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The Giant Desert Centipede is quite attractive, but it has a very unattractive bite!
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William Richardson - 2017-09-09
Looking to purchase a giant desert centipede

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  • Kenneth - 2019-08-29
    Do still have the centipede? 956) 929-6950 thanks
  • Aaron Penny - 2019-04-23
    I have a giant red headed centiped I am trying to sell please email me if you are interested...
Kelly Saxe - 2018-08-13
In search of S. hero’s to ship to New York State . Thanks

Justin Sanderson - 2018-11-30
Looking to buy GDC M and F, will pay $30 for both specimens.

Ryan - 2010-04-29
I don't have time or room to go into detail about the article and comments left here, so I will have to keep it brief. These can inflict a serious bite, but only as a defensive mechanism, they aren't aggressive. They are good for your environment, and should be left alone outside if possible. However, they are dangerous to small dogs, elderly, and children. If you find one and are worried about bites, but do not want to kill it, catch it and email me and I will pick it up, and send it to a breeder, scientist, or zoo. They are sold in lps for less than $20, you could maybe sell them for $7. I cannot pay for them though. This is done as a hobby and I lose money on cages, shipping material, feeders, and gas. So if you want to save their life, I will take them, but I will not pay. The high price mentioned below is generally only gotten overseas where you are required to have thousands of dollars in permits to ship them, so they are not worth $75! You can get more than $7 if you are well known in the right circles and regularly frequent the right websites, but it is hobby, education, and research for most of us, so don't expect to get much for them. You can email me for pick up @ [email protected]

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  • Ryan - 2010-05-10
    There are a few color patterns worth a bit more. If you live around Medicine Lodge in Kansas, please contact me if you can find them, we can work something out. Also, I would be able to get a bit more for the red and black stripe form from Southeast corner of AZ, Northwest corner of NM. These are only found in the Peloncillo mountains and the Pedregosa mountains that I'm aware of. You can contact me for more information, but keep in mind, that you aren't going to get rich collecting centipedes!
  • Anonymous - 2014-12-29
    No only you are
  • Ruth - 2018-10-12
    We just found one that is 8 inches with black head and tail. Do you know where we can take it to in Tucson, AZ?
Simon - 2018-05-16
Hi do you have any giant centipede in stock if so what is the price

john - 2009-11-19
For those that find it necessary to kill these, they play a vital role in the ecosystem in that they can fill the role of a small reptile eating germ carrying roaches that like to get in your cupboards and pantries and disease carrying mice that live around or sometimes in your houses. They also prey on scorpions as well which pack a lot more punch and can be dangerous to your children i.e. bark scorpions. So when you decide to kill one just remember your doing more harm than good.

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  • casey - 2010-06-11
    I don't care... if it is in my house I will kill it. I have found 4 in my bedroom in the last 24 hours and I have a small 5 pound dog that could be seriously hurt. I wont bother them if they are outside but I am not going to catch and release them so they can come back in my house. Everything plays a role in the ecosystem even disease carrying mice, but I am sure you don't want to sleep with those either.
  • Isaiah - 2010-09-26
    Sorry John.
  • Christin - 2015-09-01
    Four in your bedroom in the last 24 hours? I'd be going insane. I hope yours are not as large as the ones here.
Christin - 2015-09-01
I'm in New Mexico; I just had my fourth giant desert centipede in the house for the summer. I'm so creeped out by these that I might move. It was good to learn from one poster that they don't seek aggressively to bite, but that was neutralized upon reading that the other poster had been attacked just for moving his trash. It really does help to see them discussed but honestly I'm living in fear every night now.

Andrea Doubleday - 2013-07-15
I've had a number of these guys in my yard and house here in Bisbee, Az. Last summer I had a huge fellow dragging a partially eaten mouse across my yard... grossed me out completely. This site has changed my thinking, I've always tried to kill them on sight. Learning that they are good for my environment.. ie., they eat scorpions (lots of them around!), mice and roaches.. I'll let them live outside the house, but inside the house? Sorry, that's too close.

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  • Charles Pullen - 2015-04-22
    Are you serious? They are easy to find and there is a large quantity of them? Blackwater reptiles are selling them for $99.99! I was thinking about buying one! And now I am finding this out!
Jim - 2014-06-03
I just got pinched by one while moving a trash can about 30 minutes ago...It hurt like heck and I feel sick to my stomach..I will let you know how bad it really is...

haylee - 2011-07-01
Oh and I live in AZ mesa.