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A school of the small Lampeye Killifish in a well lit environment is a beauty to behold!
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Rick - 2021-10-01
Hi everyone, a month ago I got a dozen of Norman's lampeyes that are since week 2 constantly spawning in my 70l tank. At that time it was enough putting a mop inside the tank and then, once in a week, I collect the eggs and save them in little plastic containers (like those for takeaway food) with a little water from the main tank and accordingly to the date they have been collected. The first batch is about to hatch and I now need indications on how to raise them (water volume of the tank, type of filter and so on...) properly. Is there anyone who experienced successful fry raising here and who would help me through this critical times? Thanks in advance for any of your precious tips

Pedro lopez - 2012-05-06
I was cleaning my discus tank which also houses neon tetras and six lamp eye killis.To my great surprise I discovered 5 baby killies.Water tempeture is set to 82 degrees,two hanging filters and an inside filter.Tank is planted and is a 56 gallons.Not sure if this will help anyone trying to breed them,I sure did not have that in mind when I added them to the tank but it's a great surprise

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-06
    They are fun fish to breed. Make sure to either remove fry or have good hiding spots for them.
  • Nick Bazeley - 2018-07-19
    I first got these fish 6 (normans lampeyes) around 10 month ago within 2 month I found fry swimming about,heavily planted with hygro-polysperma/difformis. I moved the tank to make space for a bigger tank. Since moving 3 month ago Iv found over 30 eggs and 6 fry swimming constantly laying eggs now,read somewhere that cooler waters help mating behavior so every other day I add a liter of cold water this seems to working successfully. However I have also read that people have had great difficulty in breeding. Currently in a 100l 8 normans/4 neons/1 bristlenose only issue I have they my lot really like to jump about. Hope this helps anyone.
nick O\'Connor - 2018-01-09
We collected Lampeys in a newly filed pool in the Liuwa park in western Zambia could be a new species or could be related to the Micropanchax Petnenazyi recently named in southern Congo. Please advise if any one can identify the fish from a picture. and wether like killies they can survive in the mud. the pan was 15cm deep in the deepest part and very black from wildebeest dung. The first rains were possible 3 weeks before we caught.