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The handsome, sweet tempered Ball Python is one of the most favored and adored pet snakes!
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shay bennett - 2006-06-17
hi, i am 16 years old and have and owned over 70 snakes. i found with ball/royal pythons, they do tend to have trouble eating from time to time. for intance one of my royal pythons didnt it for 2weeks. other than that they are great pets. all snakes are great pets. for beginners are corn snakes. i do not recommend rat snakes for beginners because they tend to bite a lot more than corns.

renee - 2006-04-13
I had a gorgeous female ball python name Autumn. She was only 6 months old and died of internal parasites but she was an AMAZING snake... everyone loved her and she was the best pet ive ever had... The signs that i didnt notice before she died were being somewhat limp... and weak seeming, her rectum wouldnt close all the way, and i could feel things moving inside her so i took her to the emergency vet clinic and it was too late... she died that night... but she never stopped feeding, she ate untill the day before she died... she was too weak to strike at it... she just let me drop it into her mouth.. i thought she was just becoming use to eating frozen thawed.... it was sooo sad. If u notice unusual things happening with your snake take it to the doctor right away, thats my advice... even if they arent known symptoms of a illness...

jay - 2006-03-31
i own a male ball python that is around 12 months old. so far it has proved to be a fantastic pet which is very docile and does not seem to mind being handled. it has however bitten me twice but these were not serious or very painful!

Blank - 2006-03-16
I came upon this site looking for info on snakes. I own a ball python myself. It has yet to strike at me which is a good thing, and its very gentle. I got it to help me with my uneasiness with snakes and so far so good. Its a great pet to own, and a great friend!

Dustin - 2006-03-11
I am the owner of two ball pythons. they are about 3 years old, one is 5ft. and the other is only around 4. its not the easiest thing to measure ive noticed. They are the best friends i have ever had, and more so, part of the family. they have never tried to bite me or my children at any time. and occasionally i will hold the live rat as they take it from my hand,, scarry at first, but, very exciting.

Josh - 2006-02-06
i stumbled upon this site regarding some information regarding my ball python and for what i found i thought i could pass on some hopefully useful info to those who could use it,

i have an aquatic fish tank with about 2 gallons of STERILE local soil, peat moss potting soil ect. and i love to plant things in my tank, but it seems every time i plant something it gets mowed over by my herp, so planter beware.

Always when planting make sure EVERYTHING you use must be sterile, and most times than not check for mold.

Jordan - 2006-01-29
Never try feeding your snake when it is shedding. This will damage and scar the snakes new skin.

Anonymous - 2005-12-10
this is a good snake

Julia - 2005-10-06
be careful when they shed, the skin covers their eyes and makes it hard for them to see. This means if you stick your hand in there, you WILL GET BIT.