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The Black Emperor Scorpion is the ideal starter pet for a scorpion enthusiast!
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Vicky - 2010-04-15
I have owned my 2 emperor scorpions for about a year now and they're great! Every so often the female will come out of hiding and just stands with her bum in the air, why does she do this?

James - 2010-01-06
I have had a Scorpion as a classroom pet for a while now. It became very sluggish, and acts almost dead if not dead. I have added food, crickets, and it has plenty of I missing something? How will I know if it does die? Should I wait for a period to see if it is just in molt, and recovers?

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  • warren - 2010-03-17
    Wat ever happened?, cuz my Chinese red claw scorpion is doin the same thing as I speak an I see that this was posted awhile back, appreciate the info if ever someone replies.
  • Editor's Note - 2010-03-18
    Scorpions tend to be very sluggish for a day or two right before molting. Check the information above for reasons why they may have difficulty molting, i.e. humidity. Also... check to make sure the temperature is in the range they require.
Ryan - 2010-01-05
For in depth knowledge of arachnids, you should visit a hobbyist site like arachnoboards, scorpionforums, insect geeks, and the like.

Tyler - 2009-12-02
Today I came home, after an eye appointment, to see my male scorpion eating the face off the female emperor scorpion. Been with me for a couple days now, fed the male and then he kept stealing the females food, and finally decided to eat her.

groggs77 - 2009-09-14
My emperor scorpion decided to have its babies while I went on holidays. It looks like there's about 20 of them. I can't count them properly as they're all huddled up on her cool.

seetreeon torres - 2009-05-11
Hello! :D. My name is seetreeon and i have a mature emperor scorpion, her back leg is messed up. i need help on treating it. can you please tell me what to do. the tank is perfectly set up. it has 75-80 humidity and i have peat as the substrate. i do spray the moss and the peat with water so she can not be mad. how come her leg is messed up? and how do i keep mites out of my tank? and how do they get in?

Vincent - 2009-05-02
My emperor scorpion died, do u know where i can buy one in carollton GA? or near there? if so email

steve - 2009-05-01
Sorry for the shameless plug but I have been collecting scorpions for many years including the emperator. I started a group in yahoo called the Scorpion Collectors. Please feel free to stop by, join and post comments on your experiences on collecting, raising, ect and get good advice from knowedgeable collectors. Thanks

kratos86 - 2008-11-02
I just bought my 1st emperor scorpion about 2 weeks ago and have been doing a lot of research. So far this site has given me some good information about the molting process and how much to feed my scorpion. So far every site I have been to I have received some different tips on how to take care of my scorpion and i was wondering if I'm doing it right? I bought a nice sized tank natural soil and put about 4-5 inches in the tank and some repta bark and sprinkle it in select places for her because I heard they like bark. I also got a nice shallow water dish with an insect drinking sponge, a nice rock he can go under for shelter, and a couple tropical plants. I make sure to mist the cage once a day if not very second day to keep the humidity level just right and make sure he gets his drinking water changed daily. I put his cage in a darker place that still gets some light because of the sensitivity to sunlight. I found out a lot of stuff from other sites but a lot more important stuff from this site. I was also wondering what's wrong with my kratos? He did not eat, really eat, the 1st week due to the crickets were too small and too fast even tho he is big. For 3 months old he is not very quick. I think in the 1st week he ate 1 bigger cricket and stung a smaller 1 and let it die in front of his little rock cave. But in this week 3 days in a row he ate lots. The 1st day 1 big cricket, the 2nd one big and 2 small, and today 2 in the same sitting. I have heard u can feed them almost every day or every other day and they can eat 2-3 crickets in a day, then another place says once a week. I was thinking maybe he didnt get to eat when he was in the pet store because he lived in a small container with 7 or 8 other scorpions but he will also only eat with me helping him by using my tweezers to grab a cricket then still hold it with my tweezers in front of him till he takes it from my tweezers. Will he eventually grow out of it? I really dont mind helping him but if I leave town for a while and throw some crickets in enough to last a week or 2 but he won't eat because he depends on me, will that put him in danger if he doesnt become independent in his feedings? and if he is 3 months how long is it till he molts again? because at 3 months he is half the length of my hand and I dont have small hands he is also very aggressive after he has ate or if u accidently touch him. He's only done it a few times usually he's calm. I can lift his rock and lure him out to eat without trying to sting me. Is it a territorial thing when he is eating or just finished to act like that? Is a heat rock a good thing as long as I bury it so he can't get under? or is a heat pad the better way to go? I have listed everything I can remember and have observed since I have owned kratos. He seems to be doing good. He's really active but I just want make sure I am doing my part as his onwer and caretaker to make sure he lives as long as possible because I would feel horrible if anything happened and I was at fault because I wasn't doing my part as his caretaker. I have nothing but respect for these magnificent creatures and would love to get any tips I can to make my pet live comfortably for years to come.

Johnathan Fuller - 2008-08-31
I've had an Emperor now for about 8 months, probably the best pet I've ever owned. People cringe when they hear that I have a scorpion, but then they see him, and they are in awe at how cool he is. I'm hoping Pinchey will molt soon, I'm going to frame it!