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   The Jenday Conure is probably the best known of the Aratinga conures, as well as being one of the most popular and commonly kept!
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Caitlin - 2007-02-24
We have a Jenday Conure named Max, and he is the most beautiful, friendly bird I have ever met in my life. It's because of Max that I am such a bird-loving person. He is still a baby, almost one, and he is such an amazing little guy. He loves to take showers with us and sleep in our beds, and as soon as anyone gets home, they immediately take him out, sit him on the counter, and give him a snack. (He can't be cooped up in his cage all day, can he?) The only problem we've ever had is the squawking, which we easily got used to in the first week or so of him living here. Max is going to be a part of our family for a long time!

Kelley - 2006-10-19
Jimmy, our Jenday Conure, joined our family nearly ten years ago and he is happiest when being held. When we get home, his cage is immediately opened and he spends all of his time on the perch above it. His cage has to be in the kitchen where he can observe and be a part of all activities. He has a perch with a suction cup on it so that he can take showers with us and it is so much fun. He sings his very best and enjoys himself fully. He is always the life of the party, and even the most timid new visitors become huge fans of his by the visits end. Whenever anyone comes to our house, they make a beeline for Jimmy. He is a spectacular bird, so much personality, love, and intelligence!

Erin - 2006-10-01
I am owned by three Jenday Conures, Fender and Gibson(the twins!) and Beep, our newest arrival. The twins are 4 years old, and were parent raised. They are sweet, and clownish, but not into cuddling.... They talk all the time, and are incredibly smart. They enjoy being with us, but prefer not to be "held", would rather just sit with us. Beep is younger, about a year and a half, and was hand fed as a baby. He is a lot more interested in being held, and cuddles some. All three came from environments where not all of their needs were met, and so we are working through several behavior issues with each bird, but they are incredible animals, great pets for someone who has patience and time to devote to them, and very intelligent.

Karen - 2006-07-01
Hello! My fiance and I purchased Zazu, our four-month-old Jenday/Sun Conure mix, about two weeks ago. Already, he is well acclimated, playing constantly and desiring lots of attention. I must say, as my thirteen-year-old cockatiel, Eo, passed away about a month ago, I thought it would take some time to feel attached to Zazu. Due to his carefree, loving demeanor, however, I could not help but absolutely adore him. He is so well natured and a wonderful addition to our family. As long as you can accept the somewhat frequent, loud chirping, I highly recommend this breed.

nicole - 2006-02-03
I have just bought a jenday conure about a week ago, and i absolutely love him. He will be a year old on march 3rd and i am so happy that i decided to get him instead of one of the other birds i was looking at. once i held him at the pet store i just knew i had to have him. he cuddles next to me he'll even lay down next to me around bed time. he always loves to be held and just to have attention. i have been so much happier since i have gotten my bird.

Jessie - 2006-01-23
I own one 4 month old Jenday Conure. I just found out Friday from DNA results that my Jenday is a Girl. I have named her Emerald. I have discovered that Jendays are very cuddly and very friendly. I have never met a bird that was so lovable. Emerald is very friendly to anyone that comes to visit me. She is always so anxious to meet new people. These are beautiful birds. Emerald also loves to have her picture taken.

Jessie from Jacksonville, FL - 2006-01-20
I currently own a Jenday Conure and I named it "Cuddles". These are the sweetest parrots ever. I already owned a Quaker Parrot and he was so possessive of me not even my husband could get near me. Cuddles will let anyone hold him/her. I'm currently waiting for the DNA sexing results. According to this site, "Cuddles" should be a male by the Pure White Ring around the eyes.

If you want a sweet, loving, affectionate parrot,Jenday Conures are for you.

Tiffany Apperly - 2005-09-26
Jenday Conures are awsome birds! I own two: Spanky and Boo-boo. They are very beautiful, affectionate, and smart. They love to be cuddled. They are great with my 6 year old daughter Paige. Anyone who wants a great bird and a good friend should buy a Jenday Conure.

Trish Salta - 2005-05-29

I have Jenday Conures. These little guys are the most adorable pets you could have. They are so cuddly and loving, they are a pleasure to be with. They tend to be friendly with just about all of the family.

I would strongly recommend these for young children as they tend to have the same nuturing need as a child. They love to be cuddled and children love to cuddle pets. Always keeping in mind how young the child is and keeping them supervised is still a need.
To get pleasure from a pet, you will from a Jenday conure.

Trish Salta NSW Australia

Barbara Cavalier - 2005-02-09
I had 2 of these birds. they are very sweet birds. they are also very smart. They would come to me when I called their names. They followed me around like a dog. They are loud but are very good pets.