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The Black Emperor Scorpion is the ideal starter pet for a scorpion enthusiast!
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jonnybells - 2014-12-03
Hai every one, iam from indian state andhrapradesh, i have hugh quantities of scorpions and rang is form 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 and upto 100 grams each. . . . I have thousands of scorpions in my pet room. . . I want to sell it in a hugh quantities to genuine buyers only. . Only genuine and serious buyers can contact me and my rate is too low and too reasonable ( ex: 1 average scorpion is only for 2000 rupees ) ,, becus iam selling it in a lot. . And i can not ship it to any other country or state in india. . If you want it,you have to come and see the scorpions with your naked eyes and then we will talk about further. . Just contact me to the below email address ( contact me with your name and indian contact details or any indian mediator). . . Thank you. . Email: jonnybells@gmail. Com

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  • Nicolaus, M - 2015-02-07
    hello sir! how are you. i would like to buy some black scorpion if you have. tell me in dollars, how much? i dont know about indian rupee.
  • Humma - 2015-02-15
    Hi,I have 2 emperor black scorpions of weight 400 grams if u want to purchase then contact me on this num +92-323-8800788
  • Alok sharma - 2015-02-22
    Brother..please contact me as soon as possible..I often come to Andhra pradesh. .I am looking for a big scorpion. .my mobile number is 09650843381 pls contact me.
  • Shafi Zubairi - 2015-04-16
    brother Kindly send me some Pic of your farm and also send me some pics ok 90gram scorpion..
  • paul - 2015-04-21
    i am the managing director of hotereoventure who is interested your 100grams scorpions.iam from Ghana west Africa.i really want to transact and do business with you and we are ready to come over and see the scorpions at india.please i need your phone contact,so that we can chart at wahtsapp platform frequently.please reply me as soon as possible.looking forward to hear from you.
  • paul - 2015-04-21
    this is my e-mail hotereo name is mr paul,the managing director of hotereo ventures
  • saima - 2015-04-29
    Hi, I have black scorpions all 200gram +...if interested join me in pakistan.whatsapp number 00923236638638
  • Alok sharma - 2017-02-02
    Bro,I am looking for a couple of 100grams scorpions,please kindly contact me as soon as possible on my Indian number 7416387807,I live in puttaparthi
  • Abdul Qadir - 2022-11-25
    I have 5 pisces now bro so contact me thanks
  • Sheroze - 2020-09-18
    I need 95 to 115 gram scorpion .
  • pandiyan reno - 2019-05-19
    Hai bro u have scropion
  • pandiyan reno - 2019-05-19
    i am from india i need 100gm z black seropion money is not poroblems my whatsapp number +919597250344
Harry Rolan - 2015-11-07
Black Scorpion depends on its weight. Scorpion that weights 10gm to 15gm has price 15,000/- Rs. On each additional Gram its price contact us on 00237676788981 e mail

mahdi - 2018-07-28
hello to everyone. we are suppliers of black scorpion and have a farm. If you are interested in buying them with best price contact us.

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  • Syed Abdullah Kazmi - 2022-02-05
    We want huge size Scorpion minimum 9.5+Inch if you have so please contact me 03358478691 only whatsappp
  • Shsh - 2019-11-10
    Can you deliver scorpions to Pakistan
Anonymous - 2021-07-02
Hi I have black scorpion in UAE any one want buy contact me

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  • Jose Martinez - 2021-12-26
    I would b interested in one
  • Jose Martinez - 2021-12-26
    I would b interested in one
Jemes Morgan - 2021-09-01
We have harness trained macaw parrots and African grey parrots and outh parrots . We breed and sell them to pet loving home . Text or call :- +1 ‪(913) 735-6519‬ if you want to buy a parrot.

