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Sheila O’Derrick - 2018-08-20
Looking for Norwich Canary mated pair and/or a male only

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  • Sheila O’Derrick - 2020-03-06
    Looking for Norwich HEN (female) prefer clear yellow
  • brian salter - 2019-10-11
    are these birds still for sale
  • Myra Milne - 2019-05-10
    My uncle has a number of one year old male Norwich Canaries that he has bred and needs to now sell on
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Peggy o - 2014-08-30
I have a 69 year old Panama Amazon named Micky. He was a refi gee from Katrina and I have had him for four years. He is legally blind, blind in one eye and a bad cataract on the other , had a stroke , but is a sweet charming bird. He cannot be picked up but he likes his head rubbed through his cage and occasionally when he is on top of it. He like to put his paw out of the cage and grab onto my finger, first with one paw then the other. He has a repertoire of sayings and talks in a clear loud feminine voice , saying hello, watcha doing, what, and Polly wants a cracker, but his best sounds are his empathy ones. Aww, ohh, and an array of these sounds you would say to make people fel better. He loves to be sung to and at night after being covered if I sing Brahms lullaby, hw will press up against the side of the cage and express his wants and needs by one of those sounds like a long ohhhhh.

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  • Peggo - 2020-03-04
    If anyone reads this I am sorry to say that three years later, Micky died. He died of everything,as he was in the process when we got to the vet, and although we tried to save him, he died anyway, he was very sick and kept getting sick again. He did however manage, one and a halfway day before he died, get up on the top of his cage and say all the sayings he knew. Micky will be missed, and my Red Lord Amazon, who is now 37, and lived with him his whole life, was so sad for months and would just stare at the place his cage used to be
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Jorge - 2017-11-15
Umbrella cockatoo and 4 foot by 3 foot by 6 foot tall Victorian top cage. At approximately 7 years old she is very sweet and social young female (whom has never bitten and loves to cuddle). She knows a few tricks and tries to talk (though is not very articulate yet). She needs someone that will have time to spend with her on a regular basis and can let her out of her cage daily. Asking $800 rehoming fee for the cockatoo and cage but VERY willing to consider offers. Cage must go with her (this is her home, her bedroom if you will, and it would not be right to separate her from it). Email me to talk via phone and/or set up a meeting. Email:

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  • Debbie Fields - 2020-02-28
    Do you still have this sweet baby?
  • June A White - 2020-11-28
    I’m very interested in this little girl , I’m retired and have all the time in the world to play please reply to me I have been on a very long search and so far no luck my phone number is 620-215-0486 you may call anytime. Thank you June A White
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Hussain - 2020-02-27
Waterslager canary

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Tania - 2020-01-05
Hi! Looking for a Queen in South Florida. Willing to adopt and also to travel. Thank you.

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  • Brenda\'s Birds - 2020-02-24
    Brenda's Birds in Delray Beach will have Golden Conure Babies available soon as season has just begun.
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lane - 2019-12-20 Talking Cockatoo Parrots,Grey Parrots,Amazon,Macaw and fertile eggs Talking Cockatoo Parrots,Grey Parrots,Amazon,Macaw birds

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  • Lindsey - 2020-02-14
    Looking for a young female Umbrella Cockatoo. Can you please send me info if you have any available? Thanks
  • Sheri Stack - 2020-06-16
    I would love to have a cockatoo I was giving Bobo about 6 years ago he was so wonderful and loving I had him for three years until the owner decided she wanted him backAfter her divorce I was heartbroken He was extremely loved And very social I do know how to Hand raise I was taught by my mother in law that raise birds African grays double yellow head and cockatiels
    Please keep me a thought if you ever have a cockatoo
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India - 2019-05-07
Lilac crown amazon for sale. In need of a loving home. Extremely talkative. Loves to be around people. Needs a home experienced with birds that understand birds need lots of attention. Comes with big cage. I can deliver bird and cage if within necessary distance (San Diego, CA). No breeders. May ask to see new home for bird to make sure.

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Sara - 2019-09-07
Does anybody know where you can get some in 2019? I’ve found EMR exotics but they don’t currently have any for sale.

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  • Terry - 2020-02-01
    Did you find one? I have a Regent Parrot for sale now with cage. Virginia local delivery only.
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Anonymous - 2020-01-26
Maybe because of the deeper darker colours, Dusk macaw?

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Greg - 2020-01-25
Please I beg all the people on this blog to not fall for all the fake suppliers of parrot eggs. You can tell one, there prices are way below the normal price, like a $300 incubator for free or $50. What forms of payment are the real giveaways. If they only take Wester Union, MoneyGram, bitcoin or PaPal friends and family only they are a scam. They will tell you anything t get you to buy. Lie about religion or whatever. Just be very careful of these thieves. I am compiling a list f thieves to give to our attorney general and consumer affairs division but also Interpol and the EU police that handle this type of crime.If you have been a victim please send me their email and website if you have. You can certainly remain anonymous if you like I just want these thieves caught.


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