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M. Sajahan - 2019-08-07
I have pair of dove and today they hutched two chicks.

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Donna - 2019-08-04
Hello, my Meyers, Henny, she started out Henry as we thought she was a boy. She will be 20 October 28th. She was about 3-4wks old and I hand fed her. Evidently breeder was not reputable, unknown to me. However, her Avian vet says she is very healthy and the prettiest little girl. But aren’t they all gorgeous! She talks, but doesn’t enunciate well, thank goodness!shes super affectionate but.apparently that led to a very hormonal bird. She had her first, and hopefully last dose of a hormone control arc. She is so much more relaxed. She’s very smart and intuitive, but she can be a pistol! One of our special times was when I was teaching her to say I love you. I repeated it frequently and when she said it back I said I love you too, to which she returned, I love you too too!!! Sometimes she’ll string five along. She is the light of my life. I hope I haven’t put you to sleep!! It’s just how often do you speak to someone who has a Meyers in there life. I so enjoyed reading your comments. I am so sorry to hear of the little 7yr old who payed. Sorry I don’t remember your name and couldn’t get back to other comments.

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Kevin westney - 2013-11-07
What temperture for breeding senegals in outside shed thanks

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-11-07
    Parrot species originate from places with warm, tropical climates. For most parrots the comfort range is between 65º to 80º Fahrenheit, with an average ambient (room or outside) temperature of 72º being good for most. They can withstand a much broader range, however, of 40-90º Fahrenheit, but for this they need time to adjust. Any quick drop in temperature can be devastating to both their comfort and health and more extreme temperatures may not inspire breeding. Also make sure they are in a draft free area.

    A newly-hatched baby needs a temperature of at least 95-98º Fahrenheit (in hand rearing situations this usually provided by some sort of artificial heat). As they grow to the pinfeather stage (at around 4 weeks of age) they can be kept at room temperature of about 72º Fahrenheit.
  • Shawn - 2019-08-03
    You know best! I'm sure.
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Corlea - 2016-03-19
HHi I have a ellectus parrot and am ery new to this. Please if someone experienced give some advice, I have tried reading up but aint getting the answers I am seeking. The bird is mostly green but has blue under the wings, and also a red ring around the neck,this way what I have researched I can't tell if it is a male or female. And also could someone please give me a good and supple diet I can follow

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  • Heike - 2016-05-11
    Sounds like you've got a male ring neck parrot.
  • Amelia Swaringen - 2018-10-07
    Hi I know you must be nervous. I also got a eclectus parrot that needed a home. I was not really prepared. I was bit by a bird mite and got her 5 days later. I had to be treated for scabies and Roxy (wild) had to go to the vet too. That is first thing I did. Next I read up on them and ran and threw house for my teflon pans and cookware out the door. I was screaming but remain calm. (Cast iron skillet are the best.) Toxic for bird with blow dryers and all. Roxy does get a dose of mite and lice spray. Three times on the back. She just puff up and there they go flying. Scratching is normal. That's went I use the spray after a bath. We don't want to raise those chiggers into big mites. She was sweet. She sings the whole song Tom Dewey and all these tricks others had taught her but sound depress like "Why did they give me up?" I was dancing on the floor with her on my arm. Then she change. Pow like to got in the eye. Her mood change. We where fighting over a load of clothes dirty clothes on the floor while she look for a place to lay her egg. I realized she not to be toyed with. She special and as much as we force them to live up to our demands I was wrong for they are tropical amazing birds. There needs need to be meant. I feed her Pretty Bird Species Specific. I don't use bleach in my house. I use vinegar and water. Most restaurant do. I use Old English to dust. I use bleach very lightly in the toilet with door shut. I use my perfume in the bedroom and away from them. I took all aerosols out of the house to hair spray to cleaning agents. You know I think I going to live longer. My house might smell like last week fish but I don't think that's pollution or harmful toxins. I am sure my bird Roxy has liver damage but we are working on that better life.
    Well Roxy did lay an egg. I have to feed her one boil egg a week shell and all. She eat veg. Someone said NOT CAN FOOD like it poisonous not true just not nutritional. They said they like their veg cook not true. I just give the washed vegs like carrots, sweet corn, pumpkin seed, sweet pepper, onions, cooked turkey, fried chicken (not cook with peanut oil). I do cook oatmeal and feed dry cereal (no sugar in cereal). Now bread is cake to them so don't fill them up with lots of sugar and sweet. Wheat bread better. Dry whole wheat spaghetti. Cook you up some beans and cornbread and keep looking on the internet.
    Roxy did get sick. I took her to the vet. The egg did not hatch and her head down low saying chirp, chirp, chirp. Doctor gave her a shot but he really did not think she was sick. I paid for a male. More money. Bigger cages.
    Most information I got by calling Avian Adoption Centers who help me more I found on the internet. They help a lot and was friendly. I have to have someone to take them if anything happen to me anyway. I learn more about their needs on the internet too.
    Oh yes they throw out there food and I got roaches but solved it by buying Red Lake earth Diatomaceous and it kills all bugs. So that problem was solved until the rats love all that food and then I got me a kitten and she does a good job and now I can have a dog because diatomaceous kills fleas. Very safe to use. Oh the good news is that I we have a new member to the family. JuneBug born in June this year. She will be looking for a new home in January if things goes right. Mom and Dad molted but not bad. Stressful for them to raise her and feed every two hours then four hours for these months but she coming out of her nest to met others. I felt a good bath buy water holes to clean cage and lot of sunshine helps with molting. Yes, don't ever give a bird away. They just sell it. They are very emotional too and will miss you very much. The money I will be getting from the baby will go to the parents health and their care only before another. I hope my story will help you anyway. Pet store help me. Breeders help me and so did Avian Adoption Centers in your state.
  • Johnylane - 2019-07-30
    How much
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Phils Aviary - 2019-07-30
Hello and welcome to our aviary. We have got a number of pretty birds now available for sale in our facility. We have got Parakeets, Doves, Parrots (Blue amazon, orange Amazon, African Grey, Hyacinth Macaw parrots) blue crowned, sun conures, golden conures and lots more birds.

