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   The Chinese Crested originated in Africa where it was called the African Hairless Terrier!
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Camid - 2017-07-29
I am very much interested in a Chinese crested that is a female and hairless. Preferable from breeder in CT area. Would like to meet the parents.

Sarah siegal - 2017-05-26
We adopted a Chinese crested from a rucuse group . She is ten years old very sweet and kind . She is my moms dog . She came to us

Nitillia - 2015-04-06
Looking to sale our dog

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  • Valerie - 2015-06-01
    Pics? Price?
  • walters - 2016-08-14
    $600 including delivery text or call 7042477537 or email
    i am located in Nc
walters - 2016-08-14
Pet Breed. I have Chinese Crested Puppies available. Advertiser Type : Private Advertiser for Breeders.(local) Pets Current Age : 10 weeks, 6 days old (More Info) Microchipped : Yes (More Info) Neutered : No (More Info) Vaccinations Up-to-Date : Yes (More Info) AKC Registered : Yes (More Info) For more info on them, text or call 7042477537 or email

Grace mathias - 2014-12-28
I have a chinese crested cross chihuahua dog. She is 15 weeks old. She is hairless apart from her head is covered in short hair like a chihuahua and her feet have some hair and her tail looks like a lions tail. Do you think her hair will get longer? Just out of curiosity. Do chinese crested pups have short hair at this age? Also if anyone has a chinese crested/chihuahua cross.. I'd love to see pics! Thanks. Grace

Greg Dumas - 2014-10-29
We have a 8-9 week old female we think she was taken away from her mom too soon as we were told she was 8 weeks when we got her 2 weeks ago but soon found out she was younger by 1-2 weeks. She is not eating well but does eat we are taking her to a vet next week for her 1 set of shots. The thing we would like to know is she does not drink much water is that ok ? and she smells we have bathed her almost daily but she still smells like dog urine why is that? She cleans her peepee all the time her self and we also seen her pee take a few steps then squat and wipe it on her pee pad. What  can we do if anything to help the smell?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-31
    It's hard to say what the odor is from. A foul smell can be a bacterial issue, from an incorrect diet, or a number of other things, so it's a good thing you are taking her for a check up. Tell the vet your problem and he/she will probably do some blood work.
Kathy Jane Tibbitts-Hellier - 2012-04-03
Hello I have a 2 year old hairless Chinese crested male dog which is 17 lbs. and has taken to not wanting to eat. He has lost most of his teeth now and so kibble is out of the question. He won't touch canned dog food and I have wasted a lot of money on making food that he won't touch either. I'm pulling my hair out. My opinion the vet isn't sure what to give him either. He went from having a great appetite to eating very little and he needs to see me eat it first or he won't touch it and I'm not eating dog food sorry. Please give me some suggestions cause he's only eating meat that's it.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-03
    Wild dogs/wolves hunt and they hunt for meat. That is their mainstay and they do quite well. If your little fella only wants to eat meat then let him. I'd just cook up some hamberger (or ground turkey)for him. That way you can taste it (or pretend to) and he can eat it. If you wish - a little yogurt over the top or mixed in won't hurt at all. At 17 years old - I think he should have his own way.
Sal - 2012-09-06
The dog in this pic looks EXACTLY like mine must have as a pup, floppy ears and all. Does anyone know if that is a full PowderPuff or not? I rescued my pup at 2.5 yrs old so we don't know if he's pure. Any input is appreciated!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-17
    Not sure, the contributor said it was a full Powder Puff.
Peter - 2013-04-23
my powder puff has been itching his eye alot but when ever we try to make him stop he will try to bite me? and under his eye is a penny sized red soar...PLEASE help i dont want my baby to go blind!

tammy - 2013-01-04
my puff is very nervous and spiddles' when putting her on the leash to go outside..... she does stay with me outside until she gets a spazze attack and runs around the house like crazy but always goes right to the front door when done.... i have to have her on a leash in case there are dogs out running around. inside the house she won't be trained if i tell her to come here even using a baby voice or treat she hides. training like teaching her stuff she acts nervous and shakes and is way to eager to just eat the treat i am very good at training my pets even my cats but she just doesn't seem to comprehend what to do and is like scared i got her when you was 7 months old and i know the people that i got her from so i know she wasn't abused. what can i do to calm her and train her? i know that they are good dogs to teach special kinds of tricks with would be nice to see some of them. thanks