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john - 2012-04-11
Hi,I would like to have a chameleon but I hear that they don't live too long and are expenceve. Would this be a good starter(low price, easy care) chameleon or would I be better off with a different type like the senegal chameleon? Here are the reptiles I'm taking care of:spotted turtle,garter snake,eastern ribbon snake,I took care of 3 snapping turtles, and i have a ball python who I believe is a female named snake and would like to breed her.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-11
    They say the lifespon for the Panther Chamameleon is around 5 years so I looked up the Bearded Dragon for you and their life span is about 7 - 8 years. I never had a Panther but did have the Bearded and I liked that fella. He was so neat, liked attention and would just look at me with those big eyes. They come in many colors and I loved mine. So I thought I'd pass on the info. You sure have enough experience to handle just about whatever you get --- Iguanas are really awesome and they live longer but they can get extremely large - 3 feet or more - but they come in a variety of colors and some are just so handsome. Now there lifespan can easily go 25 years.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-11
    These guys are not too hard to take care of. As long as they get frequent mistings for water they normally do fine. Bearded dragon or iguana is a better choice if you are looking for easy to care for. Savanah monitor is also a great on and tames down like a dog if given enough attention.
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bob - 2010-04-24
When I was in Vietnam, we were setting up for the night by carving out a drainage ditch around our sleeping position. This was a hill area. As we were scratching the surface the bayonet poked through to a tunnel. The smell that came out was very acidic.
As we watched a centipede emerged pissed as all get out... followed by another... these suckers had to be a minimum of 3 feet in length... have never found reference to any centipede larger then 18 inches.

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  • kevin O\'Brien - 2010-05-14
    Bob, I would like to know where you found a reference to 18 in. centipedes? When I was in the central highlands of Vietnam We ran into 12 to 18 in. centipedes but the reference on this web site says the biggest Vietnamese centipedes are 8 in. The ones I seen would of had babies bigger than 8 ins. Hope you can help me out. "kevin"
  • Joe Luciano - 2010-07-10
    Up at Pleiku, VN I was working in grass underneath my helicopter when I felt a pinch then stinging pain on my lower back. I quickly crawled out from underneath the Huey and grasped at my back pulling off a foot long ugly red-brown centipede. It wrapped itself around my wrist but I managed to get it on the ground and stomped on it finally killing it. My lower back burned and within 15 minutes I was doubled over with stomach cramps and dizziness and hyper breathing. My crew grabbed me and got me first to a medic who shot me with atropine and then about a half hour later a doctor managed to get some antinerve agent (?) from air base clinic about an hour later. During that time I was still hyperventilating; waves of stomach cramps and dry nausea. After the antinerve agent I started to recover almost immediately. Within an hour I felt pretty much back to normal and was able to fly later that night with no ill effects.
    40 years later I will always remember the pain and disorientation from that centipedes bite.
  • clay - 2011-02-14
    I want to buy a 12''centipede or bigger in a glass case for my trophy room, IF anyone knows where I can get one please let me know!
  • Vernon Smedley - 2011-04-12
    I was bitten by one of these. Came close to ending my career and my life. Ugly bastards.
  • PT - 2011-05-02
    I live in Cambodia in a village near Phnom Penh. We get centipedes here all the time especially when the wet season begins. A couple of years back we had a big one definitely over a foot long, I'd say close to 50 cms from memory. We had a lot of kids around and it was in our school so one of the guys killed it but only after chopping it with a spade several times. I'm also trying to find what type of centipede it is that we get here. They are definitely painful if bitten - the locals are very wary of them. Do you know what they are?
  • Doc - 2012-07-26
    When I was in Nam one night I was sleeping on the back deck of our tank in the jungle and woke up with a 6' centipede sucking or whatever on my arm...don't remember pain but my arm had a 6' swelling and it left a scar-type mark for about a year...took normal jungle rot marks years to go away.
  • clayton cambra - 2018-01-23
    I still want to buy a 12'' centipede or bigger , dried in a case , let me no I have the money,
  • some fish - 2018-11-20
    Respect, mate.
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norma - 2015-05-27
Hello,i live in Tampa Fl,and looking for a adult male,florida box turtle,i already own a female...Please help

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  • Kathy - 2015-10-15
    Hi "norma"
    We have had our sole box turtle for over 18 years. He is a beautiful male specimen indoor kept free of parasitesas far as we can tell. We have been largely keeping him on a "salad" type diet as we are mainly vegetarians ourselves (my hubby is the occasional meat eater). If you wish, reply to my email and I will send you some pics. We named him Ariel. Thanks for posting, Kathy
  • Anonymous - 2016-02-21
    I live in Arcadia Florida, and have plenty of male, and female box tortoises.
    I've been breeding them for about 25 years. I have it down to a science.
    If you want a male I could probably give you one as long as it will be taken care of properly. Call or text David at 863-473-1697.
    I do sell the babies each year. I usually hatch out about 75- 100. I will have babies starting in May, and they continue to hatch through November.
    I will say no more, but you have my number. ๐Ÿข Man
  • Kathy allen - 2016-09-03
    I have two very healthy female Florida box turtles we brought home from port orang Florida from a family member,loves there worm every morning, but they really do not like greens, and gotten live golden goldfish have eaten one of those,have red up on them would love to get. A heathy male Florida box turtle turtle they have a nice are with several water dishes and flower pet to get into and several Pandora for shade along with a tarp to cover them ,how can I get a male from you and how much?
  • - 2017-07-14
    hello everyone, this to the person who breeds box turtles, if you are possibly still there and still have some you are willing to part with - please text me or call me at 805-410-2047, I would really like a florida box turtle pair :) thank you :)
  • Mike jones - 2017-09-26
    I have florida babies from this summer.2017
  • Barbie Olson - 2018-10-24
    Hi everyone.. I have had 2 male box turtles for 10years .. (actually rescued from a bad environment,). This past Sunday someone went into my back yard and stole both of my babies!!! I am heart broken to say The least. . .. not too many people even knew about my turtles, SO please BEWARE and donโ€™t share too much info with people around you.. who knows why, just evil people.. so worried for them in a strange environment ๐Ÿ˜‚. I AM LOOKING FOR HOPEFULLY A MALE & FEMALE? Text or call 727-422-6262
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Ryan - 2010-04-29
I don't have time or room to go into detail about the article and comments left here, so I will have to keep it brief. These can inflict a serious bite, but only as a defensive mechanism, they aren't aggressive. They are good for your environment, and should be left alone outside if possible. However, they are dangerous to small dogs, elderly, and children. If you find one and are worried about bites, but do not want to kill it, catch it and email me and I will pick it up, and send it to a breeder, scientist, or zoo. They are sold in lps for less than $20, you could maybe sell them for $7. I cannot pay for them though. This is done as a hobby and I lose money on cages, shipping material, feeders, and gas. So if you want to save their life, I will take them, but I will not pay. The high price mentioned below is generally only gotten overseas where you are required to have thousands of dollars in permits to ship them, so they are not worth $75! You can get more than $7 if you are well known in the right circles and regularly frequent the right websites, but it is hobby, education, and research for most of us, so don't expect to get much for them. You can email me for pick up @

