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   Known as "Dory" in the Finding Nemo movie the Blue (Regal) Tang has moved to the 2nd most popular tang purchased for home aquaria!
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Donna - 2010-06-18
I have a 3 year old blue hippo tang and he/she now has a swollen belly and isn't eating and is pale over the lower half. I love this fish, please help!

hello - 2010-01-26
I had a report to do for school. I wanted to do something that has to do with nemo but I didn't have the time to look up the movie type of fish. They had in the movie, but I typed in the top 10 most beautiful fish and this was listed number 6. Any way I loved learning about this fish. I am going to do an extra credit project on it! go fish!

Thomas - 2009-05-26
Regal tangs are cute, clever and nice looking. Last week I bought one from a pet shop in china town. It was very skinny at first but after lots of feeding it finally grew bigger. I feed it with fish food, vegetables, and prawns.

Harriette - 2009-04-14
I just got my beautiful regal which I have named Betty. She is around 3 inches and cost only

Grace - 2009-01-28
Also found this sentence from another poster after tons of digging:
The blue tang is of minor commercial fisheries importance, however it is occasionally utilized as a bait fish. The flesh has a strong odor and is not highly prized. This fish may cause ciguatera poisoning if consumed by humans. However, blue tangs are collected commercially for the aquarium trade. An unwary human who tries to handle the blue tang risks the chances of being badly cut by the caudal spine. These spines, on both sides of the caudal peduncle, are extended from the body when the fish becomes excited. The quick, thrashing sideways motion of the tail can produce deep wounds that result in swelling and discoloration, posing a high risk of infection. The pain can last for hours, until eventually subsiding into a dull ache. It is believed that some species of Acanthurus have venom glands while others do not. The spines are used only as a method of protection against aggressors. Having one in an aquarium and cornering it will most likely result in injury.

Linda - 2008-10-30
I hope all fishkeepers will not overstock their aquariums thus causing unnecessary stress and deaths of beautiful fishes. Keep in mind that they are cute when small, but will grow large. We all need to be responsible as it is a privilege to have a replica of the living sea in our homes. I have a 90 gallon tank and my hippo tang has been an only child for almost 1 year. I finally decided to add one more fish - a yellow tang (different color/body shape) because tangs can become very aggressive towards their own species. The great news is that they hit it off and are best buddies. My hippo tang has never been happier. They spend the day swimming together and the yellow tang has finally gotten the hippo tang to eat kelp flakes. Go figure!

MilLKkKEeeE BoOOoO0OIiIi + Da HBOMB PEZ - 2008-10-06
"YO check it, dis site is da BOMB. I'm really feelin it, ya dig? Ever since I learned about da Tang I've been gettin Muh Tango ON." But in all seriousness I'm an aspiring marine biologist who wants to specialize on the Tang, and I am very interested in studying the physiology of the Tang. This site is much appreciated.

Shelly - 2007-11-14
I love the blue regal tang. I am only in the 6 grade but i'm doing a 'finding nemo' report. I am dory and so far i am loving this report!(=

James - 2007-10-05
I just bought a 3 inch blue tang today for NZD$110.00! But its worth it as they are awesome looking fish.

albert ellis - 2007-07-14
I find that the blue tang is also expensive in Canada - I just paid $90 for a 5 cm (2 in) tang. It was worth it, a nice contrast to my yellow tang which cost $70 at a size of 12 cm (4.75 in). They seem to be getting along (ignoring) each other so far; the yellow one is bigger, at about 15 cm (6 in.). I love tangs!