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The Gold Datnoid has long been an industry favorite, and just one look at this healthy large fish says it all!
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Suz - 2019-08-07
I want to purchase a Siamese tiger fish .. where can I get one please

John Tang - 2014-03-26
I like that fish so much. But I wonder where can I find that Siamese tiger fish.

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  • Lisa - 2018-02-02
    I just picked one up and trying to learn about it. Was an adoption situation so any info would be cool. I have nursed other fish like my Oscar back to health. Gave Ursala a siamese tiger own tank and is doing ok. Poor thing has been in 3 tanks in last few days and want her as healthy and happy as possible. Info wanted
Tao - 2016-04-15
I am looking for Datnioides Pulcher . I like this one my phone is 6465933435 , USA

Anonymous - 2015-05-05
hi please any help with my siamese tiger fish they are very weak right now hard to feed what should i do

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-07
    Live foods are your best bet, try small fish, worms, and shrimps.
Andrew Wallace - 2012-03-24
Hi All !!! I used to have Beautiful Datnoids when I was younger, about 20 years ago . I loved them !!. I recentl just bought a 155 gallon bowfront aquarium, and want some beautiful Datnoids in it !! I remember there were 2 different kinds of Datnoids?. I think ,1 was more silver, and the other a true beige & black stipped tiger Datnoid ?. Which is the better of the 2?, would any one know?. I live in Toronto,Ontario,Canada . I am looking all over for a tiger Datnoid, could anyone help me find a baby?, or a ? Tiger Datnoid ?. Thanks Very Much !!!!!!

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  • Andrew Wallace - 2012-03-24
    I would love to order a true Tiger Datnoid, where could I do this ?. Please if anyone could help me, I would Greatly Appreciate it !! Thanks !! in Advance !!!! Andrew
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-24
    Normally you can go to a pet shop and have them order you one. I wouldn't go to a change. Try a smaller store that just deals with fish.
  • Jolly - 2014-07-28
    Hello dear
    if you are still interested in getting Datnoid then you should get in contact with mr mark he is one of the highest suppliers of fishes in thialand
    i just got 3 pieces from him his line is 0060169825867
David Gillam - 2006-04-04
I have six of these ranging in size from 12cm to 25cm. They seem to be very hardy and I keep at 26c. Very aggressive live feeders. They tend to hang back from smaller fish and lunge suddenly. The mouth is truly huge when fully projected and can cantelever some 5cm on occassions. A healthy fish will have well defined gold with black bands a clear tail fin. Fish that are not healthy will have black patches in the gold and a blackish fin. The colour seems to correct quite quickly in the right conditions.

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  • mj - 2014-02-08
    how long did it take for your Datnoids to grow?
kye turnbull - 2013-04-08
do any Aussies here know about the yellow fin bream? i have one in a fishtank that my friend caught and gave to me. i dont know what to feed it, can someone help?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-04-09
    Tiger Fish are primarily carnivores. They are a predator that in the wild primarily feeds on fish fry and small fishes, small shrimps, crabs, worms, and insect larvae. In the aquarium their main diet consists of smaller fish although they can sometimes be coaxed into eating shrimp, worms or insects. One look at their large mouth will tell you that small tank mates will disappear quickly. They are not aggressive towards other species but will attempt to eat any fish that will fit into their mouth.
  • kye turnbull - 2013-04-11
    im not talking about tigger fish! im talking about the yellow fin bream, but doesnt matter, found it dead! not very hardy
Joel Dale - 2013-02-05
I had one years ago and on my visit to the Shed Aquarium I know I MUST have one again . These are easy fish to keep and will eat out your hand in no time.

Anonymous - 2012-08-27
I think , the siamese tiger fish could not grow bigger if they leave in a big aquarium with alot of large fish around them. Physical emotion.

cheryl - 2010-07-22
How do you know which one is a girl and a boy fish?

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  • rgonzales - 2011-04-28
    There are no visual differences between the genders, so there is no way to sex these fish.