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Ashley O\'Brien - 2014-12-20
Hi, I have an absolutely adorable Cornish Rex called Tommy.He is actually a she but its too late to change his (her) name now, and I still think of him as my little guy, weird huh?.Tommy came to me in an odd way,apparently my neighbour, found him inside a cage, covered with a white blanket,abandoned on a roadside rest spot! They rescued him of course, and named him Tommy. I knew nothing of this until very soon he showed up on my doorstep , I picked him up, and we have been best buds ever since, he (she) sleeps under my blankets with me in winter, and in summer he sleeps next to my head on another pillow.I did check to see if he was on any of the local and national lost and found data bases, but found nothing, which didnt really surprise me, given how he was found.I think he chose to stay with me because I give him everything to make him happy-a quiet house (no screaming, grabby, rough little kids-like my neigbours!), he gets a good variety of wet and dry food, proper vet care, and lots and lots of cuddles and play! He is sort of a light goldish color, with light brown ears,which are not typically large,beautiful blue eyes. he's missing some hair between his ears on top across his head,and also almost bald on both sides just foward of his ears, I see thats common tho, and may be genetic.He is very intelligent, very obediant, and loves water! right now as I type this he is sleeping in front of me on a rug under a lamp, and very content I think!

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  • ray - 2015-02-15
    A Cornish Rex must be the ugliest horrible looking cat I have ever seen. who cares about their nature which appears to me as nothing out of the ordinary. Hardly adorable with a face that puts the creeps into you. Should be 'drowned at birth'. Bloody horrible.
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-15
    I think these cats are very unique, and I'm glad you've got such a great home for Tommy. Of course there's people like the fellow above, who seem to have a hard time finding the beauty in life's diversity:) But don't take such naysaying to heart, you are very lucky to have such a rich experience as keeping this cat.
  • J - 2015-03-01
    Ray, you're obviously one of those men who surf the internet to find things to make hateful comments about to compensate for your low self esteem due to your tiny reproductive organ. You clearly have no interest in cats or Cornish Rex
  • kat - 2016-12-30
    Ray, speaking of being drowned at birth, it's too bad that didn't happen to you!
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Louise&Jay Gerringer - 2016-12-20
We have a handsome male angora named Casper, he is very loving, and has become a lap kitty. He gets along with our female tabby named Gray. He loves to sit in the window and watch our local Pennsylvania Blue Jays, chipmunks and squrells. He has a hard time making up his mind whose lap to fall asleep on in the evening.

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Well Trained Big Cats - 2016-07-24
Well Trained Big Cats We are licensed breeders of cats, and we currently have cubs of cubs Lion, Tiger ,Cougar,Cheetah,Leopard , Jaguar and other exotics(i.e cross breed between lion and tiger) all ready for sale at very affordable prices. All our cubs are bottle-fed and raised in our home as home pets, so they are perfectly socialized and will make very good pets. We sell each cub with complete health papers from and approved vet., breeders guide manual and a 1 year health guarantee. contact

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  • Anonymous - 2016-08-14
    Hoi there. Do you sell servals and where are you please
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Lana Marie - 2016-06-17
My Devon Mimi is such a sweetheart!

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maria gloria coelho - 2016-05-29
i like know haw much cost and information ,if sand to brazil?

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Hussien Muhammad - 2016-03-08
We are licensed breeders of cats, and we currently have cubs of cubs Lion, Tiger ,Cougar,Cheetah,Leopard , Jaguar,fennec foxes,wallaby and other exotics(i.e cross breed between lion and tiger) all ready for sale at very affordable prices. All our cubs are bottle-fed and raised in our home as home pets, so they are perfectly socialized and will make very good pets. We sell each cub with complete health papers from and approved vet., breeders guide manual and a 1 year health guarantee. contact

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  • Nelli - 2016-04-11
    Hi. Where are you located?
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cresadam - 2014-08-31
Two Stunning F3 BOY GIRL Bengal only available special pet homes. My mom is a big wonderful girls imported from Germany and dad at the lowest place Woodstock Manchado impressive boy imported from the USA. One silver and one black spot brown black spot. These kittens are already very out going and show beautiful contrasting coats with large individual sites. Both kittens are excellent examples of the breed, they will be fully vaccinated Tica registered and micro-chipped.

