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The Black Emperor Scorpion is the ideal starter pet for a scorpion enthusiast!
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Adam - 2008-04-05
I'm 11 and my emperor scorpion just gave birth to 1, and there's no male in the cage, wierd huh? But just today she's holding her baby (almost a week old) in her claws(:

Theresa - 2008-03-29
I was keeping my adult son's emperor scorpion for the last two years and I came home to find it dead. I ran around & bought another the same size. But now, 2 months later, I found about twenty little white babies today, 03/29/08. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

steve - 2008-03-27
I have had an Emperor scorpion for about six months and he has not molted yet. I think that he is starting to. From my research I have found that about 24 hours or so the scorpion will become pretty sluggish. That has happened, but it has been for about four days now. Won't eat or drink. He is 8 inches long and probably an older scorpion. He barely moves, just sits in his den. His whole under belly is a yellowish brown color. His pectins on his belly also look a little smaller than I remember. I wonder if this is a process of molting, and maybe it is too hard of a molt this time around or is he sick from something else? If anyone can shed a little light on the subject, I could use a little help. He is the best pet I ever had, and I really don't want him to die.

CONNIE - 2008-03-24
My son bought a female emporer scorpion a few months ago, knowing she was pregnant. We kept waiting and waiting, well she has now given birth. WOW!

Danny M. - 2008-02-24
I purchased an Emperor Scorpion about two months ago. The gentleman that was at the pet store was very helpful. I got home this morning from work and found my scorpion dead in its cage. I did everything that I was told to by the man in the pet store who has had scorpions for more than 20 years. I handled the scorpion about twice a week like I was told. I wish I knew why it died.

Micah VanderToolen - 2008-01-16
I actually just bought a Red Clawed Scorpion a few weeks ago. It's an agressive little snot but he is awesome. Sometimes I can handle it but not often. It is absolutely amazing to watch it eat on account of how brutal it is to its prey. I hope to get an Emperor soon and maybe sometime a Deathstalker. But yeah, a scorpion is an awesome pet. Not only are they cool but also people find you incredibly brave for handling them on account of modern stereotypes. So if you start out with an Emperor or a Red Clawed and you should do fine.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-05-08
    I really just started getting interested in scorpions about 2-3weeks ago then randomly find this website. I didn't know you could actually get one as a pet and be able to handle it, especially without being stung. This is so cool though I know my parents won't let me have one. Just saying from what I found isn't the death stalker the most poisonous one though?
Piero Chiappina - 2007-12-31
There is no question about it: this is the best beginner scorpion. I just received one the other day and he's a very stocky, impressive scorpion! Ive wanted one of these all my life and now I finally own one, WOOHOO! But seriously, this is a BEAUTIFUL scorpion. The only thing is that it scared my relatives silly when they came over to visit:D

spyke - 2007-07-22
i bought an emporer scorpion, 2 days later i bought another, and then i bought a pregnant one like 2 weeks ago. i love thees little guys and they made me wanna buy a flat rock scorpion as soon as i can :) i love them, my girlfriend loves them, and you will two.
i do handle all but the pregnant one and they are fine to handle, they never sting. i've been pinched but its never hard, and its after you held them for to long.

Lennie W. Collins - 2007-07-14
There can't be enough said about them. They are the best beginner scorpions. I have owned 2 and the one I currently have is 4 inch "lazy bum". She is very calm but she will not eat unless I put the crickets up to her mouth. She will try to make an attempt to pinch me every now and then, but it is more of a "love" pinch than a defensive one!

If you REALLY want a challege get a RED CLAW SCORPION. It is from the same GENUS family but with a little attitude. I have owned 2 and the reputation on some care pages give them a "bad" deposition. I am not stupid now, all scorpions have the ability to sting you. I have owned a female who was "mean" the first day I got her and after handling her she was more calm and mellow than my emperor scorpion I had at the time. The male I own now is a little more defensive but he calms downs quickly and believe it or not he likes to have his back rubbed like my flat rock scorpion. He is a pincher (My Aunt Ann, who died on my 38th birthday last year may she rest in peace, pinched me a lot harder). He has not made the slighest attempt to sting me. If you have an opportunity to grab one DON'T let it passed you by DOGGONE IT!

Mike - 2007-05-24
I bought a Scorpion in TX about 6 months ago. I managed to get her all the way back to WI. Everyone that hears the word "Scorpion" is amazed to hear I have one and they take immediate interest. My girlfriend's mother said she hated anything with 8 legs, but fell in love with it and my GF wants one too! If you ever thought about getting one DO IT, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!