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missy wimer - 2012-01-06
We have a long hair chihuahua she is so sweet, but the only problem we're
having is she has real long hair on her butt so everytime she has a bowel
movement it sticks and hangs in her hair. I've tried cutting it but it still sticks. Any ideas please help.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-06
    You have seen a poodle with the typical poodle cut? I have seen that on the long haired chihauhua. Literally from the hip bones and down to the knees the pup is shaved - completely shaved. From the back knees on down, there is hair. The tail except for the tip is also shaved. I never thought about there being a actually reason for this - just thought the people had a preferance. If I was having the problem you describe - that is what I would do - different but cute look.
  • Deb - 2014-08-06
    Just shave her butt. Use a comb and place it between her and the shaver. I shave both of mine all the time. If you do just the rear no one notices it at all. There is no need to ruin their hair and shave the entire dog! It works, using the comb and cutting it short. Hope this helps. :)
  • katrina - 2016-04-05
    I used to be a groomer. You just have to shave it or have someone do it.
  • Debbie Crowley - 2016-11-26
    Dry dog food does the trick.  I have a long haired male and never had a problem.
  • Rosemarie - 2016-12-04
    My mum had one and when I took mum in Muffy came too. I use to wash Muffy's rear end every time she came in. Only solution. Muffy was good. She'd sit at the door until I came to wash her. She NEVER attempted to come in without a wash. If she hadn't done her business she would just run in. They are VERY intelligent.
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angelee - 2014-09-10
i was wanting to know why my teacup chihuahua wants to eat so much everytime he takes a nap...

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-10
    Teacup chihuahua's eat very small amounts at one time, so it's best to feed them 3 times a day. But watch out, because they will over eat if you let them. It sounds like you need to establish set eating times for your little fellow, then feed him only at those set times.  There's really no need to feed him during naptime. He'll quickly learn the set times when he gets food as long as you're consistent with him.
  • Danielle - 2014-12-06
    You should only be feeding your dog 2 times a day unless you leave food down all the time.(don't add to it even if she whines) I don't let my Faleez eat all day. I put down 1/3 cup of food in morning, she has learned not to eat it all at once. And then at night she gets another 1/3 cup. Keeps her slim and healthy.
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Juliana - 2016-12-09
Does anybody know of back/slip disc problems in a chug

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Anonymous - 2016-11-10
you forgot the xoloitzcuintli.

Dannie - 2013-02-11
We have a 3 yr. old Lhasa who sits in my lap and bends his neck/head straight back in order to see what's behind him....I've never seen anything like that before! Anybody else have one that does that?

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  • Paul - 2016-10-23
    I have a little Lhasa named Daisy she's the best dog anyone could have, and she can bend her neck right back to be nosey. Loving animal very affectionate. And I don't know why people say they don't like being teased as ours loves rough play with me and has a stand off with me regularly which is her instigating a fight. I love it, great we dog and I sometimes forget she's a small dog with 7" legs and take her for little hill walks and that. She's great with kids and they love her! So maybe she's not typical Lhasa apso, I do sometimes think she was Sent to us and that she has the spirit of someone we've known or lost before getting to know.
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JIM WILSON - 2016-03-01
Desire a good quality red nose pitbull puppy under 12 weeks of age. Prefer large size puppy & good mom & dad qualities.

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  • lenora - 2016-10-16
    Good pure breed red nosed Pitt for sale 400.00 age 4months old.
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Mark guinn - 2013-11-30
We have a female applehead chihuahua named Daisy who is looking for a mate.

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  • Rebecca Miller - 2013-12-22
    I have an adorable male fawn colored chihuahua ( Caesar) with a great personality that I would like to breed. Is Daisy really friendly and calm? Caesar weighs 12 lbs. and since Lilly is smaller that would be perfect. I would like to keep one or 2 of the puppies and then we can talk about the others. Please call me. 312-543-0561. Rebecca Miller
  • Dave - 2015-08-11
    I have a cream and caramel Applehead never been bred yet, wanting to breed at least once before he's fixed.. he's a little over a year old, all shots and perfect health.. if interested.. email
  • Courtney - 2016-10-08
    What area are you located in??
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Sue - 2016-09-16
I have a male blue heeler named Blu he is 8 months old. He is a good dog. He loves to play frisbee he jumps for the frisbee and catches it. He is kind of lazy and gets bored easily. Which leads to my problem. He is not good in the house. He will chew furniture, jump on things,bark and bite. We try to wear him out bike rides, frisbee, ball but he is not good once he gets in the house. I am wondering what other people do to correct this problem?

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  • Jess - 2016-10-01
    For the chewing, make sure you have things around the house he is allowed to chew on. If you catch him chewing something hes not allowed to (furniture, clothes, etc.) Grab him by the scruff, give it a little shake, say no, and redirect him to something he is allowed to chew (a toy, bone, whatever). Tell him hes good and lavish him with praise when he chews on thenproper stuff. Heelers have a very strong chewing habit, you wont break it, you just have to give him acceptable options.

