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Blue feathers - 2023-05-29
Indigo macaw, duller feathers than the hyalet macaw

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Reta Taylor - 2023-05-26
Looking to purchase a Maximillions Pionus parrot. I live in Palmdale Ca. US.

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avenue17 - 2023-05-05
I think, you will come to the correct decision.

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munusamy.s - 2014-04-05
Nice Fishes.

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  • frip - 2023-04-21
    ah yes, my favorite fish: the owl pigeon
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Lakshmi sagar - 2023-04-10
I want to buy parrot for rupees 2000

Jones - 2020-08-05
Macaws, African Congo Greys, Cockatoos Chicks , Adults and Eggs for Sale.For Urgent Respond

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Email. [email protected]

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  • Lakshmi sagar - 2023-04-10
    I want cockatoo parrot or macaw parrot for rupees 2000
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Lakshmi sagar - 2023-04-10
I want to buy exportic animal or birds

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Ciara - 2023-03-21
Baby African Greys for sale. Absolutely adorable, hand feeding babies, so sweet and trying to make sounds already. These babies will be Great Talkers! Health Guaranteed. Boys and girls available. All babies are DNA tested. my adult birds all speak quite well! I provide care, training, nutrition, and behavior information to all prospective buyers. I will ship or you can come pick up. My babies are now on sale, (505) 933-5158 contact me via text for quick and fast responds thanks (([email protected])

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Sheron Mariah Steele - 2023-03-05
USA purchaser searching for young unrelated breeding trio or pair of Norwich Canaries. Please send photos, lineage information, DNA, etc. to me, and thank you!

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Matthys - 2023-02-27
I handreared 2 Derbyans. One I bred from the Adult pair I have and I bought 1 from a breeder nearby. hey are about 6 months old now and are like naughty children trying to get the most attention. And yes, they become naughty, noisy and agitated when you do not give them enough attention. I my experience over the last couple of years, handrearing from plumbheads, lovebirds, ringneck, conure's etc. it only take a month or two not handling those birds and they will become wild again, obviously if you want to breed with them that is ok, but to have a pet like that is like having a child, need constant attention. But the reward is awesome. I love my birds and dogs, but it is like the bird is a companion that can actually communicate on a higher level.


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