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Havana Brown cats are very chic, dressed in a rich chocolate brown mink-like fur and green eyes!
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Veronica - 2010-11-06
I think my chocolate brown cat is accidental as well. He's gorgeous chocolate brown everything, no tabby markings but one little white spot near his eye. He has green/gold eyes, he's a little chubby and doesn't look slender like legitimate havana's but his facial features are the same, nose, etc. He's very anti social with strangers. Hates dogs but eventually tolerated my new puppy. Loves to be outside but I limit that, too many strays in the neighborhood. He fetches, or at least he used to. He's 7 now, not as active as he used to be, he used to be content with a rolled up piece of foil in a ball and would fetch that, played for hours! He'll sit at the window and call the birds in the most strangest meow/howl. He's social with the family, only my mom and daughter, not my dad but doesn't hesitate to fall asleep at his feet. He likes to be touched but NEVER carried and will NEVER sit on your lap, EVER. Once, when he was a kitten, he fell asleep on my tummy, like a little baby, but like I said, ONCE. Other than that, he's pretty vocal, he scratches at your bedroom door if he's out of food or water. He's a wonderful cat and his vet loves him, always takes him around to show him off, which is weird, don't know how he does it, he hates to be carried.

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  • Mars - 2011-01-23
    I am trying to find out how likely/rare it is to find a non-bred chocolate kitty. My solid chocolate girl was rescued from a feral colony, most of whom are solid black. No other brown cats. Plus I'm pretty sure which ones are her mother and sister - and they're both solid black. She too has that puppy way of "heeling" when I walk through the house, a somewhat odd vocal quality (mine sort of bleats like a goat!), and is pure muscle. Looks almost identical to the one in the photo at the top of this page.
Nancy Futrelle - 2010-12-22
I would love to know how common is a chocolate brown cat that isn't a Havana Brown. We just adopted a young male that is chocolate colored, with black tabby markings. He has white feet, tummy and a white splotch on his muzzle. Definitely NOT a pure breed. Our vet says he will stay brown, and that she has not seen one with this much brown on him. Is brown an unusual color for an American shorthair?

loop of poop - 2007-11-02
When I was littler my stepsister had one of these cats, and when she left to go to college, the cat stayed with me for the five or so years left of her life. (i think she was like thirteen years old when she died.) She was the most beautiful, sweet, & soft cat I've ever had. Her voice was really high-pitched, which made her even cuter. I only remember her getting sick once or twice. She liked being outside a lot, and she'd bring home squirrels and birds. Once, she bit a coral snake right in the freaking heart; now it's in a frame right over the spot where she set it down by the door. She'd fight small dogs, raccoons, and other cats that came near the house, but she was scared of the peacocks. She scratched up the carpet around my bedroom door and this one chair pretty badly, but mostly she used her scratching posts. She always responded to her name and would come here. Lily was a good cat.

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  • Hershey Bug - 2010-05-25
    I have an "accidental" mix as well. Mom was a Siamese and daddy was a black short hair from the neighborhood (according to who we got him from). Hershey is currently a year old and is absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him. Vet told me it was highly unusual to have a male his coloring and he was all the rage at the office and everyone just had to see him. He's very inquisitive, smart and extremely lovable and definitely loves to cuddle.

    Hershey looks just like the picture posted for the info on this breed.
Mary Peck - 2010-01-04
update on Koko - my Havana Brown baby - up to 10 pounds, at 8 months. my grandson got a kitten for Christmas; Koko tried to kill it and hid all its toys. they were rolling around on the floor playing by the time they went home.

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  • Barbara Bennett - 2010-05-16
    My son has a small black cat that resembles the Havana
    Brown. Pheobe is now eight years old. She friendly with my son, and his
    partner, and she allows them to pick her up. I am wondering if she is an off
    spring of a Havana Brown that mated with another breed.
Mary Peck - 2009-09-18
Janie's cat may be a Deep Woods Tabby, beautiful cats but really unusual looking. The Havana Brown kitten I commented on, is now about five months old and developing all the characteristics, but has a "fever coat." He was really sick when I got him, and had trouble keeping his temperature up, so it should probably be described as a "stress coat," white hairs scattered evenly throughout except on the head, feet and tail. It will be interesting to see if it all goes back to semi-sweet chocolate! All I know is, if he is a "puppy cat" he is a Labrador - into everything.

Ann - 2009-08-10
I have a mixed breed Havana Brown that has all the same qualities of a full blooded Brown. He is extremely charming, intelligent, and loving with a good natured rascally side. I think they make exceptional pets and I can see why they are called a "puppy cat". Feel so fortunate to have the guy in my life.

Janie - 2009-07-26
I have 2 cats my female is exactly like how they are described the Havana's. She is loving and extends one of her paws as she was wanting to hug me. The other is a brown male manx, not very social. They are not show cats and their parents are black and white! Do not know if they are an actual Havana or not.. Would love some feedback!

Zara - 2008-12-08
We have a 12 year old Chocolate Havana Oriental Male Cat. It wasn't until recently that I was informed, by a vet, that this breed of cat of the male gender is quite rare as they tend to be female. He is a delightful cat. He's not that vocal but when he is his voice sounds more like a wolf's howl than a normal cat meow. He's extremely tolerant of our children's overwhelming affection. He loves being outside and tries to get outside particularly at night time. He has very strong dog characteristics often been seen taking walks with us, without a lead, always walking ahead to check that the coast is clear before returning to us briefly only to repeat this routine many times over. He loves his food and until you pick him up doesn't look as though he'd be that heavy, but most of his weight is in muscle. I would recommend this breed as ideal for a house pet and particularly if you have children, they love attention.

Shelley - 2008-09-24
I have recently bought a mixed breed cat, I was struck by his unusual black/brown stripes which alternate from short brown fur to long black fur. He has long black fur along his back and on his tail which appears to be becoming plumed. He is pointed black. He is not your usual tabby and I have been trawling the internet for hours trying to determine where his very unusual looks come from. The havana brown is the closest I have come, and a picture of a havana brown kitten that I found is the spitting image of him except for the points. He is very elegant in appearance with a wedge shaped face and long nose. His ears are large even for an 11 week old and his eyes are slightly slanted, one eyes width apart and appear to be turning green. He has unusually long limbs and tail with big oval paws. He is very intelligent and even learned to play fetch at nine weeks old after an hour playing with a screwed up lottery ticket. He is the exact temperament of a havana brown - extremely loyal to me, very soft voice, not destructive, gentle, affectionate and talkative, loves to play games such as tag and fetch, is fascinated by paper and card and learns extremely quickly. I have no idea what breed is mixed in to him only that his mother was a tortoiseshell short hair.

Brenda - 2008-09-18
I have a brown cat but I don't know if it's a Havana brown. She is exactly what they had described her as, but she is the daughter of a Calico cat and I don't know who the father is. I'm on this website because I wanted to find out how rare brown cats really are and I wanted to know how many other breeds of cats have browns, if any.