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Kevin - 2019-07-25
My wife and I have four Parakeets, and we are very interested in getting one or two Conures. Are you close to Denver, CO?

Lisa - 2015-07-08
I have Five Sun Conures. I started off with two and they had three eggs which all hatched and the babies are about 1 year old. Now they have laid another two eggs and I am worried, becuase that is enough birds for me. Does anyone want sun counures? or how i can stop them from breeding?

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  • Emily - 2015-07-26
    Hi how much are u saleing them for...i would get some fake eggs and put them in there..
  • Amy Clark Carey - 2015-07-28
    Where are you located?  I have a jenday and 6 lovebirds, would love another.

  • Noah - 2015-10-28
    Where are you located? I would love to have a sun conure but I have yet to convince my parents to let me get a parrot. How much are you selling them for?
  • Gayle - 2016-08-12
    I would love to have another Conure. My husband and I are retired. We share "parental rights" of our sun conure, Lupe with our adult son. We are crazy about her ('her'...she's never been sexed). She loves to preen herself and US!! I believe she thinks my son's girlfriends bun is a bird nest. She flies to it frequently when Kayla is in the room. Message me back if you have a chance. Let me know if you have birds available. Also, update me on your original pair. Are they still doing well?
  • Lori - 2016-12-06
    Where do you live? I am very interested in finding a Sun Conure to join our family> I am in ca.
  • Lori - 2016-12-06
    Where do you live? I am very interested in finding a Sun Conure to join our family> I am in ca.
  • Frances - 2016-12-12

    FAMILY RUN BUSINESS....................
    We LOVE BIRDS!! We have loved them ever since we were children, my husband and I. We always had birds growing up.
    As we became adults, we got more exotic birds and started a hobby of Breeding. We love raising our baby birds so much,
    it became a family thing. All my kids help and get involved.

    we do have all type of Conures from 2 months to 1 year old.

    if you interested do male us for more information

    [email protected]
  • robert - 2017-07-16
    Hi Lisa my name is Robert i have been loving birds for over 20 years i have over 30 pair of birds and 3 personal pets a sun /blue crown/and a blue and gold McCaw two of my pair are suns -suns once they start breeding don't give up they will lay about every 8 to 10 weeks and about 3-5 eggs at a time all fertile and will hatch if you give her fake eggs unlike other birds she will lay hers with them and hatch hers your'e best bet is too pick a baby hand raise it and love it and let pair go to someone who has the time and interest in raising her young I would be interested if this is an option let me know me and my wife and nine grand kids all love birds PS.if you can't part with them i understand but like it or not your'e a bird MOM
  • Barbara Webb - 2018-09-24
    I am extremely interested in hearing more about your sun conures. I am a senior citizen, at home 24/7, offering all the love, time and attention that they could possibly need. living on only social security may put me out of consideration but my love is unending so I hope that I will hear from you a.s.a.p. thanks for your time and consideration.
  • Barbara Webb - 2018-09-24
    s sorry...had to reset email acc't..please email me regarding your available sun conures (unsure if you received my former email and i'm so eager to hear from you !!!!)
  • Kevin - 2019-07-25
    We have four parakeets, and we are very interested in get one or two Conures. Are you close to Denver, CO?
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Kevin C. Siegmann - 2019-07-18
I am looking for a Male African red bellied parrot.I currently have a 6 year old female. Please let me know. Texas area but willing to travel.

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thomossimmy - 2019-07-18
Male Rose breasted Galah cockatoo Hand reared semi tame close ring Fully favored Lovely healthy bird Ready now to go to new home. Text or call us on:(719) 297-2761

thomossimmy - 2019-07-18
Tame Eclectus Parrot, will come onto your arm and let you stroke him. He will make a brilliant pet and requires lots of time. Beautiful Australian parrot which is just over 10 months old.Text or call us on:(719) 297-2761

Lady Diana S Scott - 2019-07-17
I am looking for a light color gloster crested male. I would also need shipping

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scott sprecher - 2019-07-15
I can't help myself.
Macaw owner that has always wanted a baby Scarlet to add to my flock.
Central American and lots of yellow a plus.
I live in Mn. so interested in a bird that could be shipped.
I have super sleuth like abilities so scammers will be wasting their time.
Thank you for your consideration.

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LYDIA - 2019-07-15
Looking to buy a female orange wing tip female thats young & tame. If any one has one to sell in broward county florida. I am willing to buy her. Please contact me 954-682-8267

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Gerardo - 2019-06-28
Up for sale is mi hanh mini macaw 8 years old

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  • Shehzad Yousufzai - 2019-07-06
    Hi I'm interested in the macaw
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Robert W Cunningham - 2019-07-06
I have a Yellow Crested Cockatoo, for sale to a good home, that we got in Australia while I was young and stationed over there in the 80's. He was my mother's pride and joy and has become mine with her passing. He is a wonderful bird, very tame, and has a great personality. He is very well taken care of but is in need of a new home as my lifestyle doesn't allow him the time that he deserves. Where should I post to ensure that he finds a good home?


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