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The Striped Scorpion is very small scorpion, but its sting carries a big punch!
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Chris - 2016-12-21
Looking for a way to buy bark scorpion in bulk, anyone out there have some for sell in a large quantity? Thanks.

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  • Tricia Poling - 2018-03-05
    Are you still interested in alot of bark scorpions?
  • Cody Parson - 2021-10-07
    I have roughly 88 captive bread AZ Bark Scorpions, 6 of which are gravid if you're still interested?Text or call anytime at or Cody Parson via Facebook.
Grant - 2020-03-19
I found one on my shower curtain today. Hell of a surprise!!

Tricia Poling - 2018-03-05
Still want bark scorpions

namaiskish - 2016-02-27
Am a supplier of black scorpions and other reptiles as we supply a minimum of 100 grams and due to good contacts with the commission of states like USA and Asian states we can ship to any location you are. for more information email at whatapps:+237650687788

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  • John B - 2016-07-09
    Hi! Do you ship striped scorpions to Canada?
Scorpion Hater - 2010-09-18
You are all nutso! Just wait until they invade your home where your 17 month old child is! Yeah, having them as pets is too cool for me. It's going to be fabulous when the escape and sting you and you walk around all day and night with a blacklight scared for your childs life! See I just got unfortunate with the house I bought and didn't know that there was a ton of bark scorpions living in and out back of my home. To keep them as pets is the strangest thing I've ever heard of... and breeding them!

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  • scorpionluver - 2010-12-17
    So you're scared of them ''wow''seriously I'm 11 and not scared I have a desert hairy scorpion, but you shouldn't be scared.
  • anonymous - 2010-12-20
    Why don't you turn negative to positive? Like start selling them and getting rid of them at the same time earning money? It helps you and your family get income at the same time put smiles on the scorpion lovers faces :D
  • Artur Miniu Minczuk - 2011-02-24
    I understand that it is not fun to live in a house with scorpions crawling around but it's not a reason to call people who love scorpions nuts. It is different when you keep your scorpion in a tank from which he can't escape than seeing them around the house and having to check your clothes for them. You shouldn't be hating on the scorps but on yourself because you didn't check the house.
  • Eric Peters - 2012-04-07
    Umm dude, I have owned 2 scorpions. My dad has owned multiple tarantulas. I'm 13 and not scared and I'm not nuts
  • Krystal - 2012-07-31
    I agree with and my husband were laying in bed talking with the lights on and my nephew came in and said 'there is a scorpion in your bed!!!' so I freaked out. I'm not scared of the scorpion persay but in fear for my children so I must agree with scorpions being pest!!!
  • Rusty - 2012-11-25
    I completely agree with you, I am an outdoorsman, hunting and fishing guide and scorpion student/scientist. I do not however want to put down anyone who is also like me and finds them interesting and enjoys learning more about them in there own way, that is your right. As I take a look at everything that I do and choose to do I find that my great joy is finding these creatures in there own habitat and choose study them there. Although you and I may agree on the subject others will oppose I get where where you are coming from, and I hope everything is working out for you, just remember not every scorpion lover has a tank full of them of is breeding them.
  • DG321 - 2015-11-15
    If you are not interested in scorpions why are you on this site?
    And if you do not have something nice to say don't comment.
Christine Bean - 2013-07-01
Hi, I live in Oklahoma and find a lot of scorpions that come into the house. How would I go about trying to sell them to people who are interested in these type of scorpions?

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  • Cam - 2013-11-26
    I'd buy, reply via email.
  • abid - 2014-05-17
    Hi my name is Abid I am from Pakistan living in Karachi. I have big quantities of scorpions, but the sizes are small, like 20 grams, 15 grams, and 10 grams. Are you interested in purchasing? Please let me know thanks.
lynn - 2013-07-14
Ouch! Was stung on the top of my foot last night at midnight by a very mean striped bark scorpion, I'm still in pain nearly 12 hours later with strange muscle spasms going up my leg. I am still experiencing burning and stinging. My lips and tongue are tingling.