W offer shipping of these birds world wide through Delta Cargo Airlines and provide instant tracking numbers for all your orders. We provide secured methods of payment to avoid any form of online scam.

For more information on our services and types of birds we offer at our facility for sale, you can contact Lesly through text via (972) 638 - 9315. Thank you!

mary liszewski - 2019-07-29
i just lost my little guy and am looking to buy a baby blue crowned

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Anonymous - 2019-07-29
I want a blue amazon parrot as a pet and a friend.if you know anybody please contact me at+19802509058. Thank you

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Rogelio Reyes - 2019-03-08
interested with the birds golden conure . can you ship to the Philippines Thank you

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  • dr.umesh panigrahi - 2019-07-28
    Want a pair of Holden conure
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Kevin - 2019-07-25
My wife and I have four Parakeets, and we are very interested in getting one or two Conures. Are you close to Denver, CO?

Lisa - 2015-07-08
I have Five Sun Conures. I started off with two and they had three eggs which all hatched and the babies are about 1 year old. Now they have laid another two eggs and I am worried, becuase that is enough birds for me. Does anyone want sun counures? or how i can stop them from breeding?

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  • Emily - 2015-07-26
    Hi how much are u saleing them for...i would get some fake eggs and put them in there..
  • Amy Clark Carey - 2015-07-28
    Where are you located?  I have a jenday and 6 lovebirds, would love another.

  • Noah - 2015-10-28
    Where are you located? I would love to have a sun conure but I have yet to convince my parents to let me get a parrot. How much are you selling them for?
  • Gayle - 2016-08-12
    I would love to have another Conure. My husband and I are retired. We share "parental rights" of our sun conure, Lupe with our adult son. We are crazy about her ('her'...she's never been sexed). She loves to preen herself and US!! I believe she thinks my son's girlfriends bun is a bird nest. She flies to it frequently when Kayla is in the room. Message me back if you have a chance. Let me know if you have birds available. Also, update me on your original pair. Are they still doing well?
  • Lori - 2016-12-06
    Where do you live? I am very interested in finding a Sun Conure to join our family> I am in ca.
  • Lori - 2016-12-06
    Where do you live? I am very interested in finding a Sun Conure to join our family> I am in ca.
  • Frances - 2016-12-12

    FAMILY RUN BUSINESS....................
    We LOVE BIRDS!! We have loved them ever since we were children, my husband and I. We always had birds growing up.
    As we became adults, we got more exotic birds and started a hobby of Breeding. We love raising our baby birds so much,
    it became a family thing. All my kids help and get involved.

    we do have all type of Conures from 2 months to 1 year old.

    if you interested do male us for more information
  • robert - 2017-07-16
    Hi Lisa my name is Robert i have been loving birds for over 20 years i have over 30 pair of birds and 3 personal pets a sun /blue crown/and a blue and gold McCaw two of my pair are suns -suns once they start breeding don't give up they will lay about every 8 to 10 weeks and about 3-5 eggs at a time all fertile and will hatch if you give her fake eggs unlike other birds she will lay hers with them and hatch hers your'e best bet is too pick a baby hand raise it and love it and let pair go to someone who has the time and interest in raising her young I would be interested if this is an option let me know me and my wife and nine grand kids all love birds PS.if you can't part with them i understand but like it or not your'e a bird MOM
  • Barbara Webb - 2018-09-24
    I am extremely interested in hearing more about your sun conures. I am a senior citizen, at home 24/7, offering all the love, time and attention that they could possibly need. living on only social security may put me out of consideration but my love is unending so I hope that I will hear from you a.s.a.p. thanks for your time and consideration.
  • Barbara Webb - 2018-09-24
    s sorry...had to reset email acc't..please email me regarding your available sun conures (unsure if you received my former email and i'm so eager to hear from you !!!!)
  • Kevin - 2019-07-25
    We have four parakeets, and we are very interested in get one or two Conures. Are you close to Denver, CO?

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