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Kelluma Duppy - 2016-09-02
how can i keep the right temperture for my grateful cham ? cause i live near the axis

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Idk yet - 2016-08-29
I have had my turtle for over a year. And recently he has been shedding. I was wondering if he was just growing or is something wrong. I saw that he has a whole in his shell. And i don't know what is wrong with him.

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Psycodic Angel - 2010-07-23
I just found a very fiesty Florida Box Turtle in my yard. It hissed at me! LOL pretty though.

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  • PAT - 2011-12-30
  • Kathy allen - 2016-08-20
    I am looking for a male Florida box turtle that don't cost a arm and leg
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chrissy - 2010-01-14
Hello, my name is Chrissy and I myself own a 6ft RTB. His name is Alice (after Alice Cooper,named before I owned him). I would like to share with everyone Alice's and my story. I have owned Alice for 2 1/2yrs Back in April he was attacked by a rat (his food) very badly. The rat ate 6 quarter sized holes in his body about 1/4 inch deep. I took him to the vet immediatly, while the doctor tended to his wounds and told me he would heal in time we returned home. Alice became very sick about a week later. He would barely move, and became very weak so we returned back to the vet. The vet pushed for him to be put down. As I sat there in the room holding him crying I said to him " I love you please dont leave me, you need to fight" with that being said he began to move his head from my lap up to my neck. I knew then that we were going to fight and I then refused to give up, because in my heart and what he showed it wasnt time to say goobye. I began mixing vitamins up to put in a syringe and force him to eat 4 times a day. I would soak him in the bathtub pick his scabs clean and put ointment on his wounds 2 times a day. We did this for 3 months everyday. There were many times I thought he wouldnt make it and came very close to loosing him. I would fall asleep holding him and when I awoke he would be right there either under the blankets with me or laying on my chest. Never once in all this medical attention did he ever show any signs of aggressiveness but I knew he was in pain. I would give him a little childrens tylonal before the baths to help ease the pain while I cleaned his wounds. Then the day came and he began to get stronger and show approvement. It was amazing! I then knew there was hope and let nature now take its course! Alice stopped eating for 8 months after that attack that really worried me that he would starve to death. Today he is eatting like a pig lol i guess to make up for the 8 months he went without. He is a very healthy, lovable, beautiful, boy. I have taken him back to his vet and they are amazed at how he has recovered. Him and me have a very close loving relationship and built a unbreakable bond. Our friends and family call him a spoiled mama's boy, but to be honest I wouldnt have it any other way!

