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  The short stocky Beagle, originally bred to track rabbits, is active indoors but does not require a lot of space making it a good pet even in an apartment.
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Robbie - 2017-04-18
I have discovered that beagles find upright pianos very tasty. Our beagle, Daisy, liked to nibble on the keys while we ate dinner. Thus, we had music while eating, and Daisy loved the noise she could make. Daisy no longer plays piano, as she is now almost eleven years old. I'm pretty sure she's off pretending to be famished as my sister finishes her breakfast.

Christine - 2011-08-29
I had a male beagle from a pet store for 13 years until he died of cancer. I also saved a 5 month old beagle mix from a bad home a year later. She lived for 12 years (even though she had many problems such as hypothyroidism and then later in life she developed diabetes and blindness). They were wonderful dogs and were very close to each other. They were very good with my boys. The problems that I had were the peeing especially when I would go out. I had to crate them everytime I would go out. They also dig up your yard horribly! A fence is a necessity, though you must chip them because they will dig under the fence and get out. Beagles are very cute, affectionate, and funny. They can be mischievous, and they act like they are starving all of the time. They cannot get enough food, and will even dig in garbage to get some! I recently adopted a beagle/shepard mix from the shelter. She is almost a year old and she is incredible with my 15 year old Autistic son and especially with my almost 2 year old Down Syndrome son. At times, he has gone up and smacked her, and she just rolls on her back and lets him, then licks his face to say it's ok and she understands. People considering this breed should be patient people who love animals. Beagles can be trained, but they kindly resist for a while. Beagles want to be a big part of a family, so you should be home a lot and include them in outings. A chest leash is important because a neck leash will choke them as they pull with their nose to the ground. Remember to check and clean their ears often, and when their ears get wet, dry them inside and out thoroughly.
Overall, a beagle is a great choice with the right owner and family.

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  • felipe - 2012-06-20
    They drop a lot of hair ?
  • Blake henrich - 2016-02-24
    They are so cute and fun for the whole family I want to get one for my parents for there birthday or Christmas
Deb - 2015-08-24
I refused to allow my husband get a beagle for 22 years despite numerous requests. Then in a weak moment I agreed to it. He grew up with beagles. In short order I learned to love their quirky personalities. I had a golden retriever and took him through many obedience levels. When I attached a lead to our first beagle, he laid down and looked pathetic. I taught him 6 tricks in 4 days and no issues with getting him potty trained. So he was trainable. He leads nicely now I just had to remain patient and persistent. We now have 4 indoor beagles that enjoy our fenced in backyard. I wrote a book about their funny antics. They are immature so keep working with them. Look for it soon. Marlow and a Gaggle of Beagles for Me. They make us laugh every single day. Appears first in the Rabbit Hunter magazine 9/2015. Good luck with your beagle.

catriona allan - 2014-06-13
I have just given a home to a 2year old male Beagle (Watson) he has to be the the most loving dog, I live in the south of france and the beagle is much sought after as a hunting dog

Lynn - 2014-06-12
We adopted our beagle, Shiloh, 7 years ago from the Humane Society when he was about a year old. He was a tough puppy for the first year and a half between the pooping and peeing in the house and the chewing. Once we got his food right and he outgrew the chewing, we could truly enjoy him. Although he's an Alpha, he is such a mommies' boy. He's extremely intelligent, sweet and tough. If thunder startles him he barks at it almost to have the last word. He loves kids, loves spending time with his canine and surprisingly feline pals at doggie daycare, but his most favorite is cuddling with us at the end of the day. Beagles are the best!'

Lynn - 2011-02-27
I grew up with two beagles and absolutely loved them. Of course I am biased, but I think they are the most adorable dogs. I found them to be great playmates and would recommend them as a family pet.

Blair Dixon - 2011-11-26
I had a beagle as a boy (Freckles. RIP) now at 39 my partner and I have adopted a 3 year old beagle and love (Buddy) to death he is our baby boy. He has a very strong peronality that is his alone. He is my everything.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-28
    That is what happens when you have another companion in your life. Love it.
Kathleen Windas-Goodwin - 2012-06-17
We adopted our beagle, Kilika, 7 weeks ago from the Humane Society. She's one of the sweetest dogs I've ever had. If I had a dog clone, it would be her: smart, lovable, nuts, and when searching for rabbits or squirrels, headstrong. She's a very welcome addition to our family.

Julie - 2009-10-25
We've had 2 beagles for years...the first one, a female, we got in december 2005 and the other one, a male, we got in september 2006. At first the female didn't really accept her new pal, for he was tiny, and she was growing and was used to being the only pup, but it didn't take long for the pair to become best buddies. They often play together, or with us, or with our 21 months old son, although the female seems to be kind of scared of him! They don't like when we go out and leave them alone, even though they are together. the male still pees in the house sometimes, and it just aggravates us! but mister needs to mark territories! The female is vicious when she eats, and we're teaching our son that when the dogs eat, he's not to go near them or worse, touch them (anyways, they have their meal once he's in bed). We don't give them bones when our son is playing around them, cuz they can get quite possessive of their bone and we don't want to risk accidental biting of our child. In the end, they are great, happy dogs and we just adore them!

jenny - 2010-10-05
Anyone interested in a beagle I would recommend getting one as yes they can be hard to train but they are also very easy to love as they are the most affectionate and loyal little dogs. We got dex a year ago and now I couldn't imagine my life without him but unlike other beagles he does not run I advise just walking in the other direction if they are playing up it seems to work with him.