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   Known as "Dory" in the Finding Nemo movie the Blue (Regal) Tang has moved to the 2nd most popular tang purchased for home aquaria!
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Dustin Tyler - 2007-05-13
Tangs...they are the best!! I have seven in a 125 gallon. Its a squeeze, but they are all under eight inches. The secret is to completely rearrange your rocks and maybe even remove certain more agressive types (exe. Purple) every time you introduce a new fish. It doesn't even matter if they are all different sizes>>> Tangs are the Best!!

edward hamilton - 2007-05-11
oh my!! it cost a lot to buy a regal blue tang here in australia, say around $50 to $80 just for one...i would love to own sigh :-(

bryana moore - 2007-04-23
i think that the blue tang fish are one of the most beautiful fish ever! they are so adorable and exotic....they're the best!

Dancer Girl - 2007-04-01
THANK YOU! I have a huge project to do tonight (sadly I put it off until the last minute) and you have given me all the information I need on all 10 species of marine life! Once again, THANK YOU!

Joanne Glen - 2007-03-24
Hi Guy's,
A solution which, I found that worked to Tangs being agressive to each other when a new one is first introduced; rearrange your rocks and anything else you might have in your tank. I have a 5cm powder brown tand and introduced a blue tang.

Kelly - 2007-01-11
This site is just so informative for me. I am doing a project on this fish, and this site gave me all the information that I needed.

HECTOR - 2006-07-09
i have a 6 inch blue tang that eats pechay, a variety of green leafy vegetable that we humans eat.. he or she is one of the stars in my marine tank

jessica - 2006-06-02
i love this fish this web page is incredible!

chelsea and michelle - 2006-05-25
I love these fish ! This is some very useful info ! Thank you!

Corey Towne - 2006-04-25
great information guys thank you. you have hooked me on salt water fish and the bigger tanks. im working on making a tank that doubles as a table. im from atlanti iowa and go to the high school here. i plan on using 3 inch thick glass.