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  • Nicole Templeton - 2010-02-23
    I am purchasing two rtb's for my two oldest children this weekend. Both have wanted a snake for quite some time and everything has finally come together to make it possible. The man we are purchasing them from is quite the expert on snakes and one of the first things he told us was to always feed frozen rats never live ones. My children did not really understand why (they didn't really care about feeding frozen vs live but were just curious as to the why). I plan on reading your story to them to help them understand the why. We are just learning about snakes and rely on stories like yours to guide us in our exciting adventure we are undertaking. We (the human members) are overjoyed to be adding Isis and Sekhmet to our happy family. Thank you for sharing your experience and I'm so glad to hear that Alice is doing well.
  • Patrick - 2010-03-29
    Hi, my boa suffered from the same nasty attack and I'm still under the treating process. I have a few questions, did the wounds heal completely? ( like is it traceless?) Also, how is his temperament? Did it change? Please email me: Thanks! If you have before and after pictures, that would be great! =)
  • jim - 2010-06-08
    Why on earth did you feed live? Never feed live - I have seen so many people lose their snakes that way - glad you're all doing better - I hope others learn from this- Jim 845 598 0585
  • Russ - 2010-06-16
    Crissy, I just read yours and alice's story. Very touching and glad he is doing great now, I started to tear up reading that he almost died. Again I am glad that he is ok and hope you two have many years together.
  • Destiney - 2010-07-17
    Your story is very touching and I feel the same way you do! Snakes have been an all time favorite of mine I owned my first boa when I was 6 and loved him. I now own 9 and am 19 years old. I believe every animal in this world deserves the same love from humans just as much as dog cat etc. And after I read your story I don't feel alone at what I think. I wish you and alice the best in life and health!
  • jackie - 2010-07-19
    I think that is the most amazing story. I love animals, and at ths point I'm waitin for my friend to pick me up to go get a baby girl boa who I fell in love with. I send loads of love to alice and to you.
  • Anonymous - 2010-10-22
    Red tail boas are cool.
  • Patrick Dugan - 2010-12-17
    Don't feed live animals to captive boas....I inherited a 6 foot boa that was bit twice by a rat.....he is healthy now and we only feed him frozen (thawed) rats and he eats them without hesitation....also live mice and rats can spread mites and other pestilence to your expensive snake.
  • Trevor - 2011-01-10
    Here's a good example why you shouldn't feed rtb live food, and if you do, do not leave the rodent with the snake without supervision.
  • brandon - 2011-01-21
    That's wassup I started not to read your story but I'm glad I did my snake falls to sleep with me too and wakes up wrapped around my ARM so I can relate.
  • ruby - 2015-03-15
    I got 2 ball pythons and a female redtailed boa for sale for $215.00 cash. My number is 918-470-9498.
  • robert - 2015-12-15
    Had you olded your Snake anything prier to rat bite?
  • Violetmoon - 2016-07-31
    well this story broke my heart. Thank the Gods Alice made it!!He sounds incredible and so do you Chrissy!!
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namaiskish - 2016-02-27
Am a supplier of black scorpions and other reptiles as we supply a minimum of 100 grams and due to good contacts with the commission of states like USA and Asian states we can ship to any location you are. for more information email at whatapps:+237650687788

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  • John B - 2016-07-09
    Hi! Do you ship striped scorpions to Canada?
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Charlie - 2014-10-04
A friend of mine gave me a Texas Brown Tarantula and I been reading and saw what he eats but will he eat a lizard? He is about 3 inches big and his tank is about 12x12x24inches

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-09
    They will eat small lizards, as well as crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches, beetles, and even  pinkie mice.
  • Erich - 2016-07-03
    How big is the lizzard.
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Ahsan - 2016-05-22
If u really got some scorpions then m a gud customer for u... Whats me the details on 00923233333313.. I only want the ones in 100 gm minimum plz reply me positively so we dont waste each others tym..

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  • Rich andrew - 2016-06-12
    I have upto 100 emperor scorpions for sale add me on whatsapp for proof..I happen to live in a forest and they are alot of corpions here. I can capture upto 500 depending on the quantity you need +2348061266090
  • vijaypawar - 2016-06-30
    Why the Pakistan and people of Pakistan ran behind scorpions
    Is seriously any buyer is there are only bluffing people
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Shawanda - 2016-06-12
I got an ASN turtle yesterday, it stayed my the tubes in the aquarium and then it just started floating for a few hours. I went to bed and I saw it basking, I woke up and it's still basking. It hasn't eaten and the temp is around 75. Help!!!

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Rich andrew - 2016-06-12
I happen to live in a forest I have alot of scorpions for sale mainly emperor scorpions add me on whatsapp +2348061266090

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Katarina Schabert - 2016-01-07
Hello to whoever reads this. I need help. My Pinktoe, Aphrodite, is not exactly moving or eating. I got her new things for her cage and she is staying by one of them huddled up between that and the glass and isn't moving much. I have bought crickets but can't feed them to her because she won't eat them. I am misting her cage every so often so it has the right humidity and its up to 76°(says the thermometer in the middle of her cage), and I'm sure she is preparing to molt, I'm so sure but I just want to check so I don't psych myself out. She hasn't built a web yet which I heard is what they usually do. Please help me out, anybody. Reply or e-mail me. Thank you so much.

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  • Katarina Schabert - 2016-01-07
    She's done this for a few weeks and I've had her since November.
  • Eric - 2016-06-09
    My pink toe recently stopped spinning webs and i lost him after a few weeks of doing this my other pinks spin funnels all day ever days.

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