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  • Ryan - 2010-05-10
    There are a few color patterns worth a bit more. If you live around Medicine Lodge in Kansas, please contact me if you can find them, we can work something out. Also, I would be able to get a bit more for the red and black stripe form from Southeast corner of AZ, Northwest corner of NM. These are only found in the Peloncillo mountains and the Pedregosa mountains that I'm aware of. You can contact me for more information, but keep in mind, that you aren't going to get rich collecting centipedes!
  • Anonymous - 2014-12-29
    No only you are
  • Ruth - 2018-10-12
    We just found one that is 8 inches with black head and tail. Do you know where we can take it to in Tucson, AZ?
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Scarlett Lemure - 2014-09-16
Does anyone know what the 'healthy weight' for breeding in a T. jacksonii xanthalopus female is?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-19
    Not sure what the best weight is, but here's an overview to draw some insight which may be of help. This subspecies of Jackson Chameleon, known as the Yellow-crested Jackson's Chameleon, is fairly small, and males tend to be larger than females. Their adult size is in length is about 7 4/5' (20 cm), and they only weigh about 25-35 grams. They are generally ready to breed at about 9-12 months of age. Males can be bred earlier than females, but it's suggested for females to wait until 12 months and be sure she is in optimal condition due to the great physical demand that egg development puts on her.
  • Scarlett Lemure - 2014-09-23
    Thanks for the info, unfortunately i'm not sure how much that would help. :/ I have two girls who are the same age, but vary in size coz one is a really picky eater, i've never seen her eat more than two items per day regardless of food type or feeding method. Other than size she seems perfectly healthy and active. They'll both be a year old in november. Oh well, i guess i'll give her a few more months to catch up.. :) Thanks again for the reply! :)
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dorothy ward - 2010-08-19
My veiled chameleon tail is turning black. She is shedding is that ok help?!

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  • chameleon herp - 2010-10-10
    Yes that is perfectly fine it's when the skin dies it dosen't reflect as much light at it did before.
  • Trenton Daniel - 2015-05-18
    I heard that they also eat their skin that they shed. It is supposed to be good for them.
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Anonymous - 2018-05-03
Awww just receive my pairs chameleon and they did make adorable kids and colors anyone interested should get me book yours, since i don't intern keeping so many . (909) 589-1328

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  • Zachary Adams - 2018-07-19
    Are you looking to get rid of some?
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Caitlyn - 2015-07-01
I have a male veiled Chameleon that I've had for about a year possibly longer, I've noticed that he hasn't been as bright a green as often. I recently purchased him a new cage since he's been growing and he seems to only go darker when inside his new cage. He goes back to his usual pretty green when he's out though. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, or maybe it's just the lighting? I'm not sure, but if there is anything that anyone can think of that could be wrong or anything like that it'd be much appreciated. I just want him to live a happy healthy long life.

Sharon m - 2015-06-07
I have a problem I cant find any reference to. Our baby Tiny Elvis is 6 mos old male when we bought him what looked like his penis was sticking out. It has been fine but yesterday he was listless and a crust formed around this 'penis' I cleaned it and he seemed to respond but he isnt eating and just lays there. he seems to be clutching his head with his front paws. ill look for a vet tomorrow(Mon) but has anyone ever run across this? We have had veiled before and never had any trouble they lived long lives and were a large part of our family as is Tiny Elvis. I would appreciate any info or reference to this problem. I cant find anything on the internet. thanks desparate mom of Tiny Elvis

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  • jesse larson - 2016-03-06
    my brother has a snake that had the same problem. it is not good and i believe the vet told them to use sugar water and something else to help reduce the "issue" and they had to slowly and gently tuck it back inside. talk to a vet and other reptile owners about this. i wish i had more to tell you about it.
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Tim - 2012-03-18
Can a 1 year old male breed with a 6-9 month old female

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  • cyrus pestana - 2012-03-27
    How do they drink water?
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-18
    They can. They reach sexual maturity at 5 months. Good luck!
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-28
    They will normally drink water drops off of plants. So it is a must that you spray the plants with water. They will very rarely drink from a bowl.
  • Anonymous - 2016-03-13
    The female should be at least 12 months old before she is bred or she may not be physically equipped to withstand the challenges of pregnancy.

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