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The Oranda Goldfish is similar to the Veiltail Goldfish, but with a shorter tail, and it develops a hood similar to the Lionhead!
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Dan - 2012-08-25
My sister just bought 1 oranda and 1 red cap oranda and the normal oranda has developed blackening around its dorsal fin and gills. Also the both have become lethargic. We think the aquarium filter is a bit powerful but we havent had the time to replace it. *the normal oranda was orange and white originally and has developed the blackening over the past few days. Please help as we dont know what to do!!!

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-08-25
    Could be a bacterial issue.  Easily treated with medications if that is it.
  • Toni - 2012-08-25
    Hi Dan..When we got our oranda 2 years ago he was 80% black w a little bit of orange and over the course of a year he lost all of his black and became completely orange. Just recently he started turning black again. So I think your fish is just getting his black color again. RE them being lethargic...try giving frozen blood worms. It will help them poop. When I give mine only the pellets he seams to get lethargic and swim bladder. As soon as I give him the blood worms he 'process' it pretty fast and has a lot more energy. Hope this helps and good luck!
joydeep de dhara - 2012-04-10
I am a breeder of gold fish,carp,angel etc.and also supplyer of this type of fish. If any body want to bulk purchase of this fish then contact with me.....

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  • Randall King - 2012-04-15
    I am interested in purchase of small bulk mix of orandas...
  • Marco Arida - 2012-06-01
    Would like your price on different fancy orandas
  • lakshman - 2012-07-06
    I am interested in breeding gold fishes. I am from india i have bred them but I would like to know the feed for them without giving them live food.  Any other dry food and how to make them look plumpy and grow fast.  Hope to get some help from you as a hobbyist
  • Randall - 2012-08-04
    If you are abreeder of orandas I would like to have a price list.
vipin - 2011-12-08
i had an oranda...i want to know which goldfish is best to keep wth oranda..please specify the names

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-09
    Pretty much any of the goldfish that will be approximately the same size as the adults. Another thought would be to go with some of the varieties of the oranda such as the red cap or the calico.
  • Ashley - 2011-12-28
    I have an oranda and a fantail goldfish. They get along well because they are both slow swimmers and there is not much competition for food. They are similar fish an get along well together.
    -hope this helps
  • Maeve - 2012-05-20
    Well, I have an oranda, and I keep it with a danios and 2 platties. I did have a black moor but sadly it died quite recently. My oranda was great friends with the black moor. I have also heard of keeping orandas with loaches, mollies and guppies. My friend has a oranda and a weather loach, and they get on well. But really any fish that is the same size as it will be OK.
  • Maeve - 2012-05-20
    But whatever you do, don't keep an oranda and a shubunkin together! Because shubunkins are faster swimmers than orandas, the shubunkin will chase the oranda till it dies of exastion. (I mean that the oranda will die, not the shubunkin.)
  • Lori Ridenbaugh - 2012-05-22
    I agree don't put them with shubunkins or even comets. I put mine in my pond and ended up having to get it out and put it in a tank because they wouldn't leave it alone chased the poor thing all around my kois left it alone but not the small ones.
Maeve - 2012-05-20
How big do orandas grow to, mine is only about 5 cm but it is quite podgy. It must of been about 2 or 3 cm when I bought it though. She has grown much, much, much fatter.

Maeve - 2012-05-20
I have a tri colour oranda goldfish and it is getting much fatter. Am I feeding it to much or is it just getting big cos it is maturing? Oh, and how can you tell if its a male or a female?
Maeve xxx

john woods - 2012-04-23
I have a Red Orando. It is about 4months old. Lately it has been getting a fat belly. Am I feeding it too much? I feed it small amounts twice a day (sometimes 3) or is this just my fish growing quickly? My tank is 3ft.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-23
    They are normally a bit plump.
Tweety - 2012-03-18
I have four calico oranda goldfishes. How do you know which is which how long do they take to grow?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-18
    Really can't tell till they are mature. The male will be longer and more slender.
Karl Thompson - 2012-03-17
Should I have salt in my gold fish water?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-17
    You can add a tablespoon per 10 gallons. It is not necessary though. They do fine without it.
zoey - 2012-02-16
Hi, my name Zoey. I have 3 fish - a black moor, red oranda and a tranquil. They all get on well but as I only had all my fish like only 10/weeks now. Me and my family have seen that my red oranda fish has a little bigger belly then a few weeks ago if she has eggs? When will I know? Do I put her in a new tank till the eggs are born or do I ask the owner please help

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-02-17
    Normally if the Goldfish was pregnant to others would be chasing it aroung the tank waiting for the eggs to release to be fertilized and some eaten. Try cutting the feeding down may be just gaining weight.
Lee - 2011-10-10
I have a red oranda with black tips on the fins and tail. Last week, there's dark (almost black) shading appeared on both his gills. Is this a health problem or a sign of him maturing, for example?? Please help xx

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  • Ashley - 2011-12-28
    Don't panic. This happened to me too. I did reasearch and found your oranda changes like this when they age. good luck!