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   The Panama Amazon is greatly admired for it's incredible talking ability!
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Ovi - 2021-07-10
Our Panama Yellow Front is 34 years old, my dad pick him up when he was two years old when he was stationed in Puerto Rico. The original owner purchased him as a hand raised chick thinking they purchased a Yellow Nape. They keep him for two years and then they started having kids, twins to be exact and they were forced to sell him. I believe my dad paid $800 for him back in 89, he's moved all over the US and always been a healthy bird. He's hooked on YouTube Amazon videos now, dad set him up his own 19 inch tablet and he gets to watch his buddies all day long, if you forget to turn his tablet on, he will let you know.

Peggy o - 2014-08-30
I have a 69 year old Panama Amazon named Micky. He was a refi gee from Katrina and I have had him for four years. He is legally blind, blind in one eye and a bad cataract on the other , had a stroke , but is a sweet charming bird. He cannot be picked up but he likes his head rubbed through his cage and occasionally when he is on top of it. He like to put his paw out of the cage and grab onto my finger, first with one paw then the other. He has a repertoire of sayings and talks in a clear loud feminine voice , saying hello, watcha doing, what, and Polly wants a cracker, but his best sounds are his empathy ones. Aww, ohh, and an array of these sounds you would say to make people fel better. He loves to be sung to and at night after being covered if I sing Brahms lullaby, hw will press up against the side of the cage and express his wants and needs by one of those sounds like a long ohhhhh.

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  • Peggo - 2020-03-04
    If anyone reads this I am sorry to say that three years later, Micky died. He died of everything,as he was in the process when we got to the vet, and although we tried to save him, he died anyway, he was very sick and kept getting sick again. He did however manage, one and a halfway day before he died, get up on the top of his cage and say all the sayings he knew. Micky will be missed, and my Red Lord Amazon, who is now 37, and lived with him his whole life, was so sad for months and would just stare at the place his cage used to be
Leni - 2011-03-08
I have a Panama Yellow Head and she is wonderful. I brought her back with me from there after I had to return to the U.S. I have been looking for a male for many years. If someone has a male that they can no longer take care of, I am would be willing to adopt him and bring him home.

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  • James watt - 2018-02-25
    Hello Dear, these are very delicate and rare species to find. If you are still looking to find a male Panama Amazon, contact me direct. Thanks
Joanne - 2016-11-24
My family lived in Barranquilla, Columbia, in 1957 when my dad was a helicopter pilot for a petroleum company. We had two Panama Amazons but were only allowed to bring one back to the states with us. Lorito was a wonderful bird but sadly we lost her in 1967 in Opa-Locka, Fl, when my dad waited too long to clip her wings one time. We lived next to the Opa-locka Airport so hopefully Lorito lived out her? life happily in the trees around the area, or even still is!

Beverly - 2012-08-11
I am shocked at what people are feeding their parrots. Junk food and meat that I wouldn't feed my child or myself. My Amazon eats only organic. For breakfast he eats banana, apple, and most any other fruit I have. Oranges are not the best but every now and then he gets a bit for a treat. Romaine lettuce, carrots, peas and most veges at different times for supper. He of course always has organic pellets in front of him. He has never had a weight problem nor will he. He's beautiful and healthy. I would never sell any bird to anyone that fed a bird the way I read here. It's a crime. Just because a bird will eat anything doesn't mean it should. Please people do your research before continuing slowly killing your pet.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-12
    Parrots eat meal in the wild.  They need the protein and will eat all sorts of insects, lizards or worms.  Banana, apple, and all that fruit is going to give your birds one big case of diahhreha.  A grape to her is like you eating a watermelon.  Think size proportion.  Junk food - a whole wheat pizza with tomatoe, peppers, olives, cabbage, topped off with romaine is not junk food.  You might want to rethink what you are doing.
Cliff - 2010-03-11
I have a Panamanian Yellow Head named Nicky. We have had her 22 years. Loves women's voices and singing. She eats everything, coffee, tea (both preferred hot), especially fatty foods like butter, bacon, sausage, chicken bones, beef fat. Basically anything I eat, that is what she wants. Of course seeds, fruits and veggies. She is from Panama and has several spanish phrases, laughs, crys if someone is crying. Has been a wonderful part of our family. Has anyone else heard of a Panamanian being such a carnivore?

