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Perry - 2010-01-21
We just got a 1.5 year old female Boston Terrier and we couldn't ask for a more loving playful dog, although she does have issues being in a crate or being left alone. She poops in her crate as soon as she is left alone, even if she just went prior to being left alone. Anyone with any advice feel free to advise. She is not going anywhere, it would just be nice to fix these issues.

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  • millie - 2010-09-26
    Maybe this will work get a smaller crate.....the one you have may be too large, dogs generally do not go in their sleep area.
  • Beth Withrow - 2015-02-06
    Don't put him in the kennel if he's naughty only use for bed or quite time, I think!?
Beth Withrow - 2015-02-06
Love it!

Beth Withrow - 2015-02-06
My Boston Terrier, is very smart, sweet, but very food aggressive, and needs to be first for everythingor he throws a fit and will cry! Love him

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catriona allan - 2014-06-13
I have just given a home to a 2year old male Beagle (Watson) he has to be the the most loving dog, I live in the south of france and the beagle is much sought after as a hunting dog

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monica lowing - 2015-01-23
I have a baby girl a year old no papers but so tiny. Not sure if I should get her spayed or have a litter?

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Laura - 2015-01-20
I have alway;s wanted a companion for my now 7 year old shih ztu Benji plus I just LOVE shih ztu's . I hope you contact me Thank You Laura

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Amy - 2014-11-01
My baby is a 5 year old Chug named Winston Churchill who was a rescue from our humane society. He has been super healthy his whole life until the last few months. He has been having serious itching problems on his lower back and around his tail. We thought it may be fleas and treated that issue, but the itching is worse, especially at night. The worst part is that because of his mix he can't reach his back to itch himself so he does the itchy butt dance (funny at first but now I'm super worried). Does anyone know what this could be or what we can do for him??

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  • Amy - 2014-11-02
    Thank you! After posting this I spoke with my sister whose dog had similar issues and the vet prescribed steroids to alleviate the irritation. We are taking him for a check up next week and I'll post the results for others to see in case anyone has a similar problem with their baby too. We don't have childrenn so little Winston is like our son and I know many other families feel the same about their pets too. Thanks again for the help!!
  • Clarice Brough - 2014-11-02
    Dry skin and itching problems can come from dietary allergies, fleas, bacterial infections, product specific allergies, or possibly a  medical condition called seborrhea. It would be a good idea to get a check up by a vet to either identify the problem or help reduce the possiblities.
  • Anonymous - 2015-01-20
    My dog has similar problem we tried everything but what ended up working and making my dog so happy is once a week antibacterial bath you can buy the shampoo at the pet store and steroid cream once a week and yogurt once a day
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Teesa Lilly - 2010-03-18
My red heeler's name is Zee. She is 10 and the best dog anyone could ever have. Today my Vet confirmed what I already knew.........she is going blind. My heart is breaking. I lost my father 3 months ago. My mother has altimzers. Six weeks ago she had to leave her home of 45 years to move into assisted living without my Dad to help her. Why does my Zee have to be going blind now? She has been my constant "rock" through all of this. I can't stand to see something happen to her, too. I'm sorry I sound like a cry baby, but I had to tell someone. Thank-You.

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  • Kristy - 2010-03-24
    Hi Teesa Lilly...I'm very sorry about your mother and the loss of your father ...and about Zee. My 10 year old dog Rebel a red-heeler is also going blind. He's still very happy though, and it seems that he really only has 1 eye he can see out of now. I'm just giving him lots of love... as always. I think it's harder on us than them since they already depend on us so much as it is. Hang in there you are not alone.
  • Kelly - 2010-06-27
    I have a red heeler and his name is Zip. He is my buddy and rock! The last couple of weeks I have noticed he was bumping into things when it was dark. At first I thought he was being a goof, but then when he did it again I knew something was wrong. So I searched on the internet and have learned this breed does go blind. He will be 8 in October. He can still see during the day but not at night. Did Zee first have night blindness and if so what is her progress on becoming completely blind? Sorry for all your bad news.
  • Angela - 2010-09-30
    I had a Red Heeler many years ago he had diabetes and went blind, just wanted to let you know he did great, he could still smell and hear and was a great companion even though he was I got him a lighted ball and for a long time he could see well enough to play with it. Good Luck to you and Zee!
  • rebecca pearson - 2010-10-23
    Hi my name is rebecca and I have a red heeler named cane, he just turned 6 and we just found out that he is going blind. He already is blind at night and in about 9 mths he will be totally blind. I have realixed that I am the one that will need to adjust and he will be fine. But it has just broken my heart he came into my life after my 4yr old son thomas died, and then when cane turned one I gave birth to my son quinten so they share the same birthday. Thanks for listening.
  • jack - 2015-01-19
    We had a red heeler named Rusty who was blind in one eye when we adopted him at 7 then went deaf and at 10. I can't tell you the why but he still had three more years with us. It was worth the extra care and effort. We are grateful for the time we had with him. And have been blessed with a blue heeler named sue. I'm sorry to hear about zee and your parents. Will say a prayer for you.
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Ccm - 2015-01-15
This little Pom/Spitz entered my life in 2001 till 2014 ... RIP Scooter he was the most quiet tender little gentleman ever met as an animal...he was like a human had respect never bothered with too much other than his owner which is me...he was very well-traveled well mannered and love to swim play with his toys get along with others animals I mean but he loved his mother which is me.just lost him in November 2014 and deciding on purchasing another just like him? The only thing is that I want to give.this new dog the same quality of life freedom love that I can just as much as I have given to scooter...I traveled with this dog all across Canada three times over ....I miss him so much and I do hope that he is in another place resting in peace and playing with others in doggy heaven,mommy loves you and misses you deeply I love you Bubba!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-01-16
    So sorry to hear, what a great companion Scooter was! RIP Scooter!
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pratik das - 2015-01-11
Its a very nice pet


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