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The Shubunkin Goldfish have a wild calico patterning set on a blue background... a color that is quite rare in goldfish!
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David Plante - 2010-10-24
Hello, I have 3 Shubunkin Goldfish that live in my outdoor water feature. They share the pond with 3 frogs and all seem to get along very well. It is now getting cold and I have covered the pond with a wooden frame covered in mesh to prevent the abundance of leaves from filling the water. This seems to be working well. I have left some leaves in the bottom for nutrition and what not. I have an Eco filter running 24/7. My question is, at what point do I stop feeding the fish? I have read with Kai that you stop when water temperature dips below 50 degree Fahrenheit. Should the same apply to the Shubunkin? Also, should I get a air pump and stone for the bottom of the pond to keep air pumping as the pond begins to freeze? This is my first year in the winters of the east coast and I would like to see my fish and frogs survive. Please help me understand better.

Anonymous - 2010-06-18
I own two types of goldfish I think 1 shubunkin and one canarie yellow but the problem is no one seems to know what the canarie yellow and I am not even sure if he is a canarie yellow any more! He is yellowy orange more yellow than a common goldfish but I am just not sure. I think they can grow very big but my two fish are in a 35 litre tank at the moment any ideas?

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  • Momoko - 2010-06-19
    You are right, your goldfish can grow huge, up to 30 cm or so. So a 35 litre tank is very small for them. Experts recommend 75 litres of water / fish. You need to upgrade your tank or find them a nice pond.
    Don't worry about color of your canary goldfish, goldies tend to change colors, it's perfectly normal :)
  • Dan - 2010-10-11
    Hi I have a canarie Goldfish and a Calico (Shubunkin) fish along with a small common goldfish that I won at a local fair. The shubunkin is huge, and is currently in a 10 litre filtered tank which I believe is way too small! My other two fish are in a separate tank which is also 10 litres. I have bought a new 60 litre tank for them all to live in, apparently 3 gold fish would be all that could go in a 60 litre tank. I would think that your two fish would be ok in a 35 litre tank, but a larger tank would be better.

    Good luck!
Anonymous - 2010-10-10
I have a fish that I suspected to be a shubunkin, but from descriptions that I have read, I'm not too terribly sure. He has the exact same body as a comet or shubunkin and the same energy and attitude. The difference is, he has a gold background with copper and browns speckled on him. This is still a shubunkin, right?

The Cr - 2010-10-10
I absolutely love my shubunkins<3 I have had them for only a few months, before that I had two others, but the introduction of three fish led a parasite outbreak- BE VERY CAREFUL AND ALWAYS QUARANTINE NEW FISH. I learned that the hard way because of my trust of fish stores. Anyway, they are very active and getting to be used to my presence. I cannot wait for them to become affectionate like my last ones did. I'm planning on moving them to a bigger tank next year and then a pond in a few years. I have been reading up on pond shubunkins and comets. Very, very excited for this!

Katy - 2010-06-13
I have two shubunkin, Buddha and Espy, with a considerable age difference. Buddha is nearly eight inches in length, while Espy is barely three. However, Espy tends to nip and fidget with Buddha's fins and I'm not quite sure what's going on with them. I'd say it's playful, but when we first got the younger fish, it would continually bite at the other's underbelly until welts formed. After a while, I had to separate them, though during a power outage, I was forced to put them back in the same tank together. The nipping isn't so bad anymore, however, now the little one is plucking at its fins like crazy.

