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The Oranda Goldfish is similar to the Veiltail Goldfish, but with a shorter tail, and it develops a hood similar to the Lionhead!
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Misty - 2004-04-28
I have had my Oranda in a goldfish bowl for at least four months and he is doing great. I convinced my friend to get one as well. My fish Wonka is very sociable and blows bubbles at me when I feed him.

Barbara - 2003-11-18
I never struggled with my Orandas after learning the basics with some simple fish (common golfish, commet goldfish, sarsa comets). The trick is to seriously UNDERSTOCK the tank. And do NOT keep these fish in a bowl. Understock the tank, or else you will end up with serious fin rot, and other related problems. Also, in my experience, they nibbled plants, but rejected blanched and not so lettuce and spinach. Just feed balanced flakes, with a once per week supplements.