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The Arowana is related to early primitive fishes and is sometimes called the "Bony-tongued Fish"!
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Lahiru - 2018-11-07
I want to konw how to arwoana breeding and what are the condition for required . And all so know what is the breeding age of arowana

Ashith monis - 2017-05-09
can i keep a 10'silver arwona in 120 gallon tank with 2 rtc fish?

Dương Nhật Nam - 2017-03-03
Cool fish! And great timing — the massachusetts division of fisheries and wildlife just recently announced a new bowfin sportfishing award, and featured the fish in their recent issue of masswildlife magazine, describing the fish’s interesting adaptations, strength, the challenge presented by trying to catch one, and tips for releasing it without getting caught in those teeth. It seems more northeast states are now treating this fish with more reverence and recognizing them as gamefish that require skill to catch. Hopefully the new award will help move this trend along!

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  • Dương Nhật Nam - 2017-03-09
    We, different people with different backgrounds came together because of one simple but important thing: the love of fish. Sharing, showing what you have, what you know and what you feel about what you love is the best, don’t you agree? We don’t want us to be this small, we know fish lovers are huge and everywhere, so we want to share with you the best we have after countless quarrels, discussion about fish and we want to hear from you too, fish lovers or the ones who are going to fall in love like we did. :#Whatfishthinks
Nick Takhar - 2016-07-18
I have a 4ft x 2ft complety round fish tank 156 gallon I have but two 5 inch Silver arowana in the tank Does That give them more space to swim around because it' a round tank or I still have to get a bigger tank and also do they fight at the beginning then they sort them selfs out Any help will do thank you

SAHEJ - 2016-04-30
On 3march I bought a silver arowana it was so small and now it is so big silver arowana grow very fast and also big

Sajith - 2016-03-12
i bought baby silver arowana one week ago & it's 3 inch. but he not interesting to eat food, i gave him to chicken and prawns. what is the reason ? please help me

Samuel - 2005-07-01
I came home one day and my Pleco was bleeding from the mouth. My only other fish is my arowana...he is loyal and lets me pet him! I love my fish and will stay a loyal arowana owner!

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  • Tina - 2014-10-22
    Hi everyone! I just had to share my story with other Arowana enthusiasts. I'm discovering mine is letting me 'pet' it. Yes...I did say pet it! It's AMAZING! I have a pretty big tank 55 gal...with other beautiful freshwater fish. They all live in harmony & I call it my 'Happy Tank'. I love them all...they're my family! BUT...I must say...I'm smitten w/ my Wana...whose about 14-15 inches now. It started about a couple of weeks ago. I just slightly & lightly would take my forefinger & middle finger @ let it 'slide' through my fingers. What an incredible feeling!'s letting me hand glide its body. It doesn't freak out & keeps turning back for more! Anyone else have such a great experience? And...who says fish can't be great pets?!? :-)))
  • Courtney - 2015-05-04
    My boyfriend has an arowana and it lets me pet it too! I absolutely love it! It's so strange though, It will not let him pet it ( him being the owner and care taker of the fish for the past two years), but will let me pet it with no issues. Has anyone ever had this issue? We believe it is because he is a male and i am a female but we are unsure. As all the research we have done on the fish we are unable to determine the sex.
rosario delpozo - 2014-06-10
i have a 5 inch silver arowana in a 15 gallon tank, is it too small?? the biggest aquarium available here is in my local pet store is 50 gallon, still too small?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-06-27
    Yeah, 15 gallons isn't going to work for very long. Your fish will reach up to at least 24' in length when it is full grown so you'll need to upgrade even past the 50 gallon size.  Read the Aquarium Set-up information above for more info on this.
  • James - 2014-09-24
    YES IT IS TOO SMALL!! get a 300 gallon tank right of way
  • CelebesHalfbeak55 - 2015-03-23
    Yea! I would definitely get at least 50 gallons to begin with. Then after the arowana gets bigger, I would upgrade to at least between 200-300 gallons!
liam - 2014-12-16
i have two arowanas both over the length of 30 inches they are great fish.

Steve - 2012-01-15
I've got an 18 inch arowana how much is he worth?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-16
    Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. There are no specifics - just what can be asked and what canbe negotiated.
  • pigz - 2014-10-09
    124 dollars