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   The only canary developed in the United States, the lovely American Singer Canary is considered to be the best canary pet!
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Sarah - 2017-08-11
I want to buy an American Singer canary from a breeder near me in 02184 zip code.

lilly - 2011-01-29
Which canary is the best singer?

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  • Jose - 2013-03-26
    It depends what you like. I love the way the Russian canary sings.
  • Kismet Libra - 2014-11-04
  • Michalis Minas - 2016-12-22
    Hi,you can go to this chanel  to listen many diferent canary s to sing and to read info about them,then you can choose what type of canary you like more or you can keep 
PAULINE BORRELL - 2016-01-26
I have had dogs all my life, but at this state in my life being almost 85 yrs young adopting one makes me feel uneasy since it could outlive me and that would be desastrous, so i am thinkingn of getting a canary that would be easier to leave with a relative than a dog. . . . . . So i am going to get an american canary and enjoy his singing every day = talk to him everyday tell him he is the love of my life and live happy till the lord send for me/

John Ward - 2008-05-08
Only birds bred to the standards and banded with closed, registered American Singer bands can be called American Singers, ...a proven American Singer. If a bird looks similar to how some American Singers may look, but was not bred by a member of the American Singers Club because they would have banded it, and has no band... who knows what it is. (Editor's Note: If you plan to acquire this bird to show, looks like you want to make sure you obtain it from a member of this or another recognized breed club for show acceptance.)

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  • frances magdaleno - 2012-07-08
    I was at a swapmeet and I saw a bunch of small beautiful, hot and sweaty canaries in a medium cage. They had seed and veggies and water. They were all flying back and forth. I felt so bad for them that I bought a male and brought it home and named him Lucky. Then 2 weeks later I went back and bought a female and called her Luckier. They love anything I feed them and are spunky and fun to look at. I am feeding them required food. They have had 7 babies and are all beautiful and healthy. They both are great parents and love each other and kiss and feed each other.Of course, I don't know what breed or type they are. They look like American Singers. The male sings loud and beautiful to his sweetheart and the babies between 8 weeks and 12 weeks all sing softly together when dad starts to sing. I know I will never be able to band them, but they are beautiful, healthy birds. I'm glad I bought 2 and brought them to a good home. I hope others will buy the others who were so hot, yet spunky. I would never have had these little canaries if I had not gone to this swapmeet and my heart went out to help them. Is there anything I can do to identify my birdies. I don't want to sell them. I will keep them and separate them to stop mating. Mom and dad will stay close in two separate cages.
helen - 2011-02-15
I just bought a canary that has autumn colors. Can 't tell if it is a male or female. The store says it should sing but nothing yet. I was told that I should get two to sing. Is this true? Also, I have parakeets. Do they get along with canaries? Thanks.

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  • coree - 2011-11-20
    Those 2 kind of birds are worst enemies I knew somebody who had a canary her daughter got herself a parakeet they try to fight even though they were in separate cages and also will squawk at each other in a yelling way. I got 2 parakeets blue and violet and getting a scarlet macaw.
kevin mohamid - 2010-09-21
Hi can you housed american singers canaries with coloured breed canaries in the same birdroom?

Ken - 2010-03-14
Hello what is the best way to identify a female canary? people say they dont sing true but it makes it difficult to find one in the local pet shops