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The Kissing Gourami is one of the most popular gouramis with its fascinating lip sucking action!
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michelle bravo - 2010-09-25
I'm very concerned about my kissing gourami fish because it doesn't move it just stays in one spot do you think it is dying or it is sick?

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  • Terimarie - 2013-02-20
    Hi I have the same problem with mine, he's also stopped doing the 'kissing' now and lost his appitite, I've been trying to look this up but not found anything yet, have you?
  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-02-20
    That is not always a sign of a problem.  First start with checking water levels and temperature.
Larry parks - 2013-01-01
Is it ok to use a blue light with kissing fish.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-01
    It is fine to use.  Using different spectrum lights is best depending on light set up.
Laura x - 2010-11-07
Hi I have 2 kissing gourami's in with a siamese fighting fish and 5 neon tetra's and I'm really worried about one of my kissing gourami as it keeps skitting across the top of the tank and putting its head out of the water, and then once it has done that, it floats on its side up to the top of the water stays there for about 5 mins then moves and does it again? Can you help me pleassseee? xx

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  • Holly - 2011-01-17
    Hello my name is Holly it sounds like you might have high ammonia in your tank. If it's not that then high nitrates in your water do you have a test kit for your fish?
  • kesler - 2011-02-13
    The fighting fish you have is probably bullying the kissing gourami. I would remove the siamese fighting fish and keep it separate.
  • jessi - 2012-06-07
    Your kisser may also just have a problem with its swim bladder. This can happen with almost any fish and it will eventually right itself but this may happen again if this is the case. Though it seems worrysome I have had a goldfish that did exactly what you are describing off and on for 2 years. and I would only remove the fighting fish if you see him picking on the kisser or the kissers fins are getting torn. I currently have one in with 2 male and 3 female bettas and they don't get in each others way at all.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-06-07
    Check water levels.  Maybe get some more oxygen into the tank.
jessi - 2012-06-07
I have had pink kissers for 3 years now and I have had good mixed with bad luck. I have made the mistake of trying to find mine a mate and the new mate, though smaller, killed the one I already had, but a few months ago I obtained a blue gourami and the kisser and her seem to get along fine. The blue taps my kissers with her little tendrils at feeding time which irritates her to no end but during the day they seem to get along fine. They are both the same size at about 4 inches and in a vast community with a range of fish some people say can't be mixed but mine thrive nonetheless.

helen matthews - 2012-04-08
Every time I buy kissing fish they get skinnier and skinnier till they die. Do you know why this happens?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-09
    Normally water conditions are not ideal and causing stress. What are your levels?
stu - 2011-12-04
Had these for years without any problems in a tank with small tetras although the authors wrong with sexual differences females have a rounded dorsal fin males pointed

star east - 2011-04-09
I just recently got my 2 kissing fish and they are just as sweet as they can be. I am new at the whole aquarium thing! I don't know that much about them so I have been doing research! I am hoping the information your website has given me is going to help me out! THANK YOU Star east

Andy - 2008-02-13
I had a kissing gourami for about two months, however the day that I bought the fish, it stopped kissing! I contacted the people at the local fish store that I received the fish from and they said that kissing gouramis kissing, is actually a bad thing! I do not know what to believe, but I do not believe them. This fish is now dead, and I do not know how it died. But while I had it the only problem I encountered was that it ate my plants. It was once standing 15 inches, but only standing 7 inches when i removed the fish.

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  • kesler - 2011-02-13
    The plant poisoned the fish. Remove the plants.
  • Editor's Note - 2011-02-13
    The reason the LFS said it is a bad thing is because it is a sign of aggression. The fish that are 'kissing' are trying to dominate one another either for territorial or breeding rights. In an uncomfortable or unhealthy environment, they are less likely to 'kiss'. It is unlikely that the plants killed the fish, plants will usually help increase their comfort level.
crystal - 2008-02-28
I have 8 kissing gouramis and they just recently had babies. I moved the baby fry to a separate tank and it's funny to see 2 of the adult gouramis hover over the area where the baby fry "were", as if looking for them. They are also scaring off all the other fish in the tank if they come close to the area the babies were. The two adults have also started kissing now that I've moved the babies. I'm not sure if this is a problem or not. I'd like to find out how long the babies need to stay separate from the other fish.

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  • arka - 2010-10-22
    Really cool.
Chris English - 2009-05-31
I have a large male opaline gourami, about 5 inches long now. He's very peaceful with all his tankmates, even smaller fish, but will not allow another gourami in the tank. I've tried males and females of different gourami types as well as other opalines. He chases them relentlessly from the minute they go in. Lovely fish but he's decided I can only have one!

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  • Jen - 2010-10-10
    Same with me! I am so mad, I don't know what I should do with the mean gourami...I have one in the tank that is being bullied right now.