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koos - 2012-03-23
i want to start breeding these canaries wheir do I start?

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mohammed sellami - 2012-03-04
I like to buy two of waterslager male and female. Can you tell me the price please or give me call at 804 484 2771. I'm living in Richmond. Thanks. Maybe if you have roller canaries I buy them too.

zubair - 2012-02-11
Wow verry nice waterslager canary.

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Jonmigz - 2012-02-07
hi i have red canaries as what the seller told me. i wanted to make them maintain the red plumage however i only have the Red Canary Eggfood which contain a little of Cantaxaline. I cant find a Cantax in our area. Where can I order Cantaxaline in the US. Can you provide an advise?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-07
    The only place I can think of is to email Rik at Golden Cockatoo in Florida. He has a web site.
  • Jay DePena - 2012-02-07
    Just add paprika(seasoning) to your bird food cup, about 1/2 teaspoon per fill with your brand of canary food. Keeps my birds dark red. JD
  • Jonmigz - 2012-02-07
    Thanks JD for the advise. Re: Paprika, Can I use the commercial Paprika available from the supermarket? Will this be safe for them? I'm currently feeding them also chopped/grated carrots and they occasionally eat them also. just wanted to make sure I'm feeding them the right color food.
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Kathy Boschen - 2008-10-05
Where can I buy a canary?

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  • mark.kneller - 2011-02-02
  • Rita Jackson - 2011-11-29
    HI, I am wanting a pair waterslagers for I love their song. Will you ship? I live in Ky. Let me know what your price per pr. is. I prefer the green birds,THANKS Rita
  • rollandgarvey - 2012-01-26
    You can go on
    And make your order
    And the customer services will send to you a price list which you can make you order.
  • Alex Burleson - 2012-02-07
    They sell them at many different pet stores, such as PetSmart, and Petco.
Tim H Anthony - 2007-11-29
The Belgian Waterslager or Water Beater or Water Singer Canary is truly unique in its song and delivery. The sounds of water bubbling is its trademark and any Waterslager that does not sing water is classified not a pure Waterslager.

Their intelligence is obvious to the fancier. They can great freedom of song with delivery of some 12 different tours all of which are judged by show judges at Canary shows.

When breeding they prefer solidary areas and breed best when left alone not too bothered by their master.

I have bred them for some 18 years here in South Carolina.

Good luck!

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  • shaheen - 2010-04-05
    I agree with you. I had finshed other types and keeping only water slager only 10 pairs. Dear I need to import 20 more pairs, please guide me from where to get good breed, cheap as I'm located in pakistan, so any place near to me.
  • Ronald M. Sterwart - 2011-01-29
    Tim, I live near Boone NC in the mountains. I would dearly love to own at least one Waterslager. Years ago Linda and I bred a few Glosters. As I age I miss the songs more and more. Do you think these birds will do well in this climate? When is the best time of year to pick them up and what is the cost? Assuming you do breed them for sale. Best Regards
  • Eva - 2012-01-21
    I am looking for one male Waterslager. I live in SE Alabama and can pick up if not too far. I love the Waterslager song and gave up on other canary types after owning a Waterslager.
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breata - 2011-03-08
Would you like to send me some canaries to pakistan it is my mobile number 00923218160182 if you want to send me I will pay you and always business with you I am waiting for you.

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Cristian - 2009-10-16
Sint un pasionat de canari si as vrea sa achizitionez un mascul si doua femele din rasa Gloster,numai de la un crescator !

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  • Chartric - 2012-01-09
    Thank you so much for this airtlce, it saved me time!
John Ashforth - 2010-04-11
I live and work in Dursley, Glos, UK.
I work in a nursing home and have established an aviary for the Residents. They love to sit in the garden and watch the birds. I would like to introduce Gloster Canaries to the aviary. Is there a local breeder that can offer me some birds. I can pay (but not a lot, we are a charity organization).We are part of The Order of St John Care Trust.

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Mohamad - 2011-03-29
I mohamad from iran. I want to buy Yorkshire canary. Is there anyone who can help me?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-03-30
    I doubt I can help but I shall try. Unless you can find a breeder in Iran, I believe the cost to import and go through the quarantine laws established in each country would make bringing in this little fella prohibiive.
  • mohammad arshad - 2011-10-20
    If still you wanna purchase yorkshaire canary do contact on i am from Quetta pakistan.

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