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  • James M. - 2015-03-13
    I was wondering if you still have the Bengal kittens that are available. I am interested. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
  • Hilda Marcia Brown - 2016-02-17
    Hi, o am really interested in two of them if you have them I am very serious about and hope this isn't a Joke.
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Sharon - 2012-03-03
I just got my boyfriend a 2 months old Scottish Fold. She's adorable but we are both new owners of cats and could use tips on how to raise her. She's playful and active. Sadly left alone most of the day as we're both at work. I only see her over the weekend. We've had her for three days now. Her loo is the laundry room and she knows where to litter but twice now when I'm over and spending time with my boyfriend either cuddling or watching tv she's litter in a corner in the kitchen. Could she be jealous? Should he disipline her in a any way?
She comes around us on the sofa and plays but when we touch her she'd runaway. I think she's getting used to us. I just want insure we get the ground work right with her.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-03
    She is a kitten and they are funny. I would put a second litter in the kitchen where she went. She is young and at least this way you are insuring that she goes in the litter. She's so young yet - sometimes by the time they realize they have to go - they already did it. So put a second litter in and after a couple of months remove one of the litters. Of course she runs away - that's called 'catch me if you can'. Of course she will jump out and catch you and that is called 'pounce' It is just natural play and the more she is around you - the more she will play and of course just lay around at times. You are at work - she is just amusing herself but for the most part, she is probably sleeping. They don't tell time so don't worry.
  • thurley - 2013-11-05
    if she is dirtying in the kitchen corner put another litter box their but, first clean it really good the floor where she did her business with bleach and a deorderizer then put the box on top of that area so she can not do it their again she will do it in the litter box.2 litter boxes are a good bet because cats will have accidents just like people do. she will get the idea.
  • brennen - 2016-02-11
    spend more time with the cat
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Leisa Bonds Stringer - 2016-02-08
I am an avid cat lover. I have three house cats now. They have all been fixed. I would love to be able to have a Fox Face cat/kitten. They are just beautiful to me. I'm not wealthy and if I could obtain one (preferably female) at a cheap price or even free would be great! Please contact me.r

