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   "Lola is such a happy little bird! She is a DNA sexed female Cherry-headed Conure and she eats Zupreem Pellets. She doesn't talk but is very playful!"..Diane
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Melinda - 2009-11-06
Our cherry headed conure (Fred) is 24 years old and is much a part of the family. His beak started going crooked last year and the vet needs to file it every month or 2. The last 3 times, he went into seizures after having this done to him. The vet thinks it's either due to the stress of the situation or maybe he has a heart problem. I hold my breath each time and hope he comes out of it. Has anyone else had the same problem?

Jenny - 2009-01-02
When I was about 12 my parents adopted a red-masked conure for me. We don't know how old he is and when we got him he didn't have a name so we named him Sole(so-LAY). We were told his previous owner never took good care of him and often ignored him and would sometimes treat him badly. When he came he came in this ugly, old, dirty cage along with a parakeet, which we also adopted. We all thought that given the kind of conditions he was living in before he'd be a little mean and would attack us anytime we got near. However, the moment my brother brought him in he started to show off by hanging upside down in his cage, hanging by his beak and even trying to imitate me and when I opened his cage he immediately flew out to greet me by nuzzling my cheek.
I've now had Sole for four, nearly five, years. He is a tremendous joy in our family and often is referred to by my mother as a mama's boy because he is very attached to me as I am to him. He is very intelligent and is able to say many things however he prefers not to. Sole enjoys singing along to Mariah Carey, playing in water and even likes to look at books(and then chew on them). He also gets along very well with our other pet birds and even lets them boss him around even though they're all much smaller than he is. (: He is also very affectionate and loves to give and receive kisses. :) He has such a great personality and I'm so glad I have him. :)

Connie Sue Carlisle - 2008-07-16
I love my Red-Masked Conure. He came to me by a dear friend. I have not been not gotten to get as close to him as I would like, but he has already stolen my heart. Connie

Snooks - 2006-12-13
I love my conure!!!! He is so cute and quite strange at times yet very affectionate. After just a few days he was part of our family forgetting even himself he was bird. He imitates soda cans opening; and says hello when the phone rings, I love my conure.:)

lynn butler - 2006-08-04
We have a red masked conure. we dont know what sex it is but it is the strangest bird we have ever had, and it does not conform to what we have read about them

Patti - 2006-01-22
I have a Cherry Head Named TJ, he is 18 years old and is the Apple of my eye. He is Very affectionate...Can't get enough of conures. I also have a White Eyed, she is the same way, a sweetie... can't say enough good things about them. They are so smart, affectionate, definately people birds.

connie kithcart - 2005-10-26
I just hand fed my first cherry heads. The female was the most lovable, quick to learn tricks and talked at 8 weeks old.

connie kithcart
towanda, pa.