Khan - 2014-08-11
Any one having 100+ Gecko or 25+ Black Scorpion in Quetta can Contact me for Best Rates with Guarantee, We Offer Highest Rates . (QUETTA ONLY)

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  • hamza - 2014-08-11
    yes i have contact me
  • Naeem khan - 2014-08-19
    Sms to 03073834898 or
  • Sarfaraz Ahmed - 2014-10-24
    we are at lahore /multan and having your required sizes !!
  • Saar Ullah Hussaini - 2015-04-06
    I have 55grams pure black scorpion buyer contect me khan 00923418006393 & for any more reptiels
  • adeel - 2015-04-17
    I want to buy it quick contect me 03035106762
  • Ilyasuddin - 2020-10-25
    Hello I have 116grams leopard gecko 11inch if any body interest to buy please give your offer. But remember I am living in kohat. I cannot bring it anywhere except Peshawar. I am from kohat. Please if you need it in Karachi islamabad dont contact. It's out of my coverage . Thank you very much
hameedullah Alokozay - 2020-09-13
hi dears ,
i have 1 kg black scorpion venom for sell in Kabul,Afghanistan ....
my WhatsApp Number: 0093789106567

charyl - 2020-06-14
i have black scorpion for sale

Peter Reptile Farm - 2015-03-16
We are internationl suppliers of black scorpions in huge quantities.We deliver locally and also internationally or worldwide using priority mail or Air Cargo services.We have ability to deliver to Pakistan,USA,Asia and Europe,Saudi Arabia,Oman,Turkey,Dubai and the whole of Middle east.We have huge stock Black Scorpions for immediate supply. They are transported in the best conditions and delivered directly to the customers address. This type of packaging is more convenient and provides safer transportation. Place your order Contact Chief Executive Officer Mr Peter Jones Long Streed Mile 1 Limbe, South West Region , Cameroon. Contact: +237655575624 Fax:00237655575624

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  • Dr Zachary Crook - 2015-03-17
    Hi, I am a researcher in Jim Olson's lab at the FHCRC. For the purposes of setting the records straight: you are correct that Tumor Paint is based in part on a protein (chlorotoxin) encoded by the Israeli Deathstalker Scorpion. However, any implied use of actual scorpion tissue or venom products in the development of Tumor Paint is entirely false. At no point in the research leading to Tumor Paint were scorpions, their tissues, or their venom used. Once an organism's genome is decoded (as was the case for this scorpion species), it is possible to search through the genome on a computer, in order to identify genes of interest. If we want the protein encoded by that gene (as was the case for chlorotoxin), we simply use the genetic code and produce that protein in cell culture. This is similar to how insulin is produced for diabetes patients; yes, insulin can be (and used to be) collected from animal sources, but now it is made cheaply and in large quantities in cell culture. So no, live scorpions play little to no role in the development of any cancer drug, including Tumor Paint. I would go so far as to say that anyone attempting to use scorpion tissue or venom as a direct source of a medicinal agent is, to be blunt, wasting their time and the buyer's money.
  • muhammad nadir zuberi - 2015-05-16
    I need immediately 10 jet black scorpio male 100-150 gm. i am a serious buyer in Karachi, Pakistan. send me your quotation and a documentary of your farm with the terms of sale and delivery details. regards.
  • Asim - 2015-06-07
    Please contact me on my email ID if ur interested in buying black scorpions.
  • a customer - 2016-01-05
    MR PETER is a big crook he destroyed my life . He is a salesman lie. He makes me miserable. And ultimately ruthlessly destroyed my life. Peter took nearly a billion of me money. And disappeared. He is a very professional crook.
  • arun kumar - 2017-05-05
    pls give ur cites permit number
  • Anonymous - 2020-01-30
    need immediately 10 jet black scorpio male 100-150 gm. i am a serious buyer in Kabul Afghanistan. send me your quotation and a documentary of your farm with the terms of sale and delivery details. regards.
  • Bon - 2019-08-23
    mr peter you better reply the customer acussing you of fraud if you know he is lieing oris it true?
Onyeka - 2019-12-29
6 7 8 inch emperor scorpion
WhatsApp +2347036521284