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The Oranda Goldfish is similar to the Veiltail Goldfish, but with a shorter tail, and it develops a hood similar to the Lionhead!
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ashley - 2009-05-13
I currently have a 7-inch long chocolate oranda. Though he is mostly docile and friendly with my several other goldfish, I'm pretty sure he's eaten a plecostomous before and my latest bottom feeder went AWOL recently. When I got him a year and a half ago he was less than 3 inches long, so within the right aquarium environment almost anything is possible...just make sure your tank has a fail-safe place for your bottom feeders to hide or they might be lunch for your oranda.

Jay Jay - 2009-03-27
Last night I got a small red cap oranda. It is very small but it loves to be with the other fish. I have a 20 gallon fish tank with about 15 fish in it. I have a huge variety of fish going from tropical serpae tetras all the way to sarasa goldfish. I have never had a problem with my fish. They get along perfectly. I noticed that the first fish that my oranda went to was my small black moor. My black moors and orandas have gotten along very well as if being best friends.

I WOULD RECOMMEND: I would recommend having black moors with your orandas. They seem to be best friends. GOOD LUCK!

Emily - 2007-12-07
I have 2 orandas, Ozzy (a red with tiger stripes) and Tila (calico). They live with 7 other fancies (2 pearlscales, 2 lionheads, 1 black moor, 1 telescope, and 1 ryukin) in a 90 gallon tank. Orandas are the kings of the tank and like other fancy goldfish they should be allowed at least 10 gallons per fish in order to get big and stay healthy. My goldfish have very adorable personalities and are very fun pets (a different kind of fun than a dog, cat, or rabbit).

I have a redheaded oranda that I call 'Yammie' because the color of its head looks like a red yamika. He's so funny to watch and he's got some appetite. I had to separate him from another fantailed goldfish because of the fact that he was eating the other fishes food!

Rita Sady - 2006-08-06
I must say this is the best reference site for fish I have ever seen. The information is easy to read and understand, and you have a great range of pictures. On this page though, the Oranda appears to be a baby telescope eye!! I think you might want to change that!

Denise - 2006-07-28
Shrek is my 8 month-old red cap oranda and Fiona is my 5 month-old calico oranda. Love them completely and they add joy to my day. I call them my sharks because they eat like pigs! Everyone comments on how big they are but I tell them they're just healthy, beautiful fish. I have them in a 20 gallon tank with aeration and a power filter but I'm considering going bigger.

Catlin - 2006-06-19
Hi, I have a "4 inch oranda she has a orange head and a black body. Her name is Tweety. She is a very happy fish and is always dancing and kissing the aquarium. Her head is so big that she can't get the food on the top of the water, she has to wait until it starts falling down. My dad says we pay more attention to the fish than we do to him. Isn't that funny. Tweety has a great personality and every time I see her she makes me feel happy and that I'm so lucky to have her and her to have me.

Brighton - 2006-04-23
I have a 5 yea old oranda named Mask. He is active, not shy and doesn't mind my 7 small fair goldfish. I think he is ready to spawn since it is spring so I want to get him a nice female. His favorite food is blood worms but he only gets that twice a week. Every day I feed him Wardly's Gourmet flakes, and he seems to like it. I would not recommend using gravel because one time he had a piece of gravel stuck in his mouth and i had to use a tooth pick to get it out. Marbles are a good alternative to gravel. He is very hardy and I would recommend an oranda to anyone.

Shanon Garber - 2006-04-19
I just bought my first Oranda yesterday. He is 3 inch long calico,
real cute. Seems very shy around my other goldfish. I have a 700 gal. pond. I worry about him because my other goldfish are bullying him constantly. He runs and hides. Oh well, I hope he does ok.

Arenthia - 2006-04-18
Goldfish, especially orandas and commons, two of the largest growing goldies are huge waste factories. they make a lot of ammonia. therefore you should only have 1 fancy goldfish per 10 gallons(20 for commons) and have a power filter not an underground filter. airstones also help a lot. Weekly water changes are also a must for healthy goldies. Goldies love a varied diet, anything from english peas (frozen not canned) to brine shrimp with a high protein staple food as well. Flakes are not a good idea for goldies because they take in air as they eat them and could develop swim bladder problems. sinking food is the best.