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   The Yellow-collared Macaw is very playful and loves to take showers!
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Bre Kordav - 2021-10-28
I have a breeding pair of Blue and gold macaws available

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  • Mary - 2021-11-04
    Is your pair still available and do you ship if so could you tell me their age and behaviors
Polly Colleen Hines - 2018-10-16
My name is Polly.... I had a very lovable yellow collared macaw named, Paulie Wickle. He also laughed and was the comedian...he was my 'human' companion.. so very smart... so loveable and sweet. I would love to get another male yellow collared macaw. What I really want to say out there among the cosmos is that my Wickle had died almost a week ago, tomorrow. Years ago I had witnessed a finch that died rather quickly after Febreze was sprayed below his cage. I knew that this was real. When I had gone to my Father's funeral this Summer, I put church people in charge of caring for my mushes while I was gone, including my Wickle... he was fine. I had a big note posted on the outside of my bedroom saying to NOT spray Febreze anywhere inside this room because Febreze kills birds. The people that rent below me saw this sign and knew that I was serious.. I rent the upstairs. A week and a half ago, there was this strange sweet scent coming up through the vents... My Wickle's cage was close to one of those vents.... and I found him dead when I came home from an appointment last Wednesday.. I had asked the people who had known of my sign if they used Febreze, and sure enough they did.. I cannot bring my little boy back, and P&G is very aware that Febreze kills birds... all the downstairs people did after was get all of the Febreze out of their place. I rent the upstairs, they rent the downstairs. That's that happened. P&G wrote all of this jibber jabber about everything they did to protect themselves. I do not see any restitution in sight anywhere from that company. I need this to be and made aware to all bird owners and all bird lovers.... if this really got out of hand with Febreze, it could cause a huge effect on our entire bird population and that targeted environment. Thank you so for your time. P

Terry bong - 2010-09-25
I am Called Mr Terry Bong and I have 9 macaw parrots and 4 African Grey parrots for adoption. I need only pet caring homes to give them out to. I am soon starting up a new Job and must give them out. I give out each with a cage. My email address is [email protected] for any one interested.

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  • Julia Giddens - 2010-10-09
    Hello - have these all gone? We are a pet loving family and have been thinking of adding a miniature macaw to our menagerie ......... please let me know if still available. Thank you. Would also be interested to know where you are geographically.
  • chad Morris - 2010-12-11
    So does this mean you have any macaw or African Greys available 12/11/10?

    Chad 610-644-2337
  • ahmad - 2010-12-24
    Are they still available? Call 610-216-3015
  • Melba Silver - 2010-12-26
    I would be very interested in adopting a young Grey or yellow collar. I have owned both and used to breed. I only have 1 38 yr old white eyed conure presently and have been wanting another bird. I live in MN and if you are serious please get back to me.
    Thank you.
  • darci - 2011-01-30
    Hi my name is Darci I am 28 single and my baby Mango just passed away. She was my everything . I know she can never be replaced. But I am looking for a new pet bird to share my life with .. Please contact me if you have any left that you are trying to get a new loving home for ..
  • Roger Kerstin - 2011-02-14
    Just checking to see where you are located and if you have any of your parrots left.
  • Gilbert R Rodriguez - 2011-10-13
    Hello Mr. Terry Bong; my name is Gilbert Rodriguez & I recently lost my Charlie a Yellow Collared Macaw which which I had since he was 1yr old in 2003 needles to say I'm looking to replace him so please let me know if you can help, Thanks!!!
  • coree - 2011-11-20
    Where do you live at I live in newaygo michigan if you live out of state I'll pay half the plane ticket and they flown to sparta michigan phone number 231-652-1874.
  • Phyllis - 2013-09-27
    I really love my bird and she needs a friend, I really enjoy all day long with her and will love to have a few more, she is a military macaw and had a yellow collard mini macaw. Really love my babies.
  • linda dauzat - 2014-04-30
    I am interested in adopting. Have large cage, live alone and plenty of time and love to give a bird, thank you call if you need any more info 318 526 4040
  • Israel Cuadro - 2015-09-19
    Hell Mr Bong I just recently lost my hanns macaw. Now I'm looking to get a yellow collared macaw please if I can get a respond back. Thank you Israel
  • Charlene - 2016-03-18
    We are looking to adopt or buy an older yellow collared Macaw because we lost ours a couple years ago and miss his loving personality. We still have his playmate a Military Macaw, who was a rescue as he was. Please let us know if you still have this precious mini and if so we would really love to give him/her a forever loving home. Thank you
  • jose ruiz - 2016-11-13
    I am a real bird lover and searching for adult female yellow collared macaw and male hahns macaw. thank you
  • John losey - 2018-07-25
    Looking for a yellow collard i live in lake elsinore socal.
    Retired @49 due to work injury will be with the yellow full time.
    I am unmarried and am looking for a long term pet.
Gene Wilson - 2017-11-09
ISO Yellow-collar Macaws - young, bonded pair for breeding. North FL area. Prefer to pick-up, not ship.

