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   The Lhasa Apso, originating in Tibet, was named after the sacred city of Lhasa!
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Anonymous - 2016-11-10
you forgot the xoloitzcuintli.

Dannie - 2013-02-11
We have a 3 yr. old Lhasa who sits in my lap and bends his neck/head straight back in order to see what's behind him....I've never seen anything like that before! Anybody else have one that does that?

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  • Paul - 2016-10-23
    I have a little Lhasa named Daisy she's the best dog anyone could have, and she can bend her neck right back to be nosey. Loving animal very affectionate. And I don't know why people say they don't like being teased as ours loves rough play with me and has a stand off with me regularly which is her instigating a fight. I love it, great we dog and I sometimes forget she's a small dog with 7" legs and take her for little hill walks and that. She's great with kids and they love her! So maybe she's not typical Lhasa apso, I do sometimes think she was Sent to us and that she has the spirit of someone we've known or lost before getting to know.
kerri - 2009-02-08
I've had a wonderful Lhasa for about 6 years now. Bachelor was about 4 when I got him. I inherited him from a friend because he'd bitten a little girl. The first couple of years were rocky. He wasn't housetrained and had severe separation anxiety when I would be gone at work all day. I had another female dog in the house, Sunni, but apparently she wasn't enough company. After many sets of chewed up miniblinds, my neighbor took it upon herself to start babysitting him everyday while I was at work. It worked out great for about a year! ...until they moved. Oddly enough, he's done fine ever since. We've since installed a doggie door so he, the Lhasa-Poo mix, Sunni, and Maxx the Golden Retriever have the run of the place and Bachelor has adjusted nicely. He's so spoiled. If he's not sleeping at our feet, he's up on our pillows right by our heads or between us. Lhasas are great dogs, but I agree, they don't like the teasing. We have actually had to 'learn' how to play with him because he plays different than the other 2 dogs. We are more careful with him so he doesn't feel threatened by play that is too rough, even though it's not intended that way. He has definitely picked out the 'leader of the pack' around our house. I would recommend Lhasas to any couple without children. They are great companions!

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  • Joan - 2014-10-19
    I have a 2 year old male Lhasa apso and since he was very young he has absolutely adored all my grandchildren from newborn to 18 years old. When he hears th very young grandchild cry he gets very concerned and wants to lick him. He runs around and plays with the 3 and 8 year ild as though he was another child and the 15 and 18 year old he gives them lots of live back in return to what they give him. He loves everyone who is involved in my family but very wary of strangers who cime to my door. He is sociable with other digs but he us clever enough to give a wide berth when off his lead when he sees a dog he is unsure of.
  • Lhasa owner - 2015-09-18
    Wow i didnt know they hate teasing cuz my lhasa is diffrent for some reason he loves teasing and rough play although he is terratorial
Spencer - 2015-03-30
I have a Lhasa opso named Wampa. He looks like the ice beast in Star Wars!

Tiera - 2012-04-13
I have had my lhasa apso since she was a puppy, she has been a joy in my life. She save my life once lol. I could not ever picture my life without my playful pal. Even though she has her moments in which she can be a handful like when she's eating out of the trash or rubbing her face on my sofa after she eats. she is typicaly my idea pet.

Angie - 2010-03-04
We got our first Lhasa two months ago. This was before I learned much about them. I have to say that much of what I have read is true about Lulu, my 3 year old female. She is a great watch dog and is extremely loyal to us, but is very skidish towards others. She does fine with our cats but is hesitant about our other dog. He is an Australian shepard and is very energetic, she is growing more tolerant of him but usually turns her nose to him. Although most of what I read is true she loves my kids and all the friends they invite over. She has turned into one of our most loved pets.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-12
    They are funny. They are amusing and very affectionate.