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   Beauty and brawn!  The Purple Tang as beautiful as it is hardy, and quite mellow if given the proper tank size!
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Lisa - 2007-01-04
I purchased a baby purple tang for my 75 gallon saltwater tank and at first it was very well mannered. There were other tangs in the tank of varying sizes, shapes, and color which it socialized with just fine. But after a few short years this fish grew much faster than any of the other fish. It would eat a variety of foods and soon devoured everything in site. It must have grown to at least 8 inches plus in body length and became too aggressive for the tank. Although this fish was just beautiful and I hated having to remove it, I had no choice. Besides the issue of competing with the other fish for food, it would swim so fast around the tank it started knocking things over (like various corals and rocks placed throughout). It was traded back to a local distributor and eventually found a new home in 200 gallon tank.

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  • THEMAN - 2010-10-29
    I got a show tank i have a regal angle an elbi angle, 7 tangs with a large purple tang all of different species i have a wrasse that is hard to find cant remember its name a hurliqiun tusk hmmmmm cleaner wrasser a pair of gold banded morron clowns large sizes and wat else 2 blue croners if thats how u spell it anyway 16 fish all up dont even try to do this u wont be successfull im am a pro-and i dont even think i have a anyone that has been able to compete with this tank its 5ft by 2. 5-2. 5 (and its all mine suckerzzzzzzzzzzzz)
  • Rob - 2019-02-04
    Hey just wondering how your 16 fish have done in such a small tank with 7 different gangs.
    Years have gone by. Let me know.
    I had 5 8 inch tangs in a 150 .
CheMiKalZ - 2006-05-07
I have a young purple tang 1 1/2 inch side to side and he started getting ick. I raised my temperature, loweredd my salinity, and closed my light for 24 hours and now hes perfect. hes there for 2 weeks and has a so beautiful color :)

jen - 2003-12-20
You Guys Are geniuses! I had to do a project and then you guys did it for me ! thanx!

Anonymous - 2011-04-06
It's a dorie!

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  • CRRose - 2011-04-13
    Not quite! Dory was a blue hepatus tang, not a purple tang.
Anonymous - 2006-07-29
I only turn my light on every other day when I feed. He is a happy and healthy fish. I feed a mixture of krill, formula 2, green algee and broccoli floretes. I change my water every two months. I've had him for a year and he is five inches. I try to control my fish so they don't get too greedy or aggressive.

daniel - 2004-03-07
purchased a Blue Hippo Tang, had nothing but trouble with ich and it infested all my other fish, best cure we found for this was to get rid of the Hippo and the problem it brings to your aquarium !!

Dan - 2006-03-07
I have had luck with many different kinds of Tangs and if you can get them to eat Romaine lettuce you will have very healthy tangs.

Mickey - 2006-02-01
i have had many blue tangs, powder blue tangs never any ick, you must run a uv sterilizer though. beautiful fish.