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   The Crested Canary, originally known as the "Turncrown", is one of the oldest canary breeds still in existence!
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Natalino Caruana - 2015-12-24
Hello. I never had canarries before,and bought 2 pairs of red mosaic .After i was told that it is not easy to give colour to these birds. Searching through google i found your page which i find very interesting, and would like to ask you for help by telling me when and how i give my canarries colour durring which piriod and if they have youngsters how i give colour to youngsters. I will be waiting eagerly your answere is much appricated, yours in sports, Natalino Caruana.

David Pye - 2014-11-02
Hi I am the editor of a community magazine and have per chance found a report of the 1st annual Dinner of the Norwich section of 'The Crested Canary Club', if anyone is still involved with such an organisation in Norwich it may be of interest. Take care now. “CRESTED CANARY CLUB. The members of the Norwich section of the Crested Canary Club held their first annual dinner. on Wednesday evening [22nd March 1905]at the Orford Arms Hotel under the presidency of Mr.Jacob Mackley. The object of the section is to assist local breeders, I land to improve the class of birds coming from the capital of East Anglia.- A capital repast was set before the company by Mr. W. Grix, and after the good things had been discussed, the evening was passed in sentiment and harmony. The contributors to the 'programme being Messrs. A. Stowers, R. Brown, W. Curl,' S. Drake, Calver, and Gilchrist, Mr. C. Wood presiding at the pianoforte. The Chairman gave ' Success to the Crested Canary Club.' He said there was no county in England like Norfolk for producing the crested variety. Fanciers must come to Norfolk for stud birds, and must come to Norwich to improve their stock. The crests at the present day were not the size of a shilling; they were more like four-shilling-pieces. At one time the crests could be bought for £2, whereas now £30, £40, or even £100 was given for a good crest. That showed that, the variety was being immensely improved, and they ware getting together such a collection of birds as never was seen. Mr. W. Grooves replied. Other toasts were also given.”

reet - 2012-10-16
i have one to

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  • reet - 2012-10-16
    his name is larry
Roxy - 2009-02-10
I have a crested canary and he is much more friendly than normal canaries

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  • dale davis - 2010-03-24
    "I also have a crested canary.He is a great singer... think he may be a timbrado. His name is Espernaza, meaning hope in Spanish. I loved the canaries in Spain. I live in America but travel to places where they love Canaries. Tig