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  • Ricardo - 2010-11-01
    Yeah! I have a Panamian too, his name is Roberto, he likes eggs (boiled or scrambled), cheese, also love chicken bones, and ham, even fish, but we don't like to feed him that; he also love seeds, peas, and flower buds.
  • Tomas - 2011-01-09
    Yes I have 2 Panamaian yellow heads is there a sure way to tell the sex, is the female without the yellow forehead? Just green ..
  • Boris - 2011-11-30
    Yes, our Pepe (male,ca.25years old)is really crazy about butter. He steals pieces of bread right from our breakfast table just to lick the butter out from the bread. He also prefers corned beef and salami. I'm really not sure if this kind of diet is suitable for a parrot. So we try to look after him especially if he's near the table.
  • Greg - 2012-04-29
    All of my parrots (Amazon, Grey, Jardines,...) will eat meat/animal products if I let them. I would really suggest that you not let them, they put on lots of unhealthy calories that a pet bird rarely burns off. I give mine a little high-omega-3 hard boiled egg during molting season, but that's about it. They eat load and loads of colorful fruits, greens, flowers, etc.
Bunnie Ann - 2011-07-14
Just found this page, wow! I have been "owned" by my parrot for about 33 years. I got her at a garage sale, yeah, funny huh? I think she? was about 5 at the time. Her/ his, do not know, and was told it is a her, so that is what I go with! Anyway, her name is Isis. She has attacked all my friends and two women never gave me a second date... because of her. All in all though she is a wonderful pet and we get along fine. She eats about everything I eat, though I do not give her meat very often. She loves to chew cardboard boxes to shreds, and she ruined a very expensive book, it was worth more than her! I imagine that she will outlive me, and she will go to my ex?, and if not I will post here to see if maybe someone can take her. She is like my child and I do love her, she knows it and seems to take advantage of it. I used to take her for walks on a leash but got out of the habit but, still trying to get her to let me put the leash on her again. She fights me until I give up. She got stolen once but managed to get away, we found her 3 days later in a tree in the neighbors yard. We all were very happy, and she was ravenously hungry! She loves the car, and has traveled to most of the states with me. What a pet. Wish I could post a pic here.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-14
    That is what happens. A human is trained by the parrot and once the human knows, understands an dobeys the rules there aren't any problems. My 26 year old parrot will march up and down outside the door until my hubby leaves the room. He will stomp his feet, holler and just pace until my hubby leaves the room. He won't bite or attack but just will not let me next to my husband while he is around.
    He is my mate - the bird not the husband. That is how your parrot sees you. You are it's mate - and she (probably a gal) will chase any other possible suitors away. Weird right but fun. It's a Panama? My Panama just got married and had babies last year. He was 27.
jessica - 2009-12-02
My parrot just passed away today, she was 50 years old. She used to be my grandmother's parrot, she donated her to my dad and my dad donated her to me, she used to be a wonderful talker, she used to sing very morning, she used to cry like a real person...wonderful birds..!!
I decided to bury her in my backyard.

tracey - 2010-10-31
We have a Panama Amazon called Charlie, who we have had for 6 years, since he was a baby. He has a great personality, with the exception that he is extremely greedy!

We took him to the vets for a check up in January the first since we first bought him, only to find out that he was not only overweight but obese, in fact the fattest parrot she had seen in 12 months. He weighed 795 gms.

He was on Harrison pellets, and fresh fruit and veg diet, in far to big quantities, and he also had nuts, crisps, toast and any other snacks which we ate.

We immediately cut out all the snacks and started to reduce the amount of pellets he was eating. Six months on he had lost 100gms. We took him back to the vet who was pleased with his progress, but said he needed to lose another 100gms.

We now have cut his pellets down to 21gms (from an unlimited amount), and with the exception of a monkey nut after his daily weigh in each day gets no "junk" food at all.

He is a lot more active than he used to be, however he does not seem to be losing any more weight, and when we feed him in the morning and evening, he stays in until he has eaten all his pellets, and them moves on to his fruit and veg at such a speed you would think we were starving him.

Has anyone else got a "greedy" Amazon, and if so how have you controlled their aggressive eating, and what weight is your Amazon?

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  • Julie - 2011-07-11
    I have a panama amazon called Doris. She is 8 years old and just loves to eat, chips, cooked potatoes, chicken bones, toast or any kind of spread, jam, butter etc. She was over weight too, so I cut down on human food stopped it. She has lost weight and is still as happy as before, just sulks at meal times. She is a one person bird really, but will go to anyone, she thinks she's an eagle. Lol Who am I too spoil her ideas of grandure :)
    She would be noisy if I didn't give her enough attention. She is a great speaker and a real show off.
Cindy - 2010-10-01
I have a Panama named Gilbert, who turned out to be a female. It seems to be hard to get info on Panamas. We got her second hand 7 years ago and think she is possibly 22 years old. We adore her, she is such an easy bird to get along with, she will be a part of the family forever.