Devon Matthew Mogel - 2011-05-14
Ugh, call me a size-queen, but I just don't see the joy in tiny breeds. I just got a beautiful female emperor, and a flatrock will be my next venture!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-14
    The flat rock is larger and not the bite so that is a good thing. Probably a real dumb question but these two can't be together... right?
Spencer - 2011-06-24
These scorpions reach 2.5 inches, are fine at 75 degrees daytime, and require many vertical hides. Not just a piece of bark laying on the ground.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-25
    Hi, I looked up some additional information on the Striped Scorpion and one thing is for sure, there seems to be a variety of opinions. Most say the striped Scorpion is smaller in nature running maximum up to 2 inches. However, there was at least one article that states the Striped Scorpion can grow to 4 inches. I was trying to understand the reason for this and it became apparent there is a Striped Scorpion in Arizonia, one in New Mexico, one in Georgia etc and it appears the difference in size is based on the location of where the Scorpion resides which makes perfect sense based on diet etc. The author suggests 80 degrees but agrees that 75 is fine and again as far as habitat in captivity - it sorta depends on what area they are native to. Off the subject a little but the same thing - there is a bird called a Black Palm. Many say there are 3 different species of this Palm, the Goliath, the arterrimus and the (I forgot-sorry) based on 3 very different sizes. Some say all the same. The only difference between the three species is size. Behaviors, food, courtship, nesting etc is the same except their native location is different. Could it be that the location determined food souces which over the years created a size difference. I do not have a Striped Scopion but I do have two species of the Palm. Thank you for your input - we've adjusted it a bit to be more specific.
ray - 2011-04-12
Keeping scorpions as pets is fine as long as you keep them in a cage that can be pad locked shut to keep kids or pets out or your friends that may want to be dumb and try to hold it! There is a guy that makes great cages for these animals! He runs the website! they are great reasonable priced cages for the time he puts into them since he hand makes them! I have one and I must say it is the only way I will keep them in! Remember the most important thing to remember is never ever buy a deadly scorpion to show off or try and hold it to scare someone or just to say you did it this is how things happen! It can cause stronger firm laws against the hobby! Not to mention a large hospital bill or death! Just remember it is best to have went overboard on the housing of your pet and handling skills! Remember safty first! Then enjoy your prize pet! I hope to see you all follow my golden rules of venomous animals to help save our rights to own them! ALWAYS USE TOOLS TO PREVENT A BAD BITE OR STING!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-12
    Intelligent comment there. So many get things as exotic pets but do not take proper precautions either for the pet or for themselves. I appreciate hearing from someone such as yourself who learns, thinks things through and relates that information to others. Thank you.
  • ray - 2011-05-04
    I am just a guy who has been into venomous snakes and inverts for 15 years. I'm 30yrs old and have seen and heard a lot from friends and others on the forums that are trying to get into the deadlier animals. I just want to make sure I get the word out to them that the risk of them owning the animal and not taking the proper steps to make sure they and their family or friends (not to mention the people next door to them) that may not like the fact of that being next door and the thought of it getting out and comming to visit. I want to mention if they are careless and handle the animal and end up in the hospital or dead !! All the safety factors of venomous and dangerous animal keeping is not to be taken lightly because it can ruin it for the keepers that are doing it all by the golden rules !! The government is just waiting for those few keepers that are gonna not care and just buy the animal and get bit,stung or attacked so they can make the laws strict and mabe ban all the exotics all together! Ijust wish everyone would take cageing overboard just to ensure the safty of the public and not to just say forget us keepers that do it by the book and go get an animal that can kill them or someone else just because they want it but can't afford to house it right or just don't care to research it to see if it is the right choice or not to own that pet. We all need to stick together in the animal trade because one day the many that do own these against the rules are gonna ruin it for everyone that loves but respects the golden rules! Thank you to all that are doing everything by the golden rules we are the true reason why exotic animals are still around to own! God bless you all and keep up the good work!!