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The Black Ghost Knifefish is the most well known species of knife fish in the aquarium industry!
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kyle - 2009-12-27
My 44 gallon tank is not overcrowded. Firstly most knifefishes never grow 20 inches in aquariums, that twenty inches is based on a wild caught specimen out of the spacious amazon river. Secondly, have you heard of the inch per gallon rule. Every inch of fish needs a gallon of water. Tiger barbs and flying foxes grow three inches long; 6 total, times 3 inches equals 18 inches and a required 18 gallons of water. The 18 inches of the barbs and flying foxes and the 12 inches of firemouths and the 5" knifefish puts me not only under the limit according to the inch per gallon rule; but allows the knifefish to grow to a length of 14" long. Thirdly, knifefish are one of the slowest growing species of freshwater fish in the world. It will take years for my knifefish to even reach 14" in length. By the time he reaches 14", almost everything else in my tank will be dead. That's how long it takes knifefish to grow. I bought mine over two years ago when he was just under three inches long. That is an inch per year growth rate. And when he does get long enough, I have a 200 gallon tank with oscars he can move into. I am just growing him out in my more peaceful tank until he is big enough to live with some oscars with out getting eaten. Lastly, bottom feeders like plecos don't count towards the space required for the tank. Check your facts before criticizing someone who has 25 years of experience with fish.

mckenna - 2009-12-02
I have a 350 gallon tank with a small amount of fish. I have 3 dragon gobies that seem very timid and 3 ghost fish that only come out at night. I'm very fond of this type of fish but am having trouble finding out other types of fish to put in it. My oscars and parrots oddly get along great. I need some suggestions on other fish that will get along to put in my tank.

Koop - 2009-10-10
Woah your 44g tank is way overcrowded! The knife alone will get 20". You need to rehome some fish.

Josh - 2009-09-02
I got two black ghost knifes a year ago and they get along fine. I've been feeding them frozen bloodworms and they've started eating out of my hand. They seem to have gotten used to the light, now it looks like they couldn't care less if the lights are on or off, but when I turn off the lights, they immediately rush out of their caves and swim vertically along the top of the water, looking for food. Most awesome fish ever!

kyle - 2009-07-13
I have a 5" black ghost knife fish in my 44 Gallon Tank along with 4 tiger barbs (1 albino), 2 flying foxes, 2 6" Firemouth Cichlids and a 10" long pleco. These knife fish are very shy. Mine will only eat if the lights are off. Mine is also a very picky eater; he only eats frozen bloodworms. I would only recommend this fish to experienced aquariasts. They are very cool.

Barry - 2009-06-11
Shannon your tank is way too small for your knife fish. I would recommend a tank no smaller than 4ftx18in with lots of wood or rock caves for them to hide, and feed him frozen blodworms, brine shrimp and sinking pellets. My knifefish also loves my angelfish eggs!

Shannon - 2009-04-23
Hi, I had purchased this fish [pair] a day ago which were 4"in length. They died the next day due lack of O2 supply, 4 6hrs. I then bought another pair which are smaller than the earlier. The new ones swim head to head very often. I want 2 know if they are aggreing with each other or fighting, and my tank size is (LxBxH) 18x9x12... is this enough.

R. Carter - 2008-10-17
My black knife fish just died and I am going to get another asap. He grew to be 20"..and I had him for 6 years. He never bothered anything larger than a guppy. He ate only when the lights were my husband got a blue light set up so we could watch him eat. He became very tame. I miss him. He was 4" long when I got him and I paid $25.00 at the time. He was worth every penny. I housed him in a 55 gallon and he did just fine these last 6 years. If you want an interesting fish..this is the one.