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  • Bart - 2010-07-21
    Since 1 week we have our first aquarium 35" With 3 shubunkins and 5 fantails all 2 inches long and 3 goldfish from 4 to 6 inches long. Since today 1 of the shubunkins started biting the fins of the biggest goldfish. We separated the shubunkin. The fin of the goldfish is badly damaged. I hope it will recover (?).Just now we see another shubunkin biting the goldfish. Anyone know what's happening here and what can be done? I do not have a second tank to separate the offensive shubunkins from the others.
  • Jonny - 2010-09-13
    Fortunately all my fish seem to get along. In my pond the bigger fish seem to be in charge and the smaller ones either follow behind or stay out of the way (except the Sarassa who answers to no fish and can out pace the comets and shubs enough to easily swipe food from under them).
    It seems odd that the smaller fish is giving the larger one a hard time. I might be wrong but the first thoughts that crossed my mind were:
    Is there enough space for both fish?
    When you put them together did you change the water? If you added Espy to Buddha's tank it could be that pheromones in the water are telling Espy that this is Buddha's territory so Espy feels the need to fight. A water change might help.
    Are you certain you aren't mis-interpreting breeding behaviour for aggression? Male fish stimulate females by repeatedly rubbing their bellies, the wouldn't explain attacking its fins though.
  • Katy - 2010-10-08
    When we get the smaller fish, we put them in the new tank at the same time, and it's a considerably large tank.
    As for mating habits, I'm sure that's not it since we had to put Espy in a smaller tank due to Buddha's fins beginning to bleed. It seems to help for the moment, but it looks like I'm going to have to get rid of it before it outgrows the tank.
karthik - 2010-10-05
I have one bristol shubunkin goldfish which is currently suffering from scale protrusion. I have tried many medicines, but none worked. I'm trying very hard to save it. Please suggest me a solution which works.

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  • fish lover - 2010-10-07
    This may not be a very good answer but try looking in the web of ''fish diseases'' if you read my other comments, you would see that my fish is sick with '' scared fever'' it's very common these days lol just kidding ;D but my fish are still scared;d back 2 YOUR FISH, well for now just give it plenty of love, extra attention, and make an appointment with a TRUSTED vet or '' fish doctor'' what I mean by TRUSTED is that he or she...well you probably know what I mean, I am really sorry for your fish good luck ;) by the way when my fish get sick, I get worried sick so do not worry you are not alone ;D
fish lover - 2010-10-06
Hello I just want to know, are 3 shubunkins and 3 common goldies supposed to be in a 60 gallon tank? I know it probably should be bigger but my mom and dad do not want to spend so much money so tell me, is 60 gallons AT LEAST a good size?

fish lover - 2010-10-06
I have 3 shubunkins and 3 common goldies and I have had them for a month now but sometimes they're really scared of me and sometimes some of them kinda follow my finger but they're still really scared of me and I want to enjoy them but they hate me! I do not know what I do wrong I am really careful around them REALLY! What can I do, somebody please help me! We are getting a dog one day but until that day I have to have fish but my fish are not quite enjoyable right now! PLEASE HELP ME, FISHLOVERS OF THE WORLD CAUSE I LOVE MY FISH!

InDireNeed - 2010-09-03
I have two shubunkins, one slightly smaller than the other in a 35 gal tank and they won't stop attacking each other. I don't want to get rid of either fish, but I can't afford another tank at the moment. They pick at each other's gills until they bleed, or they pick at the fleshy part beneath the fins. Help!

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  • claudia - 2010-10-03
    I do NOT like those horrible goldfish bowls but sadly that is the solution here ;( put the smaller one in there for a few days and when you get his new tank put him in there and get other buddies his size and as for the bigger one get him buddies too! p.s I have 3 shubunkins and 3 common goldfish.
Iszach - 2010-08-31
Hi I plan to get a Shubunkin gold and a Calico Fantail gold and I wanted to know if they would be good tank mates or if not what could I do to get them to get along better or maybe I might need more of one kind of each type? Please help, I don't want to hurt them:)

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  • Jonny - 2010-09-13
    There's no way of knowing for sure but chances are they'll be fine together. Shubs are much faster than Fantails though and they eat whatever's offered so best make sure the Fantail is getting its share. One trick is to put both floating and sinking food in at the same time, the Shub can't get both!
  • jhon - 2010-09-27
    Maybe shubunkin will not fit to fantails cause they always fight like what happened to my neighbors fantails...and fantails will not get their shares during feeding cause shubunkin is faster than fantails...