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Fancy Guppies are the best known and most popular aquarium fish--and no two look the same!
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tashfiqfarjad - 2006-01-21
hi im tashfiq. I have 12 guppies. I got some from my friend. They breed in 3 weeks. be careful, guppies will eat there fry. u will want to have double the females then males if u want them to breed. remember they produce live babies. And they rock

Sam Woodward - 2006-01-20
i have a ten gallon tank for breeding guppies. although they say they will eat small fry, i never take out the babies and i still have lots, to many anyway. the only fish in there that has ever eaten a baby was a sword tail that died. but its offspring are still alive today, and breeding. but i must admit that the guppies are not big, maybe an inch or so, including the fin.

ttashfiq - 2005-12-24
Hello I just got 8 free guppies that are adults from a neighbor and the guppies rock. Guppies rock.

mikki - 2005-12-20
i have kept guppies for about three years. often i would find my tank crowded and would give them away to friends. i have found that aquarium salt helps. and if you do it right you can transition your guppies to a salt water tank. they don't breed as well in salt water.

tashfiq - 2005-12-13
Hello, I just got 4 guppies from a petstore. Those pet peaple were so nice that they gave us the 3 baby guppies for free. But my gold fish ate 1 baby guppie. The one got eaten right away so beware if you get a baby guppie, separate them right away. So far I have now 3 female guppies, one is preganant. i have one male and 2 babies.

tashfiq - 2005-12-05
Hello I just had 3 guppies, I had 2 females and 1 male guppy. But the male guppy was not very friendly. it died when trying to bite my platys. the platys are very good community fish but so are guppies, this was the only one I noticed that was trying to bite. Usually gupies have babies in 20-30 days but do not worry if you have a female guppie but no male. if the female sees the male once it will have babies. So I just bought a male guppie with 1 femaLe and it is a great community fish.

tashfiq - 2005-11-23
Hello. I got 3 famcy guppies. I have 2 females and 1 male. The male keeps them both very busy. I just got them to breed. Be careful as they will try to breed extremely fast. Do not mix tiger barbs with them. Sometimes they will try to nip the fins of goldfish. Remamber to have 2 or more tanks so that you can separate the fry because the mother will eat the baby guppy. They will have many babies so have a 5-10 gallon tank. Having to many females could be bad because they will have babies in 20-30 days. They have many types of colors. Remamber do not get confused and think that swordtails, moons, or mollies are guppies. Guppies breed much faster than mollies, swordtails, moons or goldfish. Although hard to keep they fun to watch. If You are thinking of having fry guppies they have fry very quickly [fry means baby] They are also good starter fish. So if youre thinking of buying fish buy guppies. And this site rocks!

tashfiq the best fish trainer - 2005-11-06
Hello and hey I just got three guppies and they rock. They share the tank with 2 goldfish, 1 pleco and 1 chinese algea fish. there was two but 1 died cause it had no tail. My fish are about to breed again be careful, they breed very quickly but its not bad at all. november 6 2005

davith - 2005-08-23
i have 10 guppys. 1 gave birth on sunday but none survived because they were eaten by our 2 angel fish. the male guppies show off in front of the female guppies by bending there bodies around.

Nikki - 2005-07-12
I love guppies! But since they breed like rabbits and the males will pester the females I would advise that you get at least twice as many females as males.