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The Zebra Loach is a handsome shoaling fish that makes a lively addition to an aquarium!
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Derald Lewis - 2014-12-21
I have bought 2 Zebra Loaches to control an outbreak of snails in my tank,this job was done very quickly and now swim very lively around the 33 gal tank with very little hiding.Just the other day my 13 year old said there is something strange about 1 of the Zebras and upon inspection it seems as thou the fish is pregnant with a swollen mid section.Can anyone give me any kind of info to work with if this is the case.

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  • Rhiannon - 2019-03-10
    I have the same question. I have 5 zebra loaches. They all used to be the same size, but now after 2 years one of them is visibly larger especially along the belly. I think it's a female and she's eggbearing, but most sites I've seen say that loaches don't tend to spawn in captivity. They're with a lot of other types of fish (danios, harlequins, pristellas, cherry barbs, 2 angels and some electric yellow cichlids) in a 215L tank. The substrate is 5-10mm stones, but there's rocks, lots of driftwood, and some fake plants in there too. If she did lay eggs where would she prefer?
Val Green - 2010-04-10
I have a pair of cichlids they are long snake looking with black and yellow stripes. They are now breeding, already produced seven babies growing well. The mother is always hiding under gravel. Seems like she is producing more eggs, what can I expect in the future? The male chases her she seldom comes out with the other cichlids in a large l00 gallon tank.

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  • Rodayan - 2019-03-10
    This has nothing to do with zebra loaches and should be posted on a cichlid forum.
ralph Nevin - 2015-11-03
What is the typer of fish in the background of this picture?

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Joe - 2012-04-12
I just purchased a loach about a week ago, the first day he/she pretty much stayed to itself and in one place. I woke up the next morning and realized the loach had made its way into the mouth of a fake alligator (Open on both ends). To the best of my knowledge the loach has not moved from that spot, unless he/she is coming out @ night or when I'm gone. Is this normal or should I be worried and do something? Thanks for any help in advance.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-13
    Nothing to worry about. They like to hide and probably coming out at night.
  • Ed - 2012-12-10
    Your tank(it's entire world) is too small?, there isn't enough furniture(decorations) in his world(so it is like an underwater barren wasteland)?, it's personality(each fish has an individual character, also I have read that these fish love the company of their fellows as I'm sure you do yours?) causes it to feel scared and alone in a strange environment. I have many large tanks with a fair few fish, all of them do better with fellow species, even my rainbow sharks(2 adults and 6 juveniles). Creating an underwater utopia for the animals is my obligation to nature and them as much as it is to myself. 'ED'
  • Edward Munns - 2014-12-19
    Fish and loaches are curious creatures. If you give them plenty of hiding places they will feel more secure and eventually start to swim around becoming the real characters of your aquarium. But give them no hiding places and they will pine away. Be careful with plastic caves and ornaments. If they can get stuck in them they will. Bog wood and plants are preferred. My loaches (have around 20) are getting on for 10 years old.
Mrs S Woolley - 2010-10-12
Why do my zebra loaches keep eating my plants?

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  • Bruce Davenport . - 2011-09-24
    I think your fish are eating your plants because in the wild they naturally eat plants . My advice is for you to purchase some bottom feeder pellets from your pet store to boost their intake of greens . I had the same prob. with mine and this worked a treat .
Sijb - 2008-01-26
I have 4 of these happy campers who always stay together. The zebras are as lively as the rest of my loaches (9 clowns, 4 skunks, 5 lochahatas, 5 burmeses, 7 modestas, 5 zodiacs). They look like one big happy family and can all be hand-fed.

Mat - 2009-12-09
hiya. Can anyone help me ? I have 3 zebra loach in a 4 foot tank, which has been running for about a year now. One of them is losing colour in patches all over its body but the other 2 are fine. Its still acting as normal, swimming and playing around. Nothing changed in the way it acts just in colour ? Has anyone any ideas why ? Thanks !

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  • Brandon - 2011-04-14
    It's really tough to tell without a picture. However, seeing that it's acting normal it leads me to think it isn't to major of an issue. Try doing a water change.
eva - 2007-10-15
I have had the pleasure of keeping three zebra loaches for over a year now. They are the cutest little creatures. I made them a cave with rocks and a plastic pipe and they stay hiding in that area for most of the day. When they do come out they are busily zipping about the aquarium playfully nipping each other. I love them!