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Lynn - 2011-12-08
Help! I have a mixed breed Bengal cat, 2 yrs old. She is a good cat and very beautiful. Her Dad was a neighbor tom but her Mom is a pure breed Bengal. Here in Vermont, she starts getting bored not wanting to go out. I also have a very gentle domestic 4 year old cat. When the bengal is bored, she constantly attacks my domestic cat to play but she hurts. I try to play with her but she doesn't sheath her claws and scratches and bites - the cat and me! She isn't mean, just very rough. Any ideas on how to keep her occupied and/or how to teach her to play gentle? I have all kinds of toys, long feathered chasers, squeaky mice, balls, scratching posts, etc, but she will jump beyond the toy to my hands and arms. I even got a 'glove' with long fingers and bells to play with and she leaps above the glove to my arm and hand and bites and scratches me. Both my domestic cat and myself would appreciate any ideas on how to keep her tame and occupied during the snowy winter months as well as improving her gentleness with play. Thanks!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-08
    I would de claw the cat and us the cat spayed or neutered.
  • Jared - 2012-01-14
    I had a wild bobcat tabby mix when I was younger who acted the same way. While having the Bengal de-clawed may stop her from scratching the fire out of you, it won't stop her from biting. The best thing I found for my wild mixed fuzzball was a medium sized stuffed animal. He would knock that thing around the house for hours. After he was done rough housing he would curl up on my lap to nap and purr for the rest of the evening.
  • Cassandra Johnson - 2012-01-25
    I have an f2 Bengal female that is a year old and unaltered with a full set of little daggers (ie claws). In any event, she was a bit aggressive and elusive when I first brought her home, however she has established herself as the dominant cat in the household (I have 2 domestics and the 1 bengal). I had to wrap her in a blanket and use the pedipaws pet nail filer on her nails every couple weeks when I first got her due to her need to sharpen them to the finest of points. The blanket was to keep me from getting torn to shreds as it took a bit for her to get used to the nail filer. I have cut too far with nail clippers before, so I have been filing kitty claws since. My girl bit me a couple times when I first got her as well, however I bit her back and she hasn't bitten me in the last five months (I've had her for 7 months now). I have done this in the past with random stray cats that I've rescued and socialized for others. You don't bite them hard, and you want to make sure its on the ear so you are out of biting range and don't get a mouthful of fur. Just apply some pressure as a warning; no bruising or drawing blood. They understand biting with a little pressure as a warning. I use water in spray bottles to establish off limit zones (kitchen table and counters). It seems to work well enough... although I am sure my cats are on the counter when they know I am not looking. As for the play issue, I have two male neutered cats (a 1.5 yr old and a 2.5 yr old). Both are declawed in the front as well. I got my bengal to help save my older cat from the newer one as he is a spaz. My girl is energetic, but she has the boys to run around, a lazer pointer to chase, tons of kitty toys, and there are nightly drag races up and down my hallway. Cats are pretty intelligent, and will figure out the source of movement so I have found the glove toys ineffective with my domestic boys and have it dangling from elastic that I sewed onto it. I can toss it and pull it so you get the chase with the distance to flee the claws. If you can't deal with the biting, you may need to find a trainer or alter her to see if that solves your problem. I also don't lock my cats up at night. I know the people I got my Bengal from caged her up at night in a 5 X 8 bathroom at night or a travel kennel. She wasn't socialized too well, so I expected bad behavior from her when I got her. She gets grumpy with the boys sometimes, but she is not hurting them and pulls her claws. I use pounce kitty treats to reinforce good behavior as well as lavishing attention on all the kitties while I am studying. I don't know if this has come of help soon enough, hopefully you find it helpful. This also works for ferrel cats to be socialized.
  • Helene - 2012-02-02
    I have a similar problem with my female bengal. I also have an old Maine Coon who is the most mellow cat I've ever owned, and when Miss Mauli gets bored she will 'entice' him to play by beating the daylights out of him. No blood drawn but it is sad to hear him scream like a girl. Try a laser pointer with your Bengal, they love movement and should chase it non-stop. Also you might put a couple inches of water in your bathtub or a basin and float a ping pong ball or a couple ice cubes in it. Bengals tend to be fascinated with water and things that float. My cat used to throw her toys in the toilet before I trained that behavior out of her. Also they get bored with the same toys after a week or so, so put the old toys away occasionaly and then bring them out one at time to restimulate interest. The more you entertain and challenge your Bengal intellectually the happier they and you will be in the long run. Good luck!
  • Sharon - 2012-04-19
    What is with the guy suggesting getting a cat declawed? That is the worse thing you could do. Please research the internet for yourself. Other than that, your bengal requires MUCH attention from YOU, the owner. They love their people. You can play with them with toys such as Da Bird, a cat tree for them to climb on, etc. It sounds like your bengal isn't stimulated enough and will resort to this kind of playing. Bengals are smart. Try putting your bengal in a seperate room with his own litter box, toys and food when he goes after your other kitty. Leave him in the room for a couple of hours each time he does this. This will also give your other kitty time to destress from the attack and spend one on one time with you.
  • Sharon - 2014-03-17
    Actually, I changed my mind. Declawing a cat is probably the best thing if it's an indoor cat. I don't actually even own a cat. I have 4 dogs and I thought it would be fun to troll all the cat owners. Here I espouse the evils of declawing and on other sites I lament breeding animals on purpose while so many animals die in shelters.
  • Dan - 2014-04-11
    I have two Bengals and one calico. It was a rough time. The cats settled score.
  • Olga Shatokhina - 2014-11-20
    When showing my cats at shows all over, I still hear such talks, for people don’t know Bengal cats. On the contrary, they may have heard of homegrown mini-leopards, but have never seen them. And those who have, have also heard about the myths concerning their ‘bad temper’ or even ‘aggressive behavior.’ Add to it all the relatively high cost for kittens (among the top 10 according to the Forbes magazine) and you get a lot of misinformed people. 
  • Merida DunBroch - 2016-01-31
    Easy. Spray bottle.

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