    The barking is easily taken care of with a shock collar. I have a 20 dollar one from amazon, its called a zacro. Put it on in situations you dont desire barking, and it beeps loudly each time the dog barks. After 2 beeps, there is a beep and an electric shock. My ACD learned in about 5 minutes not to bark and now doesnt need the collar at all. She just kind of makes a coughing noise now because that doesnt set off the collar.

    ACDs dont wind down easily, so when you go from outside to the house, when youre done playing, try just walking around calmly and ignoring him before you go in to let him calm down a little.

    Hope this helps
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Bobbi-Jo - 2008-07-10
Hey my name is Bobbi-Jo and my boyfriend & I have a beautiful pitbull named KOBE! He is amazing in every way possible! HE is extremely loving and well behaved! We also have cats-which he loves too...we actually raised kittens with him around all the time! In fact the kittens preferred to sleep with him! He played with them and watched over them! Anyways I would love to help you with your fight against PITBULL HATERS-as the saying goes people are scared of what they don

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  • kyliegh stevens - 2014-04-17
    I have been trying to STOP bsl and no one listens to me. When I am with my pit bulls people stop and drag their children to the other side of the road. They say that I will regret having my dogs. They say they will turn on me. I have been all loving to my dogs and they are loving to me as well. I want to STOP BSL FOREVER! I want to be able to walk my dogs down the street like every other person. I want to be able to have my dog with other dogs. And I want others to do the same. STOP BSL FOREVER! I want to make a change in the dogs life and others lives. I want a change in my life as well.
  • Kelly - 2016-09-26
    My first experience with an American Red Nose Pitt Bull Terrier happened when my son brought home what he called a Red Lab. It was a mistreated 11 month old female. When she moved in, I was very nervous of her. She had a serious problem with mange, and we had to bring her to the vet for several mange baths. She was so beautiful when her hair started to grow bath, but her tail was between her legs quite often when she was near me. I began giving her treats that I shouldn't have, like wieners or a slice of salami. and as wrong as I knew it was, we became friends. She wasn't as nervous of me and I was not as terrified of her. I have had a lot of breeds, but I have never had one of this quality. I used to compare her to the high strung Irish Setter I had years before, and a Dalmation that was more aggressive than Disney ever portrayed them. She was warm and loyal, and when she sat on me, she would push her head so hard against my chest, I thought she was trying to climb inside. She was a bit more protective than I would have liked. When we had visitors come in, she wouldn't bark but she always went and sat at the men's feet, never the woman. Most people found it unsettling, in light of the "bad press" this breed was getting. Everyone warned me Sable was going to bite me or someone else but she never did for years. One cold winter morning, my wife's sister came in for a visit, she had always owned big dogs and didn't respect my dog's situation. Sable had not been out for her morning pee, and she had been inside since early evening the night before since it was so cold. in the turmoil of trying to get out for a pee and a strange person "my wife's sister" falling to her knees and moving to hug the dog. Sable snapped at her and although she did not draw blood, there was a lot of opinions about my dog's "natural traits for the breed". While I was infuriated because they didn't know Sable at all, I had to concede however that keeping a dog that had bitten once, created a liability that I wasn't prepared to accept. When it was time for Sable to go to the vet, I didn't want to be home. My son and brother-in-law took her to the vet and I lost the warmest, most loyal, and intelligent dogs I had ever owned up to that time. I presently own a Zuchon hybrid, her name is Chylo and is the only dog who loves, is loyal and intelligent as Sable was. I've missed Sable for the past 15 years, and plan to find another female American Red Nose Pit Bull puppy. I will be more careful to protect her from volatile situations, and look forward to the same love I received from Sable. For the lady who was worried that her Pitt Bull was not warming up to her husband, I expect he is as nervous as she is, tell him to treat her to something she shouldn't have, like maybe a wiener or a slice of salami once in a while, she'll warm up to him and he to her. To one of the other posts about the dog needing a hard slap, I just want to say that animals respond to love with love, respect with respect and aggression with aggression. These beautiful dogs were tortured and killed in dog pits for years and now are being blamed for the mistreatment visited on them by sadistic owners. To all those wanting a big dog for farming, security, friendship and loyalty, don't be afraid of this breed, it will spoil you for any other breed I've encountered.
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paige - 2016-06-08
you can rub coconut oil in her hair and leave it on for about a hour. do it 3 times a week and it'll show results.

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  • Jeff Pendergraft - 2016-09-24
    My wife shampooed ours with tea tree oil shampoo, upgraded to a better food, and used coconut oil on his fur a couple times a week and a little in his food and people are shocked how silky soft he is now. He was very course before and had terrible dandruff when brushed.

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