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   The Old English Sheepdog is a familiar breed to many people due to its appearances on many popular movies. As the movies suggest, it is a friendly, playful, active dog that loves being around people. This breed is a great pick for owners who are able to provide it with the grooming and exercise that it needs.
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Carla James - 2016-05-21
I'm looking to adopt an OES. I have plenty of experiance with them. I live 1 hr. outside of philly. Keep me in mind.

vicky - 2011-02-08
Hello I am looking to give a forever home to a old english sheep dog free to good home. He/she would have lots of walks love and attention.

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  • Tracey Walsh - 2011-03-10
    I was curious if you were still looking for a home for your Old English Sheep dog. I have a 6 year old OES and would love to add another to our family.
    Thank you,
    Tracey Walsh
  • Jennifer Elliott - 2011-06-24
    Where do you live? Jenny
  • Jodie - 2011-08-15
    Where do you live? We are breeders and often rehome dogs in which we are retiring from breeding, or have decided not to breed. We may have a 3 year old female available.
  • brian - 2015-04-29
    hello iam looking for a old english sheepdog a boy one i lose my oes in nov 2014 and miss him so much , are the free i can give a gd home thank u for our time :]1
pamela meadows - 2010-06-23
If you are still looking, someone I know is moving and must find a home 4 their old english sheepdog. He is 4 years old, well trained, up to date on shots, @ fixed.

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  • jeannine nye - 2010-09-01
    We are still looking, and this sheepdog looks good to think about.. can you get more details as to his character and behaviour in house, and with other dogs, also where he lives.>
  • pauline king - 2012-09-05
    we are looking to rescue a old english sheepdog we have always had one in our family for 25 years we lost our last one about a year ago
Susan Mays - 2010-10-27
When you mean trained, do you mean house trained, he doesn't jump on people when they come to visit, he walks without pulling on a leash, and he likes to be groomed, can be taken to a dog park and run and play with other dogs?

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-10-30
    Dogs need some training and house training is the one area that is most important for pet owners. For well tempered dogs kept as pets, that is often all that is needed. It sounds like your dog easily adapted to the leash, and is well behaved. Yet there are a variety of other types of training, like teaching him to heel, to poise in a show position, and so forth, depending on what you want to do with him.
Olivia Reddington - 2009-03-08
This dog is so cute I want 1. Please tell me where u got it.