If I open my goliath's cage she usually crawls into the corner and I'm able to move around the tank freely. The most agreesive I've come across is the thailand black, it's short haired and short tempered! I've almost been bitten quite a few times while trying to sort out a thailands tank. They will bite anything, leaves, pens containers, even had it killing locust just because they were in it's way, not to feed!

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  • owenkitto - 2011-01-18
    Re my bird eating spider

    I have my day time temp at 82F

    and my night time temp at 70F.

    Is this right? I have a wooden viv 2 foot by 2 foot
    with a 50W infrared bulb by Exo Terra.

    And I keep it relatively humid not excessive she just huddles in the corner of the tank and sleeps in the day am I doing things right?
  • Barry - 2015-10-18
    Hi I am looking for fully adult female Theraphosa for breeding, do you have any for sale please. or any fully adult Brazilian black female. waiting for your reply. Regards Barry
Jane - 2015-09-25
I have a female galiath spider had her for about 12 months now ,she is aggressive and bad tempered, I don't mind tho , but little problem since she has molted 4 weeks ago she will not come out of her hidding place she has just burred more deaper, she is eating tho , won't walk around any more like she use to do any advice on how to get her moving again, her temp is 80 and humidity is 85 , tank is 3ft by 2ft and loads or room to move about , she was 8inchs before mooting as I measured her molt .

Christopher Johnson - 2015-09-01
Goliath bird eating spider I'll pay the freight

Barb - 2012-09-28
My boyfriend has a female Goliath Bird Eating spider who is now pushing her body against the top of the cage and I think she's trying to escape. I'm very afraid of her and I am terrified she will get out. The cage is making cracking noises and I'm over it. Where can we take her to get rid of her? Thanks! Barb

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  • Tim - 2012-10-05
    Don't just get rid of her, sounds like it's time to buy a new cage.
  • Laura Foster - 2012-10-26
    Defnitely buy a stronger tank. If she can reach the lid, its probably not deep enough. Does she has room to burrow? There are lots of arachnid and reptile rescuers who will take her off your hands for free. If you are scared of spiders they probably aren't the best pet for you.
  • kirk - 2012-11-04
    If you really want to get rid of her and dont want to get a better cage i would be more then happy to help you my email is
  • Dan - 2014-06-05
    The best thing to do is release the spider to a local children's playground.
  • Shaun - 2015-07-26
    I would be very interested in buying her 07761509003
Naomi Mccormick - 2015-04-30
Just wondering how much there worth Bird eating spiders :-)

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  • shawn - 2015-05-07
    I bought mine at a pet store for 175$
brian reese - 2010-01-07
I am intrested in finding a breeder of goliath or gargantuan bird spiders. I would prefer zebra striped or pink foot. I am a knowlegable exotic pet owner who has raised several large reptiles and black emperor scorpions from babies to adult and want to move on to arachnids with the most beautiful exotic. I am smart enough to kow these are not handled pets, but I want to raise a potential mating male or female that can produce excellent young. Looking for info on ordering and price of specimen. Any info is appreciated. My email is

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  • Derek Ross - 2014-10-22
    Well.. We are complete opposites, as I am a 17 year old noob, but I plan on someday bring a pro ha. Anyway, heres a sweet website I found. (I should probably put into consideration that it has been 4 years...) Www.backwaterreptiles.con