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  The magnificent Shire is powerful and muscular, and is the tallest breed of horse!
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Maddy - 2010-05-28
I love this horse! My mom bought me 2, a female and a male. They had ponies... they were so cute! I love these horses!

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  • Anonymous - 2010-10-23
    Uh, baby horses are called foals...not ponies....
  • Anonymous - 2010-10-23
    If you don't know that a male=a stallion or gelding, and a female is a mare... And that babies are foals... You really shouldn't have a mating pair... Even though these guys are really sweet and wonderful... Stallions are...well, stallions...
  • Anonymous - 2012-02-19
    Maddy, why did your mom get you a 'stallion' amd a 'mare'? If you what to breed Shires or any horses, NEVER get a stallion (unless you are a proper horse breeding stud) If you are desperate to breed your own foal, get only a mare that is over 3 years old then, get a stallion at stud to breed your mare. Hope you like the foal(s) you bred. Also, I would recommend that you sell your stallion for your sake and his. By the way: baby horses are called Foals NOT ponies!
  • Response to Anonymous - 2013-01-19
    You really don't have to be so RUDE to her, maybe she is only 10 and just learning about horses.
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-12
    I am 12 and I've been riding for 5 years. I know what a stallion, mare, colt,filly and gelding is. If you can buy 2 horses as easily as that, and breed them, you need to learn some stuff
  • Anonymous - 2014-08-08
    I love shires too and would be so happy if I was able to have two, regardless of their gender and no matter what you call them foals are absolutely adorable!
  • Veronica - 2018-03-19
    What is there adaption
Alysta Moody - 2018-02-22
Thank you so much for all the great information on this website. All of it has helped me with my research about shire horses. I am a rider myself iv'e been riding sense i was six years old. Thank you so much!

maureen aimie nelson - 2015-01-03
one day something came over me to visit the net to buy a pony for my 5yr old on the 26th july 2012 I met a guy selling horses in a field.I went in myself to look round couldn't see anything so I took my daughter an this little foal came up to us and I new then that was the horse for us.she will be 3 in may and is so beautifull dispite when we got her at 2months old I became her mother taught her everything like a horse would.she was so sick the vet didn't think she'd make a week but I new this foal wanted to live an she was so weak yet so strong now she is still our dream she see's my daughter like her daughter when she not good she lets her know.i am writeing a book off her life story the best I no how through her eyes and heart

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-01-04
    What a wonderful story and experience! Thanks for sharing. I think your book will be inspiring for many horse keepers too.
Claire - 2013-03-20
Beautiful horse!

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  • lilly - 2013-10-04
    I think they are more than beautiful I love them to bits and I have one of my own called beth.
MS. H. Ollava - 2012-02-19
Shire horses...HAA (I'd love one) The shire horse was ridden by knights in medieval times.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-20
    Gosh - and I was waiting for the Knight and all I had to do was get the horse? Thanks for the info -
Margaret Louw - 2013-03-11
They say he is a friesian but he stands 18,1 hands and he is only 5 years old he has to white socks (back). Is he a friesian or a Draft horse? Thank you. Margaret

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-03-11
    If he is 5 years old then he is probably as tall as he is going to get. Do you have papers or a reliable source on who his parents are? There's really no way to know unless you have his lineage background. It's quite possible he is just extra tall for a Friesian.
Anonymous - 2011-05-04
These horses are AMAZING!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-05
    Wouldn't you just love one?
  • Pamela Kreider - 2012-12-10
    I love my horse!
Amaya Cayuela - 2011-12-11
the cutest horse I ever seen I'm crazy about horses xxx :)