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   The Long-haired Chihuahua is a classy little dog, full of personality and spunk.
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LeAnn Dupre - 2015-10-30
I have a super tiny chug. For sale $300

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  • Tiffani Carter - 2015-11-23
    I would love to see pictures!!

    Thank you,
  • Hans Aberg - 2016-02-08
    I have a very cute Jack Russell terrier and he is very cute. His name is Tycin. He is 5 years old and I must say that he is very attractive but usually the problem which I face is this that he digs holes a lot. He has digges so many holes nearby our place which is very much unacceptable. So, guys I need some suggestions regarding this. I really want to stop him but he never listen.
elizabeth harney - 2016-01-28
i just found out what breed my little dog is after having her almost 15 years she is a canis lupus familiaris she is starting to show her age her breathing sounds like she is snoring and she is not walking alot she kinda puts her butt to the ground when she does walk. she has been panting she shivers alot like she is cold i carry her to where she needs to go she has had bad bad breath she is a devoted and faithful little dog when I have cried she comes to me and comforts me she is so smart she understands everything i say to her,if i dont feed her from a fork she wont eat. If anyone has a little dog that has had these problems i would like to know im taking her to the vet saturday

Phillinia MadSnapa Adams - 2015-03-12
My Prince is house broken he now go to potty in the bathroom just like a 2 leg man so cute and funny to me I adopted my chihuahua from neighbors and he is awesome I love him he makes my day when I get home from a long day he gives me energy

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  • JimR - 2016-01-27
    We are LUCKY with our dog. He is 4 now and we only had a problem(with his peeing) with him the first couple months. I don't know what we did but he will only go on the pad or go outside #1 and #2. We have rewarded him EVERY time after he goes #2 on the pad(maybe that was it for him). We don't let him jump up on the bed to sleep, he always goes to his cage EVERY NIGHT to go to bed. The only problem we have is giving him his pill for worms. NOTHING gets past him NOTHING. We tried everything. Because he likes yogurt we kinda force it down. We clean him off afterwards. That and his barking at anyone who comes on the porch OR who he hears outside(mailman, UPS-FEDX drivers). Would we get another dog this good if something would happen to him? I think not.
Aiyana - 2015-12-20
I got a long haired apple head toy chihuahua for a companion dog for my depression. She is now 8 months old, almost 9 in 5 days but she will not for the love of god potty train or stop growling at people. Any help? Or suggestions?

Anonymous - 2015-10-29
I'm getting a long-haired chi on nov. 21 he is blue with white socks. Is there any advice on what I need other than the essentials. And advice on training and potty training

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  • Anonymous - 2015-12-10
    Hope you read up on the blue Chihuahua, they are not a great bloodline, lots of potential health issues as they age....good luck
Janet Willis - 2015-12-07
We have a long haired chihuahua that's about 2-3 years old. She was rescued and given to us. She is so sweet and we love her dearly. The only problem that we have is feeding her. I've been giving her raw chicken legs ( skinless ) and she was doing great with that but now she doesn't eat until she is really, really hungry. The vet told to me give her a half of an allergy pill every day ( well, I give it to her at night ). I give it to her in a little bit of peanut butter on the end of my finger. She loves that. So, maybe she loves that so much that she doesn't like her chicken anymore. I'm worried she's not eating enough. She weighs 6lbs 8 ozs. Any suggestions?

Holly chestnut - 2015-11-09
I have a longed haired chihuahua who is 8 years old. She is white with three black spots one covering one eye the other two are on the same side one on her stomach area the other near her butt and tail. she is a sweetheart and loves everybody yes she may bark at people when they come in the house but once they're in the house she wants to be all over them.

She is very smart we spell out words and she knows what we're saying. She has a licking fascination she loves to lick your face and basically your nose. Anyone else have that issue with their Chihuahua? She's very picky when it comes to her toys She only plays with the one which is her bare which she loves I bought her new toys one time and she would not touch them. She lets us know when she needs to go outside she'll sit there and stare at us.

Also I would like to let everybody know that has a chihuahua To watch out for their anal glands they may become filled. my dog had this problem and we took her to the vet but I had already excreted what was in there so they gave her medication for the inflammation and pain but she was still scooting her butt so we took her back and turns out she has allergies so they gave her a shot and ever since then she's been fine.

I love my Chihuahua and her name is Chloe She is my best friends and I don't know what I would do without her. She came at the perfect time after I had lost my best friend She was a great therapy for me and I love her and she still helps me through my hard times. I couldn't ask for a better dog. I wanted to breed her with another long haired But I believe she is too old now. Funny thing is that Both her mom and dad and brothers and sisters Or short haired and she was the only long haired. So I had to have her plus she's adorable.

She knows our car doors and won't bark But any other car she will bark. We spell outside O-U-T And she knows what that means. She knows a lot of words when we spelled them. She is very intelligent. Sometimes she can be a little stubborn Like when she's outside and doesn't want to come back in But we found a trick to get her back inside Since she loves her bear we say that we're going to get her bear and she comes running. she greets us whenever were gone for a period of time short or long she'll jump up and be all over us. This is one of the best dogs I've had besides a black lab I couldn't imagine my life without her.

Evelyn Flores - 2015-11-03
I have a wonderful long haired male chihuahua. Looking for a female non long haired white chihuahua about two - three years old. Please email me a photo

jerry - 2015-10-06
i have a 2 month old long haired chi tht the breeder was feeding fresh pet 2 times a day a tablespoon each time, my question is ? is this enough food for this chi and if not what do you recommend on feeding , bathing .andis being in a pet carried overnight ok ? thanks in advance for your help

Patty - 2015-10-04
I rescued a 4 yr old male long haired chi/ pomeranian mix. He looks like a long haired chi. He wieghs 6 pds but the vet said he is underweight because you should not feel his spine. He does look real thin. Anyways, he doesn't like dry dog food and I have tried several brands. So I am going to make my own dog food. I found a recipe online . Will have brown rice, turkey, chicken, beef, peas, chicken broth , water and eggs in it. I read they should not eat beef so I will eliminate that. But I have no idea what size portion to feed and if once a day or twice. I have not owned a dog in 30 yrs, since I was a kid. I have had cats, 2 recently passed both were 19. Any ideas? Also is beef really bad and why .

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-10-04
    Feeding can be an art with these little guys, as some develop allergies, gain weight quickly, or other things. There are recipes for chihuahuas that include beef, so I don't think it is necessarily bad for them unless they seem to develop issues that are diet related. These little dogs do require frequent feedings in small amounts. Some suggest feeding about every 4 hours. In general, the amount of food fed each day is based on the chihuahua’s weight. On average, they will eat 1/4 to 3/4 cup of dry food per day. But it is important to offer a high quality diet and read the manufacturor's suggested amount for the weight of your dog.