ALAN - 2010-01-10
Oh these little fellers are just the greatest! My male yellow-naped, "Frankie", is the house comedian. They love to play and they love to be with you and on you all the time. He's my morning coffee drinking buddy sitting on my shoulder. And at night he snuggles up under my chin and preens my hair so gently it almost puts you to sleep.

Laughs like a human. Loves to be handled. Flips over in your hand to be petted. Gives kises and lord does he love a shower! I gave up on the suction cup perch in the shower. Frankie loves to be on your shoulder and shouts, "WOOOOO!" and laughs when you go under the water. Of course he's all grown up now. He calls himself "Frank" now.

Great pets! They can be nippy at times and Frankie always says, "OWW!" when he bites so he knows what he's doing. They can get very territorial with only one person and then bite YOU when others are around. They need to be socialized with many people. They are very intelligent and pretty easy maintenance. Great animated birds but they are VERY LOUD. If you are looking for a quiet bird, the yellow-naped is not for you. They do vocalize. And if not clipped, they will hunt you down in the house. LOL! Frankie lands on your shoulder and says, "Peek-a-boo!" Be very careful with birds if you have ceiling fans. Keep those little wings clipped to protect them.

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  • Liz - 2016-02-06
    This is adorable I love your story my bird Kingsley is seven and a half months old and he does a lot of the stuff you're saying and it's nice to know that my bird is it crazy when he plays around with his toys
  • Terri - 2017-03-25
    I've had my yellow napped macaw (named Charlie) for almost 2 yrs now. Charlie is a female & she's bonded with me. She's 15 yrs old and is housebroken - she won't poop until she's back in her cage no matter how long she's out of it. Due to a damaged wing she can't fly but can glide down to the floor. She's not crazy about taking a bath. I have to take her to my shower & set her on the little chair I have there before I turn on the water. Then she just sits there with her head held back the entire time the water is flowing. She's learned how to imitate my laugh and can speak a few works. She doesn't like fresh fruit or veggies but is crazy about sunflower seeks and those little white hard seeds. Unfortunately she's got the Macaw's wasting disease. As best as I can I try to get her to gain weight but she still very thin. She loves to sleep with me and is learning that cuddling is fun. YES! she can bite a lot and make deep wounds on me but she's learned she get in trouble when she does this.

    The one thing I'm finding out about this breed of bird is apparently not to many people have them as I can't find anyone who has one. I've got a lot of questions if I ever do find someone who has them. If you do own one let me know. I'm also looking for more pictures of the yellow napped macaw. I've found a lot of yellow napped Amazon macaws but not to many of the yellow napped macaw.

    Terri & Charlie
  • Elli - 2017-05-10
    Sorry, misspelled. Our FB group is called "Yellow Collared Macaws"
  • Elli - 2017-05-10
    Hi, I have a sweet little YCM who is now 17 years old. I thought she was a 'he' (per pet store) until 4 years ago when "Homer" laid her first egg! She is a 'one person' bird, prefers me.But some people are able to socialize their Yellow Collars so they accept others. She's very playful and aware.

    They used to be more plentiful but in past few years are harder to find in North America.

    Note- I saw a post few years ago re someone having birds for sale.More than before, be very careful who you deal with online.Scams are everywhere these days.You need to check out the references and business before you buy!

    For those who'd enjoy a group that features these adorable mini macaws please ck out a FB group "Yellow Colored Macaws" for pics and thoughts about them.And what it's like sharing your home with one.

Karen Michelson - 2017-03-12
Looking for a baby Yellow Collared Macaw preferably a male but would consider a female.

jose ruiz - 2016-11-13
searching for young female yellow collared macaw and male hahns macaw

Ms Betty - 2015-01-04
Dear Mr Bong i am very much interested in a yellow collard macaw. have a female 11 years old and she has took me for her mate and layed 6-8 eggs and i think she needs a mate and i sure hope you will help me and i know polly will be happy i love her so much i don't work and stay at home and we interact just about alday.she is my baby.I will forever thank you so much thks again Betty

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  • Wendy - 2016-02-29
    Hello MS.BETTY, I have a yellow collard miniature macaw. Male about 10 years old and his name is Duke. He is quite a character. We had another bird that passed away 1 year ago on Thanksgiving, he was an older Quaker parrot who belonged to my son. Although they did not share a cage, they were neighbors. Since Max is gone Duke's behavior has changed, he was even imitating Max vocally for awhile. I know he misses Max. As well I have become ill with MS Duke is being cheated out of companionship for I now under the circumstances am not able to give him the personal attention he needs. needs. He is one of my family members whom I love dearly. Do not want to give him up, but it would be best for him. If you might be interested contact me.
SjB - 2004-10-19

Dana - 2012-03-02
I need to know what pesticide is safe to use in the cage for knats and moths? I found demetrious Earth food grade, has anyone any information for me? Thanks.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-02
    You can use Camicide - not the aerosole but the pump. It is a natural made from Chrysanthemums and it works. You can do another thing which really helps and that is freeze your seed for 24 hours prior to use. That kills the seed moths/knats. Easier.