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linda - 2012-05-21
Hi, l'm waiting for my first scottish fold from Germany. she is going to be my first breeding cat:) and l'm looking forward to get a lot of tiny kittens running around the next year.
l live in Norway and we are only three breeders of scottish folds. l'm realy looking forward to get my silver shaded point girl home soon:)
have some pictures of her on my web site..

l have always wanted one ore more of this breed and finaly after a lot of resarch l got one:)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-21
    You will love her - they are wonderful cats with just this real laid back disposition. So soft.
  • linda - 2012-05-21
    yes l know:) another breeder l know have one blue colored fold girl and she realy is adorable, she can shake hands like a dog if you have a good treat:)

    its just to sad people dont know much aboute this breeds health, we in norway are working to gain more new information, so that maby the scottish folds gets more popular;)
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roni - 2012-03-03
I have a Siamese and his name is Bleu. I luv him sooo much. He's nothing like normal cats. He fetches, walks on a leash, drinks from the toliet, sits outside my bathroom door until I'm done and has to be in the same room as me. It's crazy. He's my cat dog. He is very bad. His first Christmas gift was a cage at 9 wks. lol I wouldnt trade him for nothing. If I ever get another cat it has to be a Siamese.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-03
    They are so smart and yes - they behave as you have described. Enjoy.
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Danny - 2011-11-28
My wife and I have a white, blue eyed angora that is the love of the house. She loves to be held and petted all the time. She gets along with all our other pets, good thing we have two other cats and two yorkies. But she is the baby of the place and also the queen. And to think someone put her out as a kitten, only thing we can think is they were not animal people. But we saved her and she has been the best pet we have ever had. Loves to be in the middle of everything.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-29
    They are beautiful.
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Mary Peck - 2009-08-12
I have an "accidental" brown kitten - in extremely poor condition when he strolled into my back yard, having made a tunnel under the fence. His eyes were horribly infected and he was very malnourished. He weighed a pound and a half and he lost weight to 11 ounces at first. Both situations have changed dramatically. I can only think he is the product of a feral black female cat and a large Siamese chocolate-point cat who roams the neighborhood. He is not registered but he is a beautiful, beautiful animal. I feel fortunate that he sought me out. He needed help and as the veterinarian said, he knew where to go to get it. One other of the kittens was fortunate enough to find a home down the street but I think someone found the rest of the litter dead. I can barely stand to think about it.

Kat - 2010-07-31
We just rescued a little baby kitten(whom we named Lucy, after the Beatles song) from a person I know that was neglecting and abusive toward her. When my husband brought her in. Wrapped in his shirt. She was covered in her own excrement and both eyes were pussing and matted shut. Her mouth covered with dried old food and a gross slimy film on her little feet. I immediately bathed her while crying and got her eyes open and all the horrible neglect off of her little face and feet. She was skin and bones. I still cant understand how someone could do this to such a helpless life. She is a beautiful kitten. Affectionate, playful, not really affected by the neglect. She sleeps on both my husband and my chest all the time. At least 5 weeks old at the moment. I had to help keep her eye from getting further infected and since we got her almost 4 days ago she has thankfully gained weight and seems very happy with us. She was so hungry when we got her she tried to bite my finger off. She took the bottle at first with the Vitamin formula for kittens and ate up the soft wet kitten food we got her, vigorously. Like she hadn't eaten in days. Plus her eye is completely open again and no more infection. She is completely healthy. And growing since. I noticed she has these darker tiger stripes to her. But her coat looks a very very dark brown almost black, until the light hits her and it turns this chocolate brown color.
Her front legs are a bit awkward. They have an almost outer stance to her knees. But she walks perfectly. I don't think anything is wrong with her legs its just how she is built. They do remind me of the legs of a Siamese. Her ears are very large for any other kitten I have rescued/had. I was looking through breeds and came across pictures of Havana browns. And they matched her perfectly. Now I don't know what her mom & dad looked like but her nose is tiny and her eyes are green. Could she be this breed? I also have a Maine Coon and a beautiful Calico.
My Calico female is not too happy with our new addition She has been hiding upstairs and occasionally comes down to eat and use her potty. But the minute she sees the baby kitten she hisses and bolts back upstairs. I don't know how long this behavior will last but I really don't like her avoiding us as well. She swung at me today for the first time and I know she is frustrated. But she isn't normally like this. I love her bunches and don't want to make her feel like she is second best. Cause she is my baby just like the others.
Does anyone know what I can do to stop my Female Calico from hissing and avoiding her? She just doesn't seem to be okay with her presence at all. But I make sure she gets plenty of love from me.
I think she may be jealous. Would it be positive for my Female Calico, if I gave her a toy? And also including the new baby? My Male (Neutered) Maine Coon has hissed at her a couple of times. But doesn't at all act jealous of her.
I was thinking, if it was a good idea to go ahead and buy them all toys and show my love? Could that break the tension? I don't expect them to be immediately used to her. It will always take time. But my Calico is worrying me.
I dont want her to attack Lucy. I just need a little help on what to do to soften the environment with all of them. Lucy is curious about them. But since they have been hissing at her. She doesn't want to go near them much.

Thanks to anyone who can help


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  • Melanie - 2010-10-23
    Have your cats adjusted to each other yet? I had one that after 6 months was still very agitated and not accepting the kitten. The vet put her on a very small dose of Prozac daily. It helped tremendously. After a month or so I took her off of the medication, but her attitude continued to be much better. It has been a year now and while they are not "buddies", she tolerates the younger cat.
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mel - 2011-12-31
I accidentally have become the owner of an ocicat. The home she was in had two other cats, one that had lived there for years. My cat as a kitten already started to insist on being the dominant cat. The other cats didn't fancy her much so I took her in. She's amazing .... Very talkative, very playful (loves to fetch), and loves any guest we bring by. I feel blessed to have taken her in.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-31
    Ocicats are neat and extremely smart.
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noel - 2010-03-18
We never had pet cats before until my daughter brought home a kitten. Since I never took care of a cat before, I resisted in having one in the house. But, it didn't take long for me to come around and see what the fuzz is all about; this kitten was so friendly, affectionate and playful! We watched him grew to a full size Coon, and weight almost 20 pounds. He was solid and can feel the strength of this gentle giant.

He loves hanging-out and be in the middle of our activities as a family. He sits there quietly, majestically, watching everybody with his mane shining. He loves smelling everyone's hair especially after shower. His favorite game is fetching a crumpled candy wrapper or a tin foil rolled like a little shiny ball and then he would kick it with his paws and chase it.

One morning when he was about 4 years old, he came to our bedroom door and started calling us with this tiny voice and as I opened the door, he ran towards the kitchen still meowing as if to say "pay attention to me" and as I got closer towards him; I noticed that he was sitting on the floor with something in front of him. As I looked closer, it was a mouse. It was Chino's gift to us. He was very proud that day and we were too!

Chino grew as an indoor cat, but, we let him out in the backyard when we're out there. He lived to the age of 9 years old and was still very active until his last few days.

Maine Coon Cat are great cats. He did act like a dog in terms of loyalty and they are so playful, even at 9 years old he was still acting like a kitten.

We miss our friend!

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Azin - 2010-08-10
Hi, my name is Azin from Iran. I know English just a bit, but I want to say that we don't see Persian cats here especially in streets, when I saw pic of Persian cats in internet I surprised because they are rare in here, of course I saw Persian cat but once in a rich families and that time I don't know he is a Persian cat. He was white, corpulent and shaggy but he has a bad temper especially with other cats also when he was emasculated. I love Bengal and Burmese cats and I think you will surprise when I say that many of them are here, of course other breeding cats particularly in streets, they are very beautiful and clever but they are chicken – hearted, they are afraid of peoples and sound of cars. Many of them are vagrant and streetwalker, but they are very beautiful, don't blame us that we leave them in streets because I think it's a good reason to breed various types.
I've got a cat that is between orange and yellow with white belly she has got three kitties. I don't know who is their father, many male cats come here, only the boy is like his mother he's my favorite I know he like me mutually, one of the daughters is white with black and brown spot she doesn't like to communicate with me, and other is dark brown with black and bright brown spot and one of her eyes has a black spot like a pirate, she's kind and quiet, but I am worry about her because she is thin and weak. Now their eyes are amber.

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  • Leila - 2011-08-13
    I have also come across persian cats who are ill-tempered and sort of nasty with people. I dont know how many people have experienced this.
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Miranda Haley - 2012-02-23

Pauline Lindley - 2011-08-24
I have a Tonkinese cat who is 14 years old but still thinks she's a kitten. She answers me when I speak to her, knows the word "no" and purrs loudly when I praise her. Sadly, now, she has slowed down quite a lot, and her back lags aren't as strong as they were. She has always been a House cat , only going into the garden when a member of the family is out there and follows us around. When I go into the bathroom, she sits outside the door until I come out and runs to greet me every day when I return from work. She is the most loving cat I have ever known and will sit for hours on my lap being cuddled and stroked. I would recommentd this breed to anyone who loves cats

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  • susan paulsen - 2012-01-14
    Hello Pauline,
    I love your comment about your cat. I have always wanted a tonkinese cat! I first saw one years ago in San Luis Obispo, Ca. The cat was walking with its owner and stopped at the curb as owner told it to and wouldn't cross the street until give permission to. So intelligent. Beautiful. My cat is a DSH tiger and loving, sits on my lap, is happy to see me when I return from work. I think a tonkinese would be a great companion for Tiger who is gentle and sweet.
    Can you direct me to a breeder in Dallas